Wednesday 11 September 2013


Almost a year ago I wrote a blog entitled Forca Goncalo, it was ahead of a trial that turned out to be postponed.  At that time I was irked at the personal attacks on Dr. Goncalo Amaral and the particularly vindictive way in which they used his marriage problems and personal life to attack him.

I wanted to speak out on behalf of warring couples everywhere and extend a middle finger to those smug marrieds who sit holding hands and never exchange a cross word. 

We cannot even begin to imagine the stress Goncalo and Sophia must have been under this past 6 years. The McCanns had launched the most successful media campaign for a missing child the world has even seen, and Detective Amaral was the evil baddie keeping the angelic cherub away from her tragic heroine mother.  The world hears what it wants to, and the basic fairytale premise was shifting tabloids by the baleful. 

In defence of Goncalo and Sophia, no human could have withstood the the pressure they were under.  And if on occasion the words, 'I love you, I hate you' have been thrown around, so what?  If a person goes through their life never having a love so passionate it drives them insane, I pity them.  Time heals, it gives you something to giggle about in your dotage.

To Sophia and Goncalo

The calm, calculating McCanns however, remain firmly stuck together, God help them, surviving a trauma that would have torn most families apart.  Their relationship remains unscathed, apart from Kate's rather undignified 'I couldn't make love to Gerry' on the front page of the Sun.  In recounting her holiday, in her 'honest' book Kate merrily relates: Gerry off for his third tennis match of the day while she calmly bathes the three best behaved toddlers in the world. I personally would have rugby tackled him before he reached the door and set about him with a frying pan, while screaming 'its my holiday too'.  

In contrasting their own Stepford Family existence to the family life of the Amarals, they have placed themselves in the unfortunate position of having to hold hands and coo at each other whenever a camera is pointed in their direction.  One shudders at the thought. I know which couple I prefer.

The McCanns have been the perfect media couple.  A fine example of family life in Britain today (apart from losing a child) and role models for the riff raff. They were used to spearhead the Amber Alert Campaign, preaching to us (their fave role) Kate became Ambassador and Gerry headed up Hacked Off.  Hopefully there will be enough left in Fund to erect statues in Rothley town square. 

However, before they start knocking up the cement, they should know their automaton behaviour is fooling no-one other than their 'Misery' inspired fanbase.  Or 'the possessed' as I have come to think of them

The sane people in the UK, and there are still a few of us left, wish you all the best for tomorrow Dr. Amaral. You are a credit to your family, to the PJ, to your Nation, and to the fight for truth and justice everywhere.  Forca Goncalo.  


  1. we will soon know , hope your well xx gracelandann

  2. And where have you been young lady?
    Keep up the good work Bell and am still loving your blogs xx
    Inta :)

    1. Hi ya Inta, how ya doing? xxxx I've forgotten password! Oops! Luv to you all :)

  3. Who says we need writers of fiction !!