Monday, 5 January 2015


Hi Everyone,

I'm not a celebrity or a large corporation just an ordinary woman of 57 who, after many failed diets, has stumbled upon an 'easy' way in which to lose the weight and keep it off. 

Along the way, I have reversed my Type II Diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol and restored my mojo!  I particularly hope than anyone who has ever fallen into the life threatening cycle of depression and overeating will join my Reluctant Dieter's facebook page, even those just hovering on the edge of it.  I hope we can offer support to each other, but more importantly, a few laughs.  

I am keeping the group public, but anyone can join under a different name or pseudonym, in fact it might be fun, you can say what you want!  Actually, I would encourage it, because then we can start with the weigh ins!  I won't be checking up on ISPs (even if I could) or passing names to anyone as it goes contrary to everything I believe in, as my 'bad' history will reveal. I'm a bit of a anti authoritarian, which some disprove of. 

Anyway, back to the group.  I have a lot of friends online who have whacky and hilarious screen names and personas who I hope will use their imaginations for this open invitation to let their writing skills flow whilst losing weight.  For at least 5 years I belonged to an AOL forum (Europe Board and Ya Gotta Laugh, that became unmissable,  it was completely unmonitored, a bit wild sometimes, but the first place we all turned to when we were up and indeed when we are down.  I think the anonymity allowed this.

Please do therefore, rejoin in another name, and let loose with your creative writing skills, especially my old pals and even my old enemies (you know who you are, lol), you drove me nuts, but I miss ya all the same!  But this is an open invitation, an opportunity to be the person you always wanted to be, with an avatar to fit the occasion! I am hoping to recreate the 24 hour support network we all had underneath all the bickering - though some of the bitching was hilarious, Mandy where are you? Literally anytime night or day, we could go online and someone would be there to talk to.  We had many insomniacs in the group. 

Vindictive and personal stuff will be whooshed from the page of course, but it is my experience, that when a group sets a tone, most members abide by it. Having been the target of malicious trolls for many years, trust me there's nothing to fear - on the whole they are a few misguided misfits afraid of their own shadows.  They are best ignored, its attention they seek.  They won't however get a free for all on Reluctant Dieter. I now have the ability to be formidable! 

Having said that I am offering an olive branch to my old (and indeed 'new') enemies. Put on your dicky bows and ball gowns, or your jammies (or SS uniforms in some cases), and shift those pounds and grumpy hormones!

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