Tuesday, 13 August 2019


In reply to Z, who immediately pointed the finger at the Clintons.

Good heavens Z, you have completely bought into the whole Podesta pizza parlour mythology in the same way as Trump's Deplorables.  Clinton, a retired President has much less to fear than Trump, a sitting President. Note, there are no women in the Epstein case, accusing Clinton of sexual assault and rape.

Trump on the other hand is a Co-Defendant with the now deceased Epstein, accused of raping a then 13 year old.  Her statement is very detailed, graphic and believable - it's a description of behaviour by Trump that is always on display, he even brags about it.  Now imagine a sitting President accused of raping a 13 year old? A case that I hope, will still go ahead despite the death of one of the Defendants.  Just how much will the Deplorables put up with?  

Donald Trump has a long history of sexually assaulting women Z, at least 23 have come forward.  That's a pattern.  He bragged about leering at half naked teenage girls in their dressing room, he believes 'as a star' he has a right to do that. He thinks his Benny Hill like slobbering and groping is one of his most attractive traits.

Jeffrey Epstein was in a prison run by Trump's Justice Department under supervision of Trump's (bent) Attorney General, Bill Barr who is said to have visited Epstein shortly before he was found dead.  Trump has spent his entire career employing thugs and minders to make sure his despicable behaviour is kept under wraps.  See a list of all the Trump aids currently in prison or awaiting sentencing.  He acts like a mob boss, always has.

Ok, that has not so far included murder, that we know of, but when the stakes are this high?  As I said above, imagine a sitting President on trial for raping a 13 year old? Imagine that case is just the tip of the iceberg?  What if they start looking more deeply at Trump's 'model agency'.  Epstein claimed it was he who introduced Melania to Trump, was Melania one of Epstein's girls?

Donald Trump is a desperate man, his life of crime is catching up with him.  It is only the Presidency that is keeping out of jail, once he is out of office, he will have every Justice department in the USA prosecuting him.  He is completely without shame, so as the rest of us ponder on which of his crimes disgraces him and his family the most, he will be labelling himself, quite proudly, as the King of Scumbags.  'No other person (or President) has lied to so many people', he will brag, and perhaps even 'no other mob boss reached the highest office in the land'.  He may even have a book or blockbuster movie in the pipeline, bragging about his life of crime and everything he got away with.  He likes to brag about things he got away with, 'they let you do it when you're star'.  He cannot resist bragging about his ability to con people.  He believes for example that he has Kim Jong Un in the palm of his hand, with promises of luxury Condos all along the North Korean coast.  Kim Jong Un meanwhile, still thinks Trump is a dotard, and is outmanoeuvring him at every turn whilst continuing with his missile tests.

The Epstein case I am sure, is far from over.  Not least, because Trump has made so many enemies within his own administration, the Justice Department, the CIA, he has literally spat on every beloved American Institution.  It would be impossible to count, just how many people are determined to bring him down.  Right now, the walls are closing in and Trump is becoming increasingly more manic.  Even in the midst of a catastrophe, his visit to El Paso, his head was elsewhere, where it always is actually, on numbers, polls and social media hits.  He is so obsessed with his popularity that he can't think about anything else.  Not even the heart breaking tragedy of the poor little mite he and his soulless wife used for a photo op. 


  1. You might like to examine the tip of the iceberg.Then the iceberg.Then make judgements about the observations of other people.If you source your 'information' from mainstream sites pretending not to be, you'll never know the time of day.This is like your 'there's no such thing as VIP paedophile' stance you've preached for years.Again, not researched, only suspected.


  2. I give my opinion based on what I have read and researched 14:46, as do we all. That your interpretation of the Epstein news differs from mine, does not make mine wrong. You sneer at my lack of resources, but what resources do you expect a minor British blogger to have? The same as those from the New York Times perhaps?

    I have never said there is no such as a VIP paedophile. You can't just make things up. Regarding my stance on the paedophile matter, you and your ilk have yet to prove your outlandish claims.

    1. Yes, the furore of Epstein isn't anything at all to do with a potential earthquake of a story concerning the highest ranking perverts on the planet from Presidents to Royalty and his prowess at procuring kids like pizzas to whoever paid him.Why else would anyone know this oil slick's name ? What else would make him go from newsworthy to dead celeb ?He could have been the 'proof' needed to unveil yet another nest of paedophiles. So he's dead now.Like Leon Brittan before him, he 'died' his way out of a major scandal and prison term for himself and his comrades.

      In other news. While the medical Examiner was enjoying his lunch today, Epstein cremated himself. Robert Maxwell's case anyone ? Ask his daughter..

    2. Ahhh, I see what you are trying to do there, link Ghislaine's father's suicide, to the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. That reminds me of a funny reply to an insurance question, 'it was my fault because I have been run over before'. But seriously, Ghislaine may sound like the common denominator, but how could a British socialite get past all the security that surrounded Epstein to bump him off? It's not like she could slip in and out unnoticed.

    3. She's the last person to want or need to bump Eppy off.But now she must be terrified.Epstein has more skeletons in his closet than a cemetary.And most of them are elite.

      Where did he get so much money he needed so many offshore accounts ? Why would Clinton need a £ million dollar cheque from him shortly after major charges of paedophilia were reduced to minor ? How did Alafantis become so well connected and have an open invitation to the Whitehouse despite having no history of a political career or relatives living there.What is the connection between Rachel Chandler and Clinton- It's Epstein.What was / is Maxwell's connection to Andrew /Clinton ?Blair when she's only 'famous' because her dad was a media mogul who pulled off a huge pension fraud and got murdered at sea ?

      Here's an interesting blog from a few years ago. I'm glad it's still online and that I bookmarked it.There's more than enough in the way of plumes of smoke here..you can dismiss it as fake news. Or you could entertain it as possible in places probable in some and both in many.After all, the 'court of public opinion' don't always need anything at all to come to conclusions they claim are solid.Well, this is far more than 'anything at all'. I advise readers to read down to the bottom...



  3. "Rosalinda Hutton13 August 2019 at 17:14

    I give my opinion based on what I have read and researched 14:46,"

    Yes but any good researcher provides links to their research and don't tell people to do their own research.

    Provide links that can be checked and your opinions can then be verified - simple.


    1. You are a moron Dave. I muse, I'm not writing academic essays for judgement by a board of examiners. Have you ever in your life seen a columnist give a list of links to everything that has influenced their opinion?

      But just for you Dave, my main influences are: Mr. F. Hutton (Dad), Mrs V. Hutton (mad Mother) P.G. Wodehouse, Neitzche and Jerry Seinfeld. That's just off the cuff, obviously there are hundreds more I should add, the reference to my dear old Mum as mad, is made with affection. She was so completely different to every other mother because she never lost her own childlike love of mischief and fun. For myself as a child, she was my bold big sister who wasn't afraid of anything. Her 'boldness' and indeed 'madness' is among my biggest influences.

      Does that help Dave? I could list every book I ever read, every movie I have ever seen and every song I have ever heard. What is it that makes our memories? What is it that makes human? What is it that makes us lean politically left or right?

      In reality Dave, you should be less concerned with my current reading list, and more concerned with my lifetime reading list. Each of us will judge the Epstein case by the political stance we have. But just in case you are unclear, I am far left, a do gooder, a tree hugging hippy chick who embraces freedom, love and the right to be. I used to describe myself as a Marxist Feminist in my old AOL profile lol, and yes it did lead to a lot of weirdness and misunderstanding. I adore Jeremy Corbyn and I would both snog and marry John McDonnell. But I don't agree with everything that is 'far left', I believe making victimhood a goal, for example, is wrong. I prefer to reinforce what people can do, not what they can't do. John Lennon, another muse, when asked what he wanted to be when he was grown up, answered 'Happy'. His teacher told him he didn't understand the assignment, he told her she didn't understand life. Quite.

      But I have digressed. Where our opinions are concerned, none of us comes to the table with a clean slate. We each carry a lifetime of influences. we have followed our own likes and dislikes, we have learned to distinguish what is right (in our opinion) and what is wrong. Of course there are many who know what is right and what is wrong, but opt for wrong anyway, because it means they can get another TV or a new car. But you get the gist, we are already part of the kind, compassionate Left, or part of the nasty, it's all about the money, right. I suggest you read Roland Barthes 'Death of the Author'. Do you judge me by what I opine now, in the present, or do you judge me by all the baggage I bring with me? Probably more of a debate for literary scholars, but please take my word for it, we don't form political opinions based on one incident alone.

      Already the Right have set up camp with #ClintonBodyCount, that is, they want the world to believe the Clintons were behind Epstein's death. I was on twitter when the hashtag appeared, it was obviously set up to be released at the same time as the breaking news. My link here Dave, is my own eyes.

  4. Respectfully, Rosalinda dear

    “Trump on the other hand is a Co-Defendant with the now deceased Epstein, accused of raping a then 13 year old.”

    I understand that the complaint to which you seem to refer appears to have been both filed and voluntarily dismissed in 2016.


    Kind regards.



  5. Ahh T, you disappeared, I hope you are well :)

    Yes, what you say is true T, apparently she received death threats. But the case has resurfaced with the arrest of Epstein. This time around, much that was covered up in the original investigation of Epstein will come to light. Probably another reason why Trump appears to be having a mental breakdown.

    Tis true I hate the man so much I could cry. I feel we here in 2019, are reliving Hitler of the 1930's. Like our predecessors, we are watching a mad man at the helm of a powerful nation. Now we must ask ourselves, what did we do?

    And now I feel guilty, because the only thing I'm really good at, is writing, I should use my skills to protest everything that I feel needs protesting. I certainly would have 20 years ago. All part of my present inner turmoil I'm afraid, I really do need to focus. But bless you too T, always nice to see you :)

  6. 'Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz sues Ghislaine Maxwell, 3 Epstein staffers'


    "Today is my first step towards reclaiming my power," Araoz said during a call with reporters Wednesday after the suit was filed. "Jeffrey Epstein and his network of enablers stole from me. They robbed me of my youth, my identity, my innocence, my self-worth. For too long, they escaped accountability. I am here today because I intend to change that."

  7. August 14, 2019


    1. https://twitter.com/111Selah/status/1161842314781679616

    2. Parsing Bill Painting by Petrina Ryan-Kleid


  8. Meantime..Trump revealing the iron bond between Israel and America( like the last 10 UK PMs have). Palestine has no oil or gold so no need to 'liberate' them from an illegal and sustained terror attack.He should concentrate a little more on America. Twat.