Friday 9 January 2015


Should we judge journalists on the cases they report?

Once again Tony Bennett has gone off into cuckoo land in his attempts to smear the only journalist actively trying to uncover the truth behind the Madeleine McCann story. 

Tony has now produced a long diatribe attempting to link Sonia Poulton to the Holly Greig hoax. What he is failing to grasp is that journalists REPORT these news stories to the public, they are not the creators of them.  The Holly Greig story was of public interest, and many were taken in by the lies of Anne Greig and Robert Green, Tony Bennett included, and Sonia reported on it.  If she had not reported on it, Tony would have been among the first to accuse her of being part of the cover up. 

To put things into perspective, Tony might like to use some of his research time to look at ALL the stories reported by the Mainstream Media and cross reference them with the journalists who reported on them, and of course the truth behind the stories when it eventually emerged.  Using his criteria of judgment this would mean that every journalist is actively involved in every rape, murder and despot regime they have ever commented on. 

Mr. Bennett has a very strange understanding of journalism, for some reason he believes that those who bring us the rolling news should investigate each story as if they were Scotland Yard detectives with all the time in the world and an open cheque book. That simply isn't the nature of news reporting and if it were, every breaking news story would take weeks/months/years to appear before the public.

Successful, proactive journalists have hundreds, if not thousands of stories to report on, they are not restricted to one Holly Greig or one Madeleine McCann, and thank God for that, tragedies occur daily sadly, and each one is just as valid.  If they focused all their efforts on single cold case files as Tony does, then all the children who are currently being abused and murdered would never get a mention. 

Attack and smear are Tony's weapons in this battle of words, just as they are and always have been the weapons of choice for Team McCann.  There are good reasons for this, one Tony has made a complete tit of himself by pursuing the WRONG witnesses in the McCann case for nearly two years, a huge Ooops on the research there (see Tigger's excellent blog) and of course his hopes of appearing on Newsnight as Maddie's/Parents' Christian avenger, are fading fast. 

Instead of trying to produce something new and informative on the case of missing Madeleine McCann, he is trying to produce something new and informative on those who are investigating it.  He would do better to go back to baseline, and ask himself exactly what it is he is trying to achieve.



  1. TB himself believed deeply in the Holly Creig case and when it was exposed as the fake it was, (by a friend of mine) he did not recant until about mid 2013' when he countered it using the sock MJC.

  2. My heart goes out to Sylvia Major and all the other wrongly accused, AG's story changes geographical locations and the chronology of events like the Hebridean wind.

    She said she was a business woman up and Scotland, and then she had to up and leave, but what happened to her BUSINESS, it's never mentioned again, did it, whatever it was, continue to run itself ?

    This delusion - driven, dangerous malaise is a poisoned thorn in the side of all REAL justice seekers and survivors.

  3. Im getting totally fucked off with the arrogance of the bloke. He isn't in this for Madeleine. Fuckoff Bennett, you are seriously pissing me off now you MI5 fucking disinfo agent

    1. Then my advice to you is... don't read what he writes. It really is that simple.

  4. Thing is Cristobell, he has every right to say what he likes about Sonia. If she and her supporters can't even handle one man's criticism it doesn't bode well for the mountain of it they'll likely face from all directions after the new film is released.

    1. When it comes to the over used phrase 'freedom of speech' there is always an overriding disparity, like we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others!

      Hypocrisy in it's purest form.

  5. Wow! Lovely supporters you have there, Cristobell. You must feel very proud of yourself, among all those other pro-McCann Bennett-haters. He really really has got right underneath your skin, hasn't he? Not to mention your other new Bennett-hating pal, tigger. Does she not research Madeleine McCann any more either?

  6. Could throw that question right back at you and Tony, don't you investigate Madeleine McCann any more?

    Sorry to say, Tony is not right under my skin, in my head or indeed anywhere else. 99% of the time I ignore him, its the sexist, self righteousness that sticks in my craw, he really shouldn't be surprised when the odd mummy tiger turns on him.

  7. Cristobell, To be honest I don't think he does, he's much more interested in investigating everyone else judging by some of his long drawn out posts lol.

  8. Just wanted to say Burley drove the official narrative forward, as did Brunt, no law breaking in that, yet both were still on course in 2014.

    Burley trolled Madeleine truth seekers last summer, including T.Shepherd, veniviedivici and Harry the journalist from Hull, she baited him and insinuated he was living off of public money. He wasn't, he explained he had taken early retirement at age 50!

    Hypocrisy in reading the news is one thing, but stratifying in terms of class and
    income is rich from someone who comes from two generations of taxpayer - funded subsidised housing, that's my point about her.

    Then there 's Brunt, how much more clarity does anyone need after that fateful Friday, it is also very odd that the more focused drive of outing Brenda was on 15/03/2014.

    Regarding the riddle label, I was told where to look.

    These people are not stupid, they do reverse psychology like the best of them.

    It's all very simple when the balloons, smirks, laughs, arrogance, lies and candles are stripped away.

    The shutters where not jemmied and the pool bar was not a three course restaurant, even the staff can't agree on where the kitchen was, and the Tapas bar was too far away for anything which represents sanity.

    Once the friends and family saw that, and continued to maintain the official story that was the day I had NO right to believe them ever again.

    I saw no shock, only relief, the eye mark was already in place
    and ready to go but subsequently changed position, which means...?

    There were no skylights in the original plans and there are none on the Madeleine Was Here tale, I expect a full visual rebuttal, the before and after are provable.

    The plane video is offensive, no engineering company would pass those handrails through quality control, and as for the F off bus video: moving legs and two still heads proves nothing.

    Also,for what it's worth, Kate said she says goodnight to Madeleine 'the child' every night when she looks out of the window, she was looking out of the kitchen window when she said it.

    Regarding the endo comment, yes laser treatment is widely used, but not for about six months and not for a bit.

    Why not question everything when so many lies have been told? The Creche records are a mess starting from the date which represented the first active day.

    "We've got to bring her home", followed by laughter does not an a Praia da Luz abduction make.

    Yes, I believe it was pre - planned, with loads of support!

  9. The Hollie Greig hoax had me fooled at first. Nobody should be afraid to admit that they were wrong, whether about this or any other famous work of fiction.

    I do feel a bit uneasy about the public spats among former colleagues and associates. I wish that they could have been avoided.

  10. If anyone cares to look back to 2010 one of the first promoters of the Holly Greig story was TB and the Madeleine Foundation.

    All members were notified that at the Foundation Conference in June/July 2010 it was on the agenda for a talk to see how Foundation members could best help the Holly Greig campaign for justice and it was further hoped that they could get Robert Green to come and give a talk about Holly's case to the Foundation members with a view to coupling it to the case of Madeleine McCann.

    His 'eminence' and status at that time in promoting Holly's case may have led many people including Sonia Poulton to be misled.

    Many people believe TB hates women this is totally untrue. His greatest fear is Sonia Poulton or anyone else will focus on the Tapas 7 and particularly Fiona Payne.

    It is a matter of public record he had lied on many occasions to keep attention from Fiona Payne.

    Hours and hours of research on Aoife Smith, Murat's girlfriend,Martin Smith and many many other side issues but never, ever anything on the Tapas 7. Why?

    Men generally act for two reasons Love or Money ,which is it Tony in FPs case?

    1. JJ, may I ask how you know what Mr Bennett's "greatest fear" is?

  11. I`ve never understood Tony Bennett`s desperation to denigrate Sonia. She interviewed people, so what. He seems to think that because a journalist interviews someone that said journalist must therefore be in agreement with them. So that means people like Jeremy Paxman must be in agreement with everyone he has ever interviewed.

  12. Sonia Poulton interviewed the liars (Anne Greig & Robert Green) and point blank refused to interview the people from the Hollie Hoax team. That's not journalism. That's telling lies. She still refuses to admit her mistake, read what susible has written on your own forum!!