Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So the kidnap threat gets filed away with all the other McCann press releases. No evidence of it. The trolls are not waving screenshots to back up the claim, and even if they did, they are not relevant (thank you Blacksmith ).   

The McCanns fought Goncalo Amaral's application for the trial to be heard in private. A small victory, but they got the press and cameras they wanted.  They got the headlines too, but at what cost to the twins, we can only imagine. This time however, it does not appear to have worked.  The public have not risen up in horror at the atrocities perpetrated on the suffering parents.  There have been no comforting chats about horrid anti middle class people who are jealous of them, on Lorraine's sofa and I doubt any stern letters have been sent off to the Portuguese Ambassador. The rioting in the streets Kate predicted hasn't happened.  Pretty sure the latest sensational headlines haven't helped the McCanns' press victim image one bit. Anyone following this trial will know they had a choice. Wonder what Hacked Off will make of that? 

People are beginning to question why the McCanns are pursuing a claim for 1.2m Euros from the detective who investigated the disappearance of their daughter.  They don't like his findings, who would? But does that really entitle them to all his cash and belongings? Hope they are not setting some sort of precedent.  'You said I did it, but can't prove it - gimme yer house'.  

What on earth is this trial all about?  Apart from money that is.  In my opinion, it is based on an irrational hatred that borders on insanity, and unbelievably a small group of professionals are going along with it.  What ho, nice work if you can get it.  They are however, faffing about telling us how depressed Kate was, how the twins may sometime in the future read something unpleasant (err, thats a future ALL kids can look forward to) and poor Gerry couldn't go on. Lets not forget, they could spare themselves (and us) all the pain simply by returning to Portugal en masse for a reconstruction and Kate answering the 48 questions. Its a bit like Dorothy's ruby slippers - it has always been within their power.  

Unfortunately their persecution of Goncalo Amaral has finally caught up with them.  They couldn't stop the trial - and they tried.  As expected, it has opened up all sorts of cans and worms are flying about everywhere.  Not least the revelation by Michael Wright that he has been 'monitoring' forums and social network sites since 2007. Has he sat on his hands for the last 6 year ignoring all the horrible things people were saying about his best buds?  

Those of us targetted by Team McCann's 'monitoring' would be very interested to hear more about this little revelation from the police.  Be in no doubt, the internet campaign has played a major part in this scam, and those of us on the receiving end of the 'monitoring' (defamation/intimidation/ threats etc) will be asking the police who the tormentors are and what action will be taken.  There is testimony that confirms this was an organised campaign.  But I'll save the internet wars for another day. 

Kate wants Goncalo Amaral to be miserable and live in fear.  But thats not enough, what she really really wants, are the royalties from his bestselling book. The McCanns did not sue Goncalo as soon as the book came out, they waited a year before issuing a Writ.

While the McCanns case is based on hate and greed, Goncalo Amaral's is based on truth, and justice for a little girl who went missing on 3rd May 2007, he has remained focused on seeing his job through until the end.  A hero of our time, a man who lost everything but kept his pride, his dignity and his honour. Now thats the film I want to see - the good guy comes up trumps!

For Goncalo this case is about the truth.  The truth that he and his team did not let the little girl down. The McCanns were lying when they said the PJ were doing nothing.  They had in fact launched the biggest missing child search in Portugal's history. Goncalo and his team worked night and day searching for Madeleine, giving up their holidays and neglecting their families.  The McCanns were criticising the police and most especially Goncalo on the world stage.  In the interests of Free Speech, was he not entitled to counter that with The Truth of The Lie?  

Truth of the Lie can be read here:

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