Thursday, 5 July 2012


To all our American friends and I raise a glass to you this day!  

It is amazing to have access to so much information via the www.  I applaud your kids in their ambition and their innate belief in freedom and democracy.  In watching old WWII stuff, these past few days, I feel as though I have stumbled across a whole new minefield of information.  Your journalists and pioneers, push the boundaries, your brave sons and daughters give their lives to preserve those basic rights given to them in the Declaration of Independence.  Their cause is honourable, and it protects all of us.  I think it might well be, the most sensible document ever written, taking in unforeseen circumstances and all that kind of thing.  Its right up there with the Domesday Book.  It might be the reason why our US cousins have that same British attitude, 'we shall never surrender' only more so.    

In Mother England unfortunately, we are tangled in webs of libel law, that will take centuries to sort out, and by the time it does, everybody has lost interest. Thus, we are not always privy to items that are available to the rest of the world.  This would not be acceptable in the USA, and go them!  They know know all about technology, (between 5 and 10 years ahead of ourselves).  They won't accept mysteries, they have ambitious and tenacious youngsters who will see a project through.  With strong mums in the background.  

Too many countries are lethargic with the merry go round, of political talks that lead nowhere.  Each new day brings another new pen pusher with another ludicrous law.   We are fools to ourselves of course, the claimant culture has become an integral part of our economy.  I blame L.A. Law. 

Today, this 4th July, I applaud the American people for changing the course of history.  For getting the message out there, that there is an alternative to living under oppression. The sheer will of the 'Brave New World' gives inspiration to other worlds, to other cultures, and I believe has been a force for peace.

It is one of those 'I could have danced all night' moments, in trying to recall all that is good about the USA, and there is so much.....   You brought light to a world that might otherwise have remained in darkness.  

I have met way too few Americans, but those I have met and known personally have been absolutely charming and inspirational.  I know the US has social problems similar to our own, but today, Independence Day, I extend my hug to the whole lot of you, for retaining your right to free, unrestricted speech and information.  We know that all the while the USA is still broadcasting, there is hope for the world.  

Happy Independence Day!  




  1. Hi Bell x i sure will remember this day ..even more than the Americans! Its not every day one looses a piece of their womanhood! LOL..but does one need em anyway? I say ..have the other one gone too..and be damned...
    Got the book Bell ..but my mind cant concentrate enough to settle on anything more than a 'Daily' at the moment!
    Hi to you Rainbow Sue xx

    1. Amore, my apologies. I misread the signature. How are you old bean? What a dreadful time you must be going through, and glad to see you are posting when you can. As for the womanhood, well unless you are still into all that sort of thing, it probably doesn't matter. My mum had breast cancer and lived for many years after her surgery. Keep your chin up my love, and do keep saying hi, it is always lovely to hear from you xxxx

  2. Good to see you RSue. One needs them less as one gets older RSue, bless ya.

    I know the mood all too well. Take care xxx

  3. Soz Bell its me the one with the 'cancer'...i added RSue's name on the end to say hello...silly billy me!

  4. RSue, apologies do not for one moment think you have c, thought you may have been talking about something from the past. I will sit in the corner and blush xxx