Monday 13 January 2020


I'm not in the least bit surprised that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex has stuffed a hand grenade up the kilt of the ancient guards of the House of Windsor.  The British royal family have been stuck in a time warp for decades, understandably, we have had the same monarch for decades.  And such is the overall British mentality, we like it that way, we don't want change, we want to carry on with all the pomp, ceremony and traditions just we always have.  And the deference too, we accept without question, that the Queen and her offspring are our betters, it's not should we bow them, it's how low will we go.

I have watched over the past couple of days interviews with the outraged (Piers Morgan) and read the comments of similarly twisted loonies.  Their blood pressure soaring because a young couple they don't know, and never will, want to choose their own futures.  Piers Morgan, still stinging from not getting an invite to the wedding has led the charge, if his whining voice didn't have slot on breakfast TV, he would be out boiling Meghan's bunny.  

It must have been totally bizarre for Meghan, a young independent woman with a successful acting career, and the freedom do whatever she wanted to find herself confined within a rigid institution with strict codes and conventions, and a system of hierarchy that she must have found baffling.  A family that refers to each other by Title rather name or familial terms of endearment.  A family with strict boundaries between themselves and their servants. A clear divide in status and class.  Hard to argue equality while living in a palace.  As much fun as it must be having people bow to you, and indeed, spending time in the Victorian era, for a modern, woke, young woman like Meghan, her life probably turned into a 'Black Mirror' nightmare.

For Harry it is a world he has grown up in, he has never known anything different, and should they stay put, he never will.  Meghan is an American, her life and background were totally different.  We brits kind of know what the House of Windsor is all about, we have grown up with the curtsying, bowing and waving, but for a foreigner, an American especially, it would be 'jees, are you for real?' I am sure Harry explained, as best he could, what life would be like living in a gilded cage, but maybe downplaying the cage part.  

The media have been merciless in their pursuit of Meghan, so too those who felt the need to express their hatred on social media.  It has been sickening to watch, so this continued deference to an elderly woman who has spent her entire reign clinging onto 'the old ways'.  The Royal Family needs shaking up.  Maybe by not seeing us as peasants, and themselves as chosen by God would be a good start.  Especially that a'hole Prince Andrew.  What astounds me most, is that no-one ever questions or criticises the Queen, what she says goes, she is the 'word', albeit she is 93, and in any other profession would have been retired years ago.  Imagine for a moment what life would be like living under her rules?  Now spare a moment's thought for Meghan, and indeed the former wives of Windsor.

Meghan knows what life is like outside of the Royal family and she has introduced that 'outside' life to Harry.  For William there is no choice and it must hurt that Harry is able to do, what he is not.  William cannot step down, his heirs are way too young.  Queen Elizabeth inherited the throne because her Uncle didn't want it and she thinks it killed her father.  It caused a huge split in the family, the old Duke and Duchess of Windsor were exiled to France, no longer part of 'the Firm'.  The Queen is ruled by 'duty', for her there has never been an option.  But I am sure, as everyone who watched 'The Crown' would agree, she loves it.  

I wish Harry and Meghan all the best, and it was good to see so much support for them despite all the vitriol on social media, Ok, we aren't all super rich like them, but we all have the freedom to choose our own paths in life, and the thought of giving up that choice would be comparable to living in a cage.  Their cage may be gilded, but it's still a cage.


  1. "Today my family had very constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family.

    My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.

    Harry and Meghan have made clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives.

    It has therefore been agreed that there will be a period of transition in which the Sussexes will spend time in Canada and the UK.

    These are complex matters for my family to resolve, and there is some more work to be done, but I have asked for final decisions to be reached in the coming days."


    1. December 2017


      "I think we've got one of the biggest families that I know of, and every family is complex as well.

      "She's done an absolutely amazing job. She's getting in there and it's the family I suppose that she's never had."

  2. I always fancied these two puppets would be the new Edward and Mrs Simpson.He,the privileged elite trapped by the constraints of tradition that is all part of the birthright when you're born a Windsor ; she, the small time but well connected American 'actress' . Her profile went from C-list Hollywood to A- list - World. Job done.Now we see more of her face than our best friends.And as for harry, it's always been that way.He's a Royal and, given who his father is( allegedly ), his brother, and who his mother was too, he was never going to get a private life.The brothers Grimm were drilled like puppets from the day they could walk.They're masters of spin and bullshit.They always have something to 'emote' about be it their family, their obligations, their mother or the latest trendy cause.Lights, camera, action. Cue the boys in wellington boots and sleeves up ( because they're just like us you see) and off they go.And the sheep all watch and coo at the 'common touch' of the actors and the performance they put in after the drilling of their handlers and choreographers.It's true, the Royals have been out of touch and privileged for decades.About 56 decades.

    I hope the Ginger one and his boss- sorry, I mean his beautiful looking wife- break away.It's a finger up to the Royals and their history.But please, harry, enough with the 'we want to be able to live independently and earn our own money' bullshit.You became a multi millionaire as soon as the ink on your birth certificate was dry.It comes with the role.So you can put that application form for a job in Subway in the bin.

    The media have adored the Charles and Di offspring. The lovable, handsome young princes who just wanted to be ordinary boys.We remember the pictures of them on the log ride as kids with their Mum who wanted them to be normal too.And as we live now in a world that is addicted to staring into celebrity fishbowls they became huge when marrying 2 women they'd never have pulled if they weren't Royal.Meghan is pure Hollywood.She improves any picture with that smile.We inwardly slap harry's back ( ''nice one 'H', nudge nudge '').Now they've sent shock waves through tradition before the fall out of Uncle Andy's lies and perversions have settled.You couldn't make this up.Well you could, but you best not eh Andy..

    I care about Harry and Meghan as little- or less - as they care about me and my 61 million neighbours. But, I predict a happy and successful future for a year or two maximum.Then the pressures of his 'business commitments' and her ''schedule' will be given has a predictable half arsed reason for them going their separate ways.If I could offer them any advice it would be to talk less, avoid cameras and don't trust tunnels.

    Zig ( New Model Army General).

    1. Correct. Seconded.

      Qui êtes-vous, Général Zig?

    2. Bonnet da douce T, bonnet da douce...

      sad but not surprising to hear about Assange. They've protracted what amounts to a psychological version of water boarding him for trying to share truth.It's like reading about the last days of Jesus, except Assange really exists.

      Be interesting now that the UK and US are trying to re-word the assassination of an Iranian general to 'self defence' and demanding they start to free prisoners. The US and UK are beefing up the wages of ISIS as we speak.Odd for two countries who pretend ISIS are a terror organization.
      What about waterboarding for real and Guantanamo bay ? Talk about war crimes and truth Trump ?No chance. Can't even spell them. Ignorant arsehole.He's running the world from Twitter.

      Assange and Pilger will live forever.They're heroes.

      Zig ( General)

    3. The man who would be King....

      Am I the only one surprised by the apparent reticence of HRH Charles recently ?

      Given the nature of his little brother's past deeds that bobbled to the surface and the ramifications it has had and is having on the Windsors and their show of smoke and mirrors, you'd have expected him to be front and centre to speak up for his brother, his family, the crown and, above all, his Mother.But no. Maybe he was reading the tabloids day and night looking for a headline grabber he could insinuate himself into again and have ' his people' let it slip that he feels the pain and has written to another victim. You know the song. We've all heard it enough.But no sign of the heir to the throne whatsoever.Why the low profile Charlie ? Are you in deep contemplation and reflective mood reminiscing about your 'dear friend' Jimmy Savil ?Xmas can do that. It's emotional time. We raise more glasses to absent friends than those we still have. Or have you been reminded of your greatest faux pas to date; the phone you had tapped but forgot about and got caught secretly calling Camilla to declare your love and desire to be her Tampon.What a fine King you'd make.Your Uncle Monty would be proud.

      And what about your son Harry ( he is your son isn't he?). He has the world on his back right now.Him and his other half jetting all over the place to dodge them has become a daily chore.There must have been a thousand pictures of them in the papers this week. Some posed for and some off guard.None with their child. They seem to have forgotten protocol.All those photo shoots to promote them as normal and happy as well as parents.Oops.Like father like son( ish).I suppose if they turn up on the front page of a scandal mag accused of something tawdry you'll be out of your shell.Then again....

      I suppose we can only draw our own conclusions, Charles, can't we.You didn't need or want the attention of any cameras or microphones about now.You didn't need to be connected to your brother and his deeds.After all, that's all he was left with after a brilliant whitewash and damage limitation exercise.Imagine if they had the full story.His friendship with Jewish financer( and pervert) Jeffrey Epstein and his evil twin Ghislaine Maxwell, both reportedly Isreali assets like her dad, Bob.The large loan Andy accepted on behalf of his ex- wife from Jeffrey.Talk about laying yourself and others wide open...I bet his little black book would out-sell the Bible if it hit the shelves.

      So, Charles we can only conclude another news story was making you camera shy.that concerning your dear friend and convicted paedophile( yes, a convicted one this time.You couldn't use the 'i had no idea'' line). I'm talking, of course, about Bishop Peter Ball. Friend to the regal and elite.He brought out the amnesiac in you didn't he. Bless. here's hoping your memory clears up quicker than Andy's...

      Zig ( General Zig to you) :)

    4. OOOh Zig, your words and harsh, and imo, ill chosen. You should never make allegations of that nature against anyone, it could have life changing consequences, even for a Prince. Yeah, Andrew is a sleaze and scumbag, that's something most of us have known for years, especially those of us who read the butler's story.

      I don't think Prince Charles is very pleasant either, very bossy, like his mother, but that doesn't make him a P. He has the love of his life beside, and he steers clear of saying anything subversive or controversial. He hasn't used his position to change anything, he hasn't used his position to build armies, be they followers on twitter or dressed in regalia deifying himself.

      So he's pompous, who wouldn't be if they had been waited on hand and foot since birth? I once read that in the mornings, several eggs were boiled for HRH, ready for when he sent each one back for being the wrong consistency. How much restraint must those chefs have had, for not giving him a fried egg, on the head.

      Regardless of all their privileges I think it very cruel that so many people are criticizing them. They are human beings too with thoughts and feelings. Unless you have grown up in a bubble, you too must have had family crises in your life. No family is immune. Now imagine a family crisis with the eyes of the world watching, scrutinizing and magnifying every move you make. I think it is grotesque that so many people are sticking their oar in! You are scolded Zig, and for anyone reading this, the views expressed by Zig, are nothing like my own.

    5. Those 'allegations' Re Prince Charles aren't allegations by the way.They're truths.Why scold Zig but not the newspaper who were cleared to report them ? There was a link provided with the post.As for taking shots at the son , why not.If you chase the press around the world trying to sell yourself as hard working non dependents of the state just after sacking your maids, butlers and cooks you bring it n yourself.

  3. Sir Roger Scruton dies at 75

  4. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  5. “Tony Blair, who, in my book, is a war criminal.”
    Avi Shlaim ( at 41:25)

    Yes, Avi is talking about our fabulously wealthy Tony, whose financial assets are structured in a complicated manner, and as such, estimates of their extent vary widely. These include figures of up to £100 million. Tony stated in 2014 that he was worth "less than £20 million". A 2015 assertion, by Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan, concluded that Blair had acquired $90 million and a property portfolio worth $37.5 million in the eight years since he had left office.)!

    Avraham "Avi" Shlaim FBA is an Israeli historian, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford and fellow of the British Academy

  6. Where would you put yourself on this scale about the Royal Family Ros? 5,I don't care........10.Hate

    1. Thank you for your interesting question 21:25 and apologies for my delay in replying. I fear I have completely given myself over to hedonism, the trauma of the GE results has tipped me over the edge. My consolation as I go into freefall, is that I will look fabulous. Should I survive any knocks on the noggin, my question will be, 'did the eyelashes hold up?'.

      But I digress, I am feeling a tad whimsical today, mostly because I had my hair cut, and I am tickled pink with the result, factually speaking mostly blue, due to my overuse of purple shampoo, ha ha.

      But back to your question. Where would I put myself on a scale of liking/ supporting, the Royal Family., Don't care.....10. Hate.

      continues as a blog...….

  7. I would like to draw attention the following post:

    “ Tony_0pmoc
    January 16, 2020 at 18:29


    Yeh well, name any leaders or potential leaders in “The West” who are in the same class as President Putin? I can’t think of anyone. Corbyn didn’t have the courage. All his likely replacements seem even worse.

    The only one, I would consider as potentially in the same league is Scottish, and yet hardly anyone voted for him, because he has been almost completely demonised by The Mainstream Media.

    The First British Politician since Harold Wilson, who told The Americans to do one – and he did it in The US Houses of Parliament live on TV, when summoned to give account, is George Galloway born in Dundee

    Even the Americans said, they had never seen anything like it.

    “George Galloway vs The US Senate”


    1. Thank you for posting that 10:21, but it is absolutely not something I agree with!

      It would be true to say that prior to Celebrity Big Brother, I had thought of him as a great orator and indeed crusader from the few speeches I heard, but to be fair, I may have been biased by the Dundonian accent, my beloved Dad came from Dundee.

      I was, I'm afraid, freaked out by his performance as a cat in Big Brother and I didn't find him very likeable in his arguments with Michael Barrymore, he wasn't very likeable either. But it was a good year for conflict = drama, I believe Pete Burns was also in there.

      GG is, I think, more about selling himself and his abrasive personality. I think given any leadership position, he would morph into Trump, where headlines and poll numbers are more important than actual policies. But he has me blocked on 'twitter' for some reason, so won't see this, doh!

  8. Will someone explain to me the magnetism of royalty. It seems we all need a lord and master. Even in the five most "civilized" countries in Europe, Norway, Sweden,Denmark ,Holland,and Spain their monarchical dynasties live on.
    At least these cute countries don't have Dukes, lords, Earls, Dutchesses and knights and every kind of hanger on of whom many are the owners of whole counties and half the city of London.
    All subsidized by taxpayers - for ever.
    These folk are at the public trough while their "subjects" smile

    But, like the current situation in Iran, any criticism of the motives of the aristocracy of that country situated two thousand miles to the east of the little islands called "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" will be promptly investigated (how did Northern Ireland get into that crazy mix).

    Embarrassed? In my youth I always left the cinema early to get out of standing for the "National Anthem".

    But hey, we only keep them for the tourism - right.

  9. Oh dear, you make a very powerful argument JC, I wish had properly read your reply before writing my blog. Doh! When you bring in the Dukes, Lords, Earls, Duchesses and knights and dames, you have me defeated. I'm afraid my penchant for researching history via the monarchs or rulers of the time, has stifled the absurdity of it.

    The truth is, when I watch historic dramas and documentaries, I love that I can instantly google the characters, most notoriously of course, the titled ones. Now I am not sure that is relative in the 21st century, the old aristocracy are no longer advisors to the monarchy, though they still do have the House of Lords, which in itself is bizarre.

    But to be fair, I do like the Honours List, in that it is good to see ordinary people receiving awards for their achievements, from the lollypop lady to the film star. It is a unique British honour, Hollywood does not have an equivalent, an Oscar doesn't come with ermine and a crown.

    You are right, the Queen is protected from criticism to an embarrassing degree. Every anti Meghan argument brings up 'how could they do this to her'. Err, for me it is more, how could she do that to them? As in, having complete control over their lives. …. continues

  10. It is of course all very antiquated JC, I agree, but some of the best days out I have ever had has been visiting castles, museums, etc, it is like a window into the past. Admittedly, tourism could and would continue without an extended Royal Family, the buildings have been there forever and hopefully, be there for ever more. But it's a rather bleak presentation of history, past and present. And to be fair, as much fun as it sounds to live in a Castle, the reality, I would imagine, would be pretty harsh. These castles were built to be run by hundreds of staff, and how many owners of such castles can afford that these days, especially now the serfs have to be paid a living wage.

    I'm afraid, as I get older, I get a lot less radical JC. For me, my legacy is my words, and I don't want them to be unkind ones. It is true to say, that the money spent on the Royals, would be put to better use on the homeless and the hungry. Who could disagree with that? But wouldn't it be better for the government to stop diverting cash to their rich mates, and spend it on those who need it in the first place. The tax and NI we pay is our insurance plan against being hungry and homeless. It is our money, prepaid and without any options for when we fall on hard times.

    Thank you JC for comments, I am very grateful that you still pop in :)

    1. Castles, museums, galleries, historically and significant buildings all make good points of interest and places to visit.They do more work for the country than the Royal family.And they don't cost the tax payer millions in times of austerity every time one needs an extra castle or mansion or has another baby.They just stay put and all they need is maintaining and cleaning and protecting.They're far less of a financial liability than the families who make money from them or live in them.For every 100 visitors that visit London each year 999 never set eyes on the Queen or her family.So they but flags and pencils and photograph soldiers and gates and bricks.But the queen 'works ever so hard'. None of them have worked ever so hard.That's the perks.They work harder whitewashing their history and covering up their dirty deeds and's just gone a little wrong lately.