Monday, 16 July 2012


Take 2, ok 3 fresh eggs, the best you can afford. Knowing the chickens have happy lives, improves the flavour.

Beat eggs, very lightly and add a touch of salt and pepper - nothing else.  

Cook mixture quickly in softly melted butter, it must be butter, this is comfort food. Gently stir and remove from heat, the moment the eggs begin to set.  Voila, the best scrambled eggs ever, unless anyone knows different? 

Serve with fresh, uncut, wholemeal bread, yet more butter and a cup of steaming hot PG!  


  1. Well as one who got 100% for making perfect scrambled eggs in catering college in 1st exam of the course then i'd have to say the eggs should be just about the point of almost set but not runny, very difficult to achieve, most folk pull it off the heat too soon or leave it too long. One of the first kitchens i worked in after becoming a chef i had to crack 300 eggs for scrambled eggs for breakfast! I can even do it 2 at a time since then ;-) we cooked 1000 breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day! Kate

  2. Happy Birthday cristobell have a great day x from Denise