Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I am stating what I believe and always will.  I think it is appalling that the McCanns use the UK's ridiculous libel laws to FORCE people to believe their cock and bull abduction story.  I am not going to be FORCED to believe anything via libel laws, thumbscrews or whatever other device these delightful people come up with.  I am a thinking adult and will not have my 'beliefs' altered by threats.

When the proverbial hits the fan, and it will, questions must also be asked as to how the libel laws of this land have been used to protect the guilty and persecute the innocent.  What we have seen is an appalling misuse of power, and that power was handed to the McCanns on a plate via the millions that poured into their 'Find Madeleine' Fund. 

The McCanns' Fund is NOT a Charity, it never has been, it is only for one child and one family.  Far from the transparency promised, the filed accounts hide much and reveal very little, other than not much was spent on 'searching'.* 

The million kerching hits a day Fund made the McCanns very popular indeed, the paparazzi could hardly get any good shots for all the well wishers pressing cash into their hands  Feted by the great, the good and the upmarket spivs, the McCanns have been riding the crest of the power wave on a river of filthy lucre. And that power has enabled them to silence those questioning them and carry on with the fundraising. 

I have stated what I believe on this blog, and so the libel threats begin.  It seems under McCann Law, I am not allowed to hold these beliefs and if I don't change them they will forcibly take away everything I own including the small sirloin steak I'm having for my dinner tonight.  Those not believing the McCanns must be made to live in misery and fear because the McCanns can afford to keep several teams of top of the range libel lawyers on 24/7 internet watch. 

The Power (the Fund) and UK libel laws have enabled this debacle to continue for nearly 8 years, because no one, not even newspaper magnates or loud mouth politicians like George Galloway, dared to challenge them. They all backed off rather than face legal giants Carter Ruck or the wrath of the McCann Media Monitoring Team.  That is the gang of online thugs who compiled the dossier that resulted in Brenda Leyland's death. 

Well sod 'em.  I kind of know how Joan of Arc felt whilst on the rack, doesn't matter how many times you turn the ratchet, I will not believe Kate and Gerry. 

Ps.  the delicious aromas wafting from my home later today, will be the steak, not burning martyr .

Pps.  they ain't having me chips! :)  - Enid O'Dowd.



  1. I wonder if it's legal to say that you see merit in the theories outlined by a former policeman, in a book legally published in several EU countries? Will the situation alter depending on the damages case currently taking place in Portugal?
    Je suis Charlie seems an awfully long time ago, doesn't it?

  2. One would need to ask the question do the McCanns have the funds to take the necessary legal action against you.Keep up the great work.

  3. Alan Rusbridger Ed in Chief of the Guardian (yesterday):

    'People asking how many warm letters of encouragement re #HSBC? We think about 130 @ladywell23 a hero'

    The first letterhead on show in that tweet: Carter Ruck's

    The McCanns got lawyered up within 48 hours of the disappearance

    WHY - a child is missing - will some paper pushing numpty from EC4A make any difference to that situation?.

  4. This is what everyone should be discussing. If true, this will be the most shocking case ever. Please research this for the safety of all children. We need answers

    All links are safe. Help get this information out into Mainstream. Answers are needed.

    1. why does jim gamble hold the corner of a rug in one hand and a broom in the other ?????

    2. I think it's all to do with the Satanic calendar/Freemasonry. The powers that be, politicians, Royals, high ranking police, probably follow the Satanic dates..

      20-26th January: Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice

      26th January: The Da Muer ritual: Grand climax. Sex rituals and human sacrifice of woman/child.

      2nd February: Candemass, the main event. Mass initiation of new members and animal or human sacrifice.

      In my local area the last week of January and first couple of days of Feb, there were lots and lots of attempted abductions of primary school children. As a parent myself, we heard first-hand of at least 3, yet the police tried to say it wasn't going on...

      Feb 2nd was the date of the last attempt, which coincides with the end of the need for sacrificial children on the Satanic calendar. Coincidence?



      Massive cover-up in London as whistleblower kids story spreads around the globe

    4. Thankyou Ros for allowing these links to stay x

    5. That video is probably the most disgusting example of child abuse by mental and emotional manipulation that I have ever seen. If you seriously believe Hampstead shopkeepers, fast food servers, teachers, CAFCAS (funny how they dropped that one in), social workers and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all are anally raping children every day of the week and the only people who know about it are those involved in a bitter custody dispute.......well, I feel sorry for you is all I can say.
      The children are now in care.

  5. Agree, the McCanns had a plan from the start to set themselves with a company, not a charity, that gave themselves lots of ammunition for lawyers, that not only controlled but also has barred the media from talking. They also used their PR to plant malicious stories about suspects like Murat to the press which is equally libellous as Murats winning suing case has shown.
    What I'd like to ask the McCanns supporters, why is it fair for them to libel people publically without any real grounds of evidence?
    And yet others with equal suspicions and no real grounds about them have been sued?

  6. Cristobell, I agree with what you're saying. Why should we be brainwashed into believing what they say, when it's obvious to everyone with a brain bigger than a peanut- that there's a whole host of evidence to suggest they were lying from the word go.The very fact that the 'fighting fund' is still on the go when their innocence is very questionable, is almost laughable. That fund should be frozen until the truth is known, then if it's proved to be fraudulent it can go towards the cost of investigating that.

    Don't go burning that steak lol.

  7. Greetings from Sweden....
    Where can I buy your book, no Amazon here

  8. Cristobell is using her opinions to incite anarchy, remember that's all she has 'an opinion', no different from the rest of us I might add. She rants and raves exciting her devout fans to believe everything she says (as can be soon on this blog alone) as factual, it is only her opinion.

    Don't get carried away with the moment, it's a very dangerous move to enter the field of batlle led by a megaphone and armed with only an opinion. Be sensible if you cant' be logical, do you really think a massive empire like Murdochs, gives a toss about being sued because some self promoting nobody doesn't like what's printed about them? The press thrives on negative publicity, it's what sells their papers. If you're looking to point fingers, look no further than Clarence Mitchell, his contacts and who's who in the Tapas world.

    If the shite ever hits the fan, which I have my doubts, the story will more murky than lawyer V. freedom of speech I think.

    Cristobell, you're not a member of the Tooting Popular Front are you? Power to the people!

  9. Apologies for going slightly off-topic but I was given this link yesterday that comes from a law abiding forum about Gerry missing time and alludes to what Pat Brown and Scarlett were talking about. Worth checking out and interesting if anybody wants to do some research.;nowap

  10. I can't help think of Lance Armstrong when it comes to the McScamms. He too lied and sued everyone, crushing personal lives and careers with his hoards of vicious lawyers, crucifying anyone who spoke out against him in the courts.
    Look what happened to him. Named, shamed and now asking for pity from the people with his pathetic grovelling interviews. Now the people he crushed are suing him, they got their justice.
    This will happen to the money grabbing couple too one day and us who want justice for Madeleine. We'll get ours by watching them on pitiful interviews.
    It might be a while but someone will crack who's in the know or evidence will be found one day.

  11. 05:55,
    I sincerely hope you're right, but as for watching them on "pitiful interviews" I think I've seen enough of their sly/smug faces to last me a lifetime! always smirking and thinking how clever they are to have seemingly pulled off the perfect crime, but also got rich doing it, and they say crime doesn't pay.

  12. Princess Princess11 February 2015 at 18:07

    Another great article Keep up the great work and damn their not getting your steak or chips �� I am Afaid we don't live in a mcscam world we live in the real world They can not silence everyone More and more people are waking up to their bullshit and the circus that surrounds them Mitchell has deserted the sinking ship for his own gain in Brighton Well I say to All the public in Brighton Do Not vote for this Thug As I said about keep up your brilliant work We are behind you all the way �� x

    1. Precious Precious @ 10:07

      We? What 'We'? You are welcome to your own opinion but don't try speaking for anyone else.

  13. @11:28 I'm one of the we. You can speak for yourself and not for me.

  14. We, we, all this talk about wee! Must dash I need the loo.