Sunday, 15 July 2012


I am in one of those miserable moods, where absolutely nothing will cheer me up, not even Some Like it Hot.  I may even be growling, my brows are permanently furled.  Not able to concentrate on much more than a 'daily' as RSue so eloquently put it.

I was delighted therefore to see a picture of Victoria Beckham proudly holding her adorable baby as she came through customs.  Who wants to see that?, asks one dour critic, well, I do, for one!  As a sentimental old mum, nothing warms the cockles of my heart than to see a podgy little cherub.  It makes the scowls on my face turn upwards into a smile that is impossible to prevent. 

I like the Beckhams.  They are obviously devoted to each other and to their children.  I think it is a bit elitist to mock their achievements, that they reached the top in popular culture, and not accident of birth, is their good fortune. 

I doubt for one moment, little Harper is being damaged in any way through her exposure to the press.  For the moment, she is, where any baby wants to be, and that is with her mum.  Although, one point of criticism Victoria, I do worry about the height of those heels!

Who knows what is right or wrong, although I think we all raised our eyebrows at Michael Jackson's children in their masks!  But thats a whole other story.

I do see that our celebrity culture is dumbing down news, but with the technology we now have at our fingertips, I would hope there is a place for everything and everyone.  

Now, I wonder what is happening with Katie Price, the last image of her that I saw, made me choke on me cornflakes, she had gone a very peculiar shade of dark brown...........  

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