Wednesday 20 December 2017



UPDATE 22/12/17

Even at this time of year, those with malicious intent are still scribbling away with their little poison pens.  Again, I thank you for pointing out my faults, and again I point out I will not be following your advice as I have no desire whatsoever to be like you.  Stamp your feet as much as you like, and accuse me of being 'so mature' in a Vicky Pollard accent, but your criticism again and again lacks any sign of creativity or originality.  Learn a few more adjectives ffs!  Pick up a book now and again. 

I have no problem at all with being 'roasted', but make it funny, or at least credible.  Yes, I am a struggling writer, unless you are successful, the words struggling and writer naturally go together.  And yes, I have to do the same as every other independent website, I have to ask for contributions.  I love what I do, but the pay's shit!  I continue because I believe in myself, I believe in my talent, and I believe in my ability to connect with my readers.  Mostly because I never treat them as if they are stupid.  I treat them as equals, because they are, even if some don't know it yet. 

I'm not publishing your whinging and whining Unknown and Anonymous, why should I give you a platform?  You have run your own forums into the ground with such unsavoury reading that the general public are repulsed. You are not bringing my blog down to that level.  Suck it up or take it elsewhere.  

But I am good spirits!  A good friend has just given me a box of cherry liquors, it's a pre Christmas present, unwrapped, and with no other purpose other than to cheer me up!  I heartily approve!  I have a long day of baking tomorrow (shop bought quiche [blushing smiley]) but lots of homemade cupcakes.

Meanwhile, a wee 4 minute gift!  I am a huge fan of 'flash mobs' and here's one I find especially appealing, something to get us in the festive spirit!  I once joined a work choir many years ago to put on a Christmas performance of the Hallelujah Chorus.  I had delusions that I could sing at the time and I was especially fond of the guy organising it.  Happily most of the choir was made up of professionals, so I was able to give up any attempts at trying to hit the high soprano notes.  King of Kings, Lord of Lords, is especially painful (for listeners) when attempted by the untrained voice!  Ergo, when I hear it sung beautifully, it sends a shiver down the spine!  Enjoy.


Apologies to all those awaiting the release of my new book, I promise it is underway and taking shape but it won't be ready for Christmas.  I have been somewhat disorientated by poor health and  a few mountains to climb.

Regardless, I am of course, in full Diva mode, crying into my delicately raised, elbow, I can’t work like this!  I think I'm going to spend next year in an isolation tank.  I watched a docu-drama about Abba last night and totally empathised Agnetha's need to go hide away in the forest.  It was a little alarming that she had a liaison with her stalker, but totally understandable.  I would, and probably have, done the same thing myself in the past (more the book, lol).  So few understand the daily pain of an artistic temperament.  Let me tell you dahlinks, I feel if I were sat with the troubled Vincent Van Gogh and the impoverished, beer swilling Marx, I’d be the one in the middle, saying ‘tell me about it’.  
These have been a difficult few months - I will spare  you all the details, for now, suffice to say, that I still have the power to get back up again, when I have been knocked down.  Something, I lost for a little while there.  I have a tendency to allow sorrow to completely engulf me, and at the moment I am so afraid for the future of mankind, the sorrow has been winning, but not for very much longer I hope.
Meanwhile, thank you to all my readers and contributors for coming back again and again.  As a younger woman, I always daydreamed about being part of the very elite Bloomsbury Club, a place in which I could hear new innovative ideas, talk endlessly, drink good coffee, and pass the opium pipe.  .I kind of feel I have created my own anything goes version here.

Christmas should of course be a time of love and family harmony, but quite often it is the eruption of a volcano that has been simmering for years or an unexpected swipe around the head with a turkey drumstick.  My Christmas message is chill.  As irritating as your spouse, parents, children, distant relatives might be, December 25th is not the day to tell them to change.

Having grown up with a mother who's clinical notes described her as 'quite a character' I'm not unfamiliar with the concept of 'who's going to kick it off this year'.  On this front, and indeed many others, the best advice I ever received was, 'she is as she is'.  When I stopped looking at my mum from a grumpy, embarrassed daughter perspective, I began to see why so many of her friends, especially gay men lol, doted on her.  I stopped scolding her and began to enjoy her delightful eccentricity, and we enjoyed our happiest years together.  My message there is, celebrate your eccentrics, one day it might be you :)

Thank you all again for coming back, seeing those numbers go up really does inspire me, and they are the reason I keep going.  In the McCann case, I feel a sense of responsibility to keep discussion of it in perspective, especially at this time of year.  Personally, I don't have it in me to wish anyone an unhappy Christmas, and I certainly don't want to add to anyone's pain, so I'm steering away for the present.  I hope the family can find peace.  Not through more deception, but through love, honesty and acceptance of responsibility. 

Meawhile, I wish everyone a lovely, snuggly, or wild partying Christmas, I'll raise my glass to you either way, with lots of laughs and not too many rows.  And if you are feeling in a festive and generous mood and would like to reward this particular irreverent author with a restorative box of Ferrero Rocher, or glass of bubbly, a cyber donation to my paypal button would be much appreciated. 


  1. Merry Christmas Ros!
    I want to thank you for providing us all with a unique and refreshing platform to talk like normal people, far removed from the 'norm' of the myriad of anodyne soulless debate sites which could send a glass eye to sleep.
    Visitors here might think you are daft to bare your soul on line, some may say brave. Personally, I feel it holds a mirror up to all of us, our loves and hates, our angels and demons (that's a good name for a book lol!)
    So good luck with your book, your blog, your quiche experiments (lol) and keep on truckin'!

  2. It is my pleasure SYIACM, I feel very fortunate that so many tune in - the last time I challenged a genre it didn't work out so well.

    In the old days when I read newspapers, my favourite page was always 'readers comments', that is the views and opinions of the public as opposed to the professionals. I also relished the words of certain columnists, Jeffrey Bernard being my favourite. He wrote a regular column for a free magazine handed out in London, 'Midweek' iirc. His columns were delicious, filled with hilarious personal anecdotes, and his unique and irreverent perspective of the world. Oh, and he was a total alcoholic, lol.

    I enjoy the freedom to write whatever I want, I'm not restricted by petty rules and regulations nor am I influenced by anyone who pays me. My blog does what it says on the tin, it is unbound [by censorship] and I muse.

    Doh! You had go and mention the quiche didn't ya! I am still traumatised by my last attempt (ages ago, not yet tried new recipe), and haunted by visions of flat, rubbery cheese custard. It will take a while to recover. To add to my distress, I keep being offered slices of nice ones!

    My chocolate cake however, is worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake. I have got the sponge and ganache down to a fine art. Top tip, when making ganache, pour almost boiling cream onto attacked with a sledgehammer chocolate pieces, and leave for 10 mins. Then stir vigorously - no more burnt chocolate! Unfortunately with the last one, my friend complained it was 'too rich'. I know! No more chocolate cake for her! I jest, she's my regular food taster, ha ha.

    Thank you for your kind wishes SYIACM, and a very happy Christmas to you. 'Keep on truckin' sounds like a great idea :)

  3. Hi Ros!
    I am pleased your blog goes from strength to strength. I like a bit of schadenfreude but I like success, equally!
    I was brought up with my Dad taking the Daily Mirror, so we had (as I mentioned before) Marje Proops and luminaries the likes of Keith Waterhouse.
    A bit like the "Problems Page" in Jackie everyone immediately turned to the readers' letters where you would recognise oneself and the actual world we lived in.
    A couple of times this past year you have 'mused' about changing your blog - please don't! If it ain't broke....
    Sorry about the quiche - but you haven't declared defeat yet. As for slices of your cheese custard I am sure someone, somewhere would benefit from it as a chest poultice. Failing that padding out the cushions of a snooker table.
    I'll get me coat... lol
    Ta for the choccy cake tip. It is my culinary forté, along with meat and tattie pie and massive sausage rolls each of which could seat four and two standing lol!
    My only worry is that anyone could ever even suggest a choccy cake is too rich. WTF?!! That's the idea - keep adding MORE chocolate. Btw, I know sometimes you entreat some less than savoury (ha!) comments but are you trying to tell us something when you say you have a 'food taster'? I didn't things were THAT bad lmao!
    Yes, 'Keep on Truckin' should take both you and I back to the '60s (Robert Crumb in this instance) - all technicolour groovy and far out. And never afeared to publish and be damned!
    Bottoms up! (Just trying to keep the innuendo level up, there)hee!
    SixYearsInaStupourMan lol!

  4. Thank you for the blog\forum to discuss

    Wish you good health, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Many thanks 12:31 and all the kindest wishes of the season to you too :)

  5. Ah The Mirror, that was my dad's daily paper too - mostly for the racing tips, lol. I was a fan of Keith Waterhouse too, though I am not sure I always agreed with him.

    Ooh Jackie! That must have been the best selling teenage magazine, lol, it was read and ravaged by we school girls, we swooned at the REAL boys in the stories, and drooled over the posters of David Cassidy and Donny. Not me of course, I was into David Bowie, far more sophisticated, lol. And the Cathy and Claire page! The problems were sooo real, though in retrospect, I now wonder......

    The quiche must for the moment is a painful memory, one that might tip my fragile ego over the edge, should I fail again. I feel it is something I should get psyched up for, maybe put in a bit of training beforehand. Start with scrambled eggs and work my way up?

    Absolutely rofl and lmao, ha ha, I didn't realise the implications of food taster! As if, lol. No, she is willing volunteer, lavishes me with praise when a dish turns out well. Painfully honest when it doesn't :( bless her.

    Bottoms up to you too SYIACM (are we allowed to say bottoms?), thanks, as always for cheering me up. :)

  6. Dear Nigella lol!
    Keith Waterhouse I liked for his writing skills, not necessarily what he said, something you'd understand. I read some very pithy pieces from current commentators and admire their way with words even if I disagree with everyone of them.
    As for 'Jackie', we wondered what all the girls were giggling about. So we used to borrow a mate's sister's copy and read the rather fruity letters. And yes, of course most of them were made up by the staff writers - does make you wonder a bit...hmmm...
    Look, I could burn water, but can cook a few things well. Your quiche is my lasagne. My cooking renders the intervening layers either concrete hardened, shrivelled or like something you'd use to point the chimney with. So let's stick with scrambled eggs on toast for 'Come Dine With Me', eh? lol. Anyway, wine makes anything taste good.
    Hmmm...I used to look at the menacing glint in my ex's eye if she had cooked dinner and wonder if I should have got a professional Food-taster-to-the-King in a lot sooner.
    And no. You can't say bottoms. Not these days.
    How about, sit-upons? (Actually, that sounds a lot worse lol)
    SixYearsAndNotApotTo....inMan lol
    (Ta for the laughs, I need it, too!)

  7. Hello Ros thank you for this wonderful blog. I have my 2 boys home for Christmas so it should be fun. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and an amazing New Year to you. A friend :D

    1. Thank you so much Julie, it really is reassuring to hear that my blog is enjoyed. I get a tad paranoid, particularly when under heavy attack, lol, that I might indeed come across as the Wicked Witch of the West! I was once venturing out into a storm when SAS (Smart Arsed Son) shouted out 'mind a house doesn't land on you!'. Blooming cheek ;) Boys, can always be depended on for the wisecracks, Bless 'em. I'm sure you will have great fun, especially when the remote control wars begin! I remember the great stand off between Die Hard II and Seven Dresses - it got very brutal, I think we settled on Jumanji.

      A very Merry Christmas to you and your lads too Julie, and all the best for the new year :)

    2. Thank you Ros. There'll be no arguments since I got rid of the TV years ago and don't miss it one bit. I use my time up re-learning about art, Youtube is my friend. I look forward to your book coming out too. All the best to you and the people on here. A friend :D

  8. Hi Ros & all.

    Wishing you & your families all a very Merry Christmas & all the best for 2018. P.S GA's book is back on sale at Amazon UK. Perhaps the tide is turning.

    1. So is The Snowman.

    2. Seasons greetings to you too John, and thank you for being a 'constant'. We may not always agree, but I have great respect for your wisdom John, your considered opinions and your much valued guidance, bless you. Warmest wishes to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year. :)

  9. Keep on trucking kinds regards David

    1. Trucking sounds like an excellent idea David, I have opened the wine and am enjoying a stroll down YouTube on the look out for sad auld country singers! Happily I have no facility to broadcast live, or you would have to endure Honky Tonk Angels (Kitty Wells, obviously), Blue Christmas from Elvis (shout out to Graceland Anne!) and Little Old Wine Drinker Me, with me singing along, hic.

      A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours too David, :)

  10. Rosalinda & all

    Have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

    Thanks for your hospitality.


    1. That is beautiful NL, and thank you for your company. I'm of an age, where it is still a thrill to speak to people of other nationalities, and to hear what life is life is like in their corner of the world. Thank you and warmest wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year.

  11. Replies
    1. Happy Xmas to you too John, and my kindest wishes of the season to you and your family.

      I have missed you though! Not that I blame you one bit, discussion in this case has a tendency to go off into murky areas of creepy human behaviour that would make the most stable among us, despair.

      I honestly don't think this case will carry on much longer John. In September OG were given funding for 6 months - only 2 months left. I think it is only you and I who think OG are genuine, but logically, they can't be anything else.

      But now, is not the time to discuss these things, so Good Cheer to you old Chap, and I will continue to hope you return!

  12. Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone regardless of persuasion!



    1. Peace to you too T! And thank you so much for your timely peace greetings throughout the year! I am delighted to say that your charm and good manners are contagious, you raise the discussion to new levels. As you know, I am sure, I am an avid collector of quotes and the kind of facts that can open whole new areas of debate!

      Not being big headed (as if!), I know that my blog is read by a huge cross section of people with varying levels of education. Most, perfectly adequately educated, as I was, to be secretaries, maybe managers, teachers, nursing, etc, but no more. That’s the difference between State education and private schools. Those who go to Eton for example, will be taught from a very early age, that they will be leaders in commerce, industry, politics and even the arts. Their talents are encouraged whatever they might be. The State however, is running a conveyor belt, churning out citizens to fill the job vacancies that keep the wheels of society turning. Children who go to State Schools are not conditioned to ‘aim high’.

      And by aiming high, I mean enriching your life by soaking in all the knowledge and beauty that surrounds us. I was self taught until my late 30’s, that is an avid reader and lover and culture, but I never understood the politics and meaning behind it. When I first went into higher education, I thought wow, why didn’t anybody tell me about all this? I thought anything that ended in ‘ology was way above my head. In my blog, and, well everywhere, I want to ‘open those doors’ a lot sooner than they were opened for me. I want the ‘young ‘uns’ to see there is very good reason to love Desiderata and keep those those words with them, always.

      You have a tendency to make to me wander off into all sorts of subjects T, mostly because I know you will understand exactly what I am talking about! Bless you dear friend, I am off to choose a link for you, for an update, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as I, the merriest of Christmas’s to you! :)

    2. 22.12 20:19

      Yes, Dear. If I may follow NL’s very fine offering with something after Ikkyū:

      I’d like to
      Offer something
      To help you
      But in my School
      We don’t have a single thing! (That is apart from Christmas presents)

      As to your enchanting chant, I understand you by the way of revelation if I may put it so, while residing in ignorance myself. Doesn’t it sound obnoxious…:)

      T(o) entertain you at this juncture of the crepuscular and nocturnal:
      (Orwell meets Kipling)


  13. Для наших русских посетителей (For our Russian visitors):

    “Встань, возликуй, восторжествуй, Россия!
    Грянь, как в набат, —
    Народная, свободная стихия
    Из града в град!”
    Андрей Белый, Декабрь 1916

    Она встала?

    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


    1. Many thanks Ra, I have no idea what you said there, hope it's not rude, lol, but thank you for acknowledging my Russian Readers! I do get a real buzz when I see hits coming in from Moscow and the Russian Federation. I've got a bit of a thing about the Russian accent - it may have begun with Dr. Zhivago.

      And Vladimir Putin is so cool! OK, he may be an evil genius, but he's made it look stylish. His KGB walk especially. He doesn't do anything embarrassing like Trump, and it's clear there is something going on behind the eyes. Again, unlike Trump. I hasten to add, these are the views of a very unstable woman. I am also turned on by the idea of an off his head Jack Nicholson in New Orleans and Johnny Depp throwing things at me, so should in no way be taken seriously.

      My perspective on Russia was formed I think, on the long discussions I had with my dear old Dad. He was a teen during WWII, too young to go war, but his brother was in the Air Force and he followed all the news and battles avidly, using a world map to pinpoint the allies progress. He had huge respect for the Russians during and after the siege of Stalingrad, he never forgot their fighting spirit, their refusal to be conquered. I am humbled as always, that people to whom English is not their first language, take the time and trouble to read here. Happy Christmas to you Ra :)

  14. Ra ? Rasputin ? (omg)

  15. Poor Rasputin, perhaps he was just misunderstood, as well as being bullet, poison and drowning proof?

    I jest of course, Rasputin (not Ra) was a complete lunatic who preyed on desperate parents who were willing to believe anything if it would save their son and heir. Which could of course be a good place to start with an alibi.....

    1. He was a nutter.And he died from a single British bullet in the temple.Our side then made the nine lives story up and they all bought it :)It was worth it.We got the ruskis onside instead of the gerries who Rasputin liked.I liked his other idea though.Dedicating one's like to debauchery to show how strong your faith is.Slick thinking Ra ;)

    2. ( is drowning proof a bit like waterproof ?)

    3. 00:10 - it depends if you are wearing a sou'ester ;)

  16. 22.12 21:52

    You can't be serious! Rasputin wouldn't have risen to quote Andrei Bely. And such a wonderful stanza from a wonderful poem. Such poetry one learns by heart, my child.

    Ten lashes of my staff.

    Learn or else…

    More on Amon Ra (perhaps Омон Ра) when I feel like it. I’m sulking.

    Merry Christmas anyways.


  17. Hi Ros,

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family, and to readers and contributors to your blog.

    Kind regards


    1. Many thanks Deana, thank you for reading, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. :)

  18. ''Even at this time of year, those with malicious intent are still scribbling away with their little poison pens''

    We would expect nothing less, Ros :) Happy Xmas x

    1. Had Kate not given media interviews this week flogging the same old disingenuous shite, I would have kept schtum....

      Happy Christmas to you too 16:55.