Saturday, 28 July 2012


Its been building up for weeks, and unavoidable really, I've got writer's block, and I can sometimes swerve the manic stage if I can find something else to distract me.  

Happily, the BBC, Channel 4 and every freeview channel going, have an overflowing abundance of Olympic Games related programmes and films. I'm now quite the expert.  Already have my eye on the Beast, Yohan Blake, While he was being shown round the stadium, he couldn't stop dancing and winking at the girls.  And to top it all, he hates training, lol.  Yeh, he'll be the one to put your money on!

I cried and cheered Haille Gebrselassie, as I watched his film Endurance.  I wasn't being all noble, just got fed up with Jeremy Kyle.  Has anyone noticed how close he puts his face to the faces of the antagonists, whilst shouting?  That is probably one of the most aggressive things one human beings could do to another, or indeed any gorilla to a fellow gorilla.  Its anthropological doncha know.  How does he not get hit?  Sorry, I digress.  But back to Haille, I had a tear in my eye seeing him lead the peacemakers.  Seeing people achieve against all odds, never fails to take my breath away. 

But, back to the ceremony.  Naff was the word that sprung to my mind with the Queen/James Bond stuff, what were they thinking? One of the few times in my life that I have ever felt for her.  I do think however, she should have forced a smile and a wave for the UK team, don't know what the other royals and VIPs were doing, but I hope they at least cheered our youngsters on. Having said that, I do see her predicament, too many links to the Commonwealth and other countries, one smile and wave, may well have meant 200 plus.  Bless her.

Michelle Obama was great - stood up and cheered the US youngsters on, and they cheered right back at her.  So much for decorum, what hoh old chap.     

Anyway, fantastic to see all the world athletes and was struck at the number of tiny countries I had never heard of. I quite liked the BBC commentators and I appreciated the tit bits of geographic and historic information - was actually quite proud that we had such a large team for so small a population - we are 66 million, I believe?  

I loved the colourful costumes too - Georgio Armani for the Italians and Ralf Lauren for the US - don't know who designed ours, but I am thinking Coco the Clown or a Pearly Queen?  Sorry, but I don't think the gold epaulettes will endear us to anyone.  

Handing the Olympic flame over to the next generation was moving - and felt so right.  Was going to make a catty remark about Macca, but haven't got the heart.  It was brave of him to give it a go, especially after the last time.  


  1. It was Stella McCartney that designed them Bell, least i'm sure i heard it being said it was her. I liked the Bond /Queen sketch it was highlighting our film industry and was absolutely delighted they gave Tim Berners-Lee the credit he so deserves(the inventor of WWW.
    Was black affronted for Paul McCartney he cocked it up again, time he learned he's too old now and should pack it in! :(

  2. Hello! I've been enjoying the Olympics too and I have to say I thought the entire opening ceremony was fantastic. I seriously loved Kenneth Branagh, but he's a great favourite of mine in any case, and I thought that the Bond / Queen sketch was great. Can you imagine all those little kids thinking it was really the Queen parachuting in? I love the way that we can laugh at ourselves as a nation and not take ourselves too seriously. The Mr. Bean sketch was hilarious. I absolutely agree with you about Paul McCartney. Sadly he struggles to reach the notes and I so feel his pain, it's about time they replaced him with someone else - good old Elton can still belt out a great tune on the piano! La-la-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la-la, I remember when rock was young.............

    1. Oooh no Lesley, I was thinking of someone much, much younger - someone suggested Adele, and I thought that sounded about right!