Sunday, 25 January 2015


So the McCanns put out a false press statement and Express article overturns it, great stuff.  Not only that, but its now common knowledge that the false 'victory' statement came from Team McCann, another own goal. 

The abduction story is simply no longer sustainable imo, even those wearing 'The McCanns are Saints' blinkers cannot avoid the sweeping downward turns in the parents' fortunes.  Donations have fallen dramatically, Scotland Yard were digging for a body and are openly talking about murder.  As the alibis and timescales given by the parents and the friends do not allow for murder by a stranger, I'd say they now find themselves in check mate.

I won't even pretend to understand the Portuguese Justice system, but here in the UK and indeed many other countries, if you lose a huge libel suit, you pretty much lose everything.  The costs of this case will be phenomenal, far more than the £750k they have in the Fund, and more indeed than their home is worth.  That is of course, before the Defendants begin any counter suits or those who have previously paid out demand their money back.  

Thanks to the interview given by Goncalo Amaral, and the refreshingly clear Blacksmith opinion, the end appears to be in sight.  The McCanns may of course receive a nominal award, but I doubt they will get costs, and 6 years litigation with the best lawyers money can buy, would wipe anyone out - its probably the reason the millionaire backers no longer appear to be on the scene.  As an ex legal secretary, I encountered several vexatious litigants, they always kept going until they lost absolutely everything.

There are a number of examples of rogues who have lost everything through the libel courts and malicious claims, and a few who have ended up in prison as a result.  Confucius was spot on when he said 'before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves'.  The revenge the McCanns wanted against the former detective who led the search for their daughter was maniacally over the top.  Kate wanted Goncalo to feel misery and fear, they wanted his family home and all his past, present and future earnings.  They have already legally frozen his assets for the past few years leaving him penniless. 

The repercussions from this loss are potentially devastating - without the buffer of millions in the Madeleine Fund, the McCanns are now as open to investigation as any other parents who make false claims about the disappearance of their child.

More importantly, the reputation of Goncalo Amaral can now be rightfully restored, he is not guilty of all those heinous crimes the McCanns' accused him of, he gave a clear and accurate account of the Portuguese investigation into the disappearance of the McCanns' daughter. 

Goncalo Amaral is a gentleman and a scholar, a policeman and a father, so touched by the plight of an innocent 4 year old child, the he refused to be bullied and cajoled into silence.  He is a remarkable man, who fought for justice against all the odds.  His story deserves to be told.  Lets hope that UK press and publishers have taken note of this trial and will now bring The Truth of the Lie' to the British public, who are still being invited to donate towards the continuation of this scam. 


  1. The tide is certainly turning in this case, soon there'll be no rescuers left to bale them out and they'll be dragged under, along with those who foolishly decided to board their sinking ship.There's plenty of evidence pointing to the parents being involved, but not one iota of proof she was abducted.

    I hope Goncalo wins and they don't get a penny, why should they? Looking at all that's come to light over the years they told lies to cover-up their bad parenting, Goncalo told the truth.

    1. I wonder how foolish Richard Branson and Philip Green now feel, having been duped into donating large amounts of money to The Fund? Not to mention the sympathic public who gave so much of their hard earning cash, so that a little "abducted" girl could be found. Freeze the healthy balance of over £700,000 in this Fund, pending the Judge's final summing up in about 2 months time. They've ensured that G. Amaral - who did speak the truth and did solve the "mystery" very fast, was left broke, his reputation in ruins, his family life destroyed, and then their final unsult - sue him for £1.2 million - so that he would have to sell his family home to help pay their "costs".

    2. Have they both not distanced themselves from it all for some years now? The silence from Clarence Mitchell over the last week is deafening!

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  3. Post 04:02
    It would be right, and proper, if when the judge's have done their final summing-up and realized what unscrupulous/lying creatures the McCann's are, the money left in the kitty should be awarded to Mr Amaral. After-all it IS a fighting fund then hopefully he'll use the money for the same cause.

  4. Their own ugliness is going to bury them alive, at last.

  5. Is anyone else having to sign in (google Id) to reach PJGA site? Seems odd.

  6. Thanks for that Cristobell - you put into words exactly what I`d like to express myself, but don`t have your talent.

  7. It ain't over 'til it's over! I hope that Dr Amaral wins; if he does, the McCanns will scream "BIAS". Well; Scotland Yard went barrelling in, completely dismissing all of the PJ's findings. Their child's disappearance and their subsequent publicity-seeking affected the livelihood of people in Praia de Luz. Several people have been interrogated, it would seem, for no reason other than that they were in Praia de Luz that night and used their mobile phones.

    I think that, if the McCanns lose, many people would rally round and donate money to make up any shortfall in costs. They would be seen by many people as victims. I hope that people are signing the petition on the Prime Minister's website asking for a public enquiry into the McCann case. While I wouldn't go that far (although I have signed the petition) I do think that it is time that Cameron stood up in the House of Commons and told the generous British taxpayer exactly what is being achieved by Operation Grange and how he justifies the expense.

  8. I wondered if the McCanns might one day announce that, in the best interests of the twins, they have decided to move abroad to somewhere quiet? Or perhaps they might decide to take up a remote medical post somewhere?. I thought they might use some of the rest of the fund money to relocate.