Saturday, 21 September 2013


I think the kidnap threat is a sexed up version of the supposed death threats on the Madeleine Facebook group.  The McCanns were unbelievably successful with that particular scam and got the front pages of several tabloids.  Internet trolls are a hot topic at the moment and a great way to get sympathy.  By tweaking a few details they have made the latest version more sensational by changing the target from Kate to the twins.  Again, they are shamelessly using those children to manipulate public sympathy.  In my opinion that is wrong on every level and it needs saying!  

The story can no doubt be quickly disproved, but they have the headlines they wanted - 'Kidnap Threat to Twins'.  By the time it is revealed as a hoax, the damage will already have been done. All the public will remember is the kidnap threat. Similarly while most people recall that Goncalo's Amaral's book was banned.  The fact that the ban was overturned and it is back on sale passes them by.    

The McCanns still appear to be pulling the strings, they have learned a lot media tricks over the years.  Goncalo was obviously way ahead of us in asking for the trial to be heard in private.  He probably foresaw what was going to happen. The McCanns will fight back with what they do best. Negative propaganda. They are clearly prepared to get down in the mud and the blood and the beer with this latest outrageous story.  Lets hope the Judge can see the histrionics for what they are.  As for Dr. Amaral. he really doesn't have to do very much at all, he has an Ace up his sleeve - The Truth.  


  1. well said ,we will not know until November but the out come will be interesting . hope your doing ok x gracelandann

  2. Hi Ann, warms the cockles of my heart to see the name Graceland pop up? Hope you are well old pal. x

    Think we are nearing the end now as this has gone gone well beyond the realms of farce. Two former suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, who have never been cleared, are demanding 1.2 million Euros from the detective who investigated the case! How ridiculous does that sound? Grrr

  3. Thanks to the diligent headline grabbing antics of the McCanns, anyone can spend five minutes to look up the timeline and see Kate was talking of suicide before Amaral's book was published.

    So why is Kate McCann risking imprisonment in a foreign country by lying under oath? It must be something very important for taking such a gamble. No wonder Gerry is letting her do it on her own.

    I hope the good people of the court will do the right thing. Although, if the judge and jury have been paid the same 'visit' as the most credible witnesses (allegedly), who knows what will happen.

    Poor the McCanns, everyone has treated them abominably, all except those who don't question their 'abduction' scenario, that is.

  4. Kate will not be under oath, never voluntarily. What we see happening is what many have predicted: Kate is throwing anyone she wants under the bus.The woman has no shame, never had, that's how this farce could go this far. Karma is a bitch Kate, and it is coming for you.

    No Michael, this is not a death thread. As a matter of fact if all ever becomes clear and we know for sure the role these pathetic parents have played I wish Kate a long life, not in jail, but in the community, performing simple but very important task like cleaning floors. She is to wear a sign that says: I am Kate McCann and I am responsible for my daughter's disappearance.

  5. It amazed me when the McCanns set up a Fund in 12 days from Madeleine's did they know she would not be found???? By Christmas the Fund reached £2 million , yet not one penny was spent of employing experienced Personnel to search for Madeleine. I hope this greedy couple who have managed to stifle any criticism get their comeuppance.