Saturday 7 February 2015

'O, wad some Power the giftie gie us' - UNDERSTANDING HATE

Some will be delighted to know that I spent yesterday chilled out with friends and my carrot, parsnip and ginger soup took comfort food to a whole new level - the recipe will be on my Reluctant Dieter's Facebook page shortly. 

Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my latest book, it was written with the philanthropic intention of helping others to reverse the chronic health conditions associated with obesity and to regain control of their lives.  I have lost nearly 5 stone and kept it off, and I want others to know that they can too.  So shoot me.

But lets get back to the subject of Hate.  It is one of the scarier and less attractive of human traits methinks and one that I struggle to comprehend. Clearly I am a highly emotional person as recent events have shown, but as a manic depressive, anger, hate, etc, are usually turned inwards towards myself.  I have felt hatred for others in the past of course, but it has usually been temporary, and I have got over it with time.  Hatred is so negative, and it usually means the object of your hatred has taken over your head. 

I have always taken umbrage at the use of the word hater in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.  Add an 's' on the end and you have baying mob thrusting pitchforks in the air.  It implies that the 'mob' are an ignorant rabble with no understanding of the cause they have taken up.  They are simply unified in their hatred of something that is different to themselves - as poor old Quasimodo (and his accomplice the goat) found to their cost. 

It is of course much easier and a darn sight safer, to be part of a mob, part of the 'In' crowd, there is safety in numbers, and the shy and more reticent can simply egg the ringleaders on with the comfort of 'back up', should their own malevolency be revealed. 

There are of course a lot of 'good' people among the 'anti's', people appalled that a child has simply vanished and that there is clearly a massive cover up going on. They are the online equivalent of the old fashioned pressure groups - people prepared to add their voice for justice and change, and those are the ones I admire and respect. The bonfire builders, I have no time for.   

I have always defended the 'anti's' as a group and I blamed the mainstream media for portraying us as an angry, self righteous mob harassing the parents of a missing child.  It didn't matter how many facts, contradictions, and downright lies, the anti's presented to them, they were never going to be taken seriously because they represented the worst aspects of human nature.  

When news of this case first broke, it attracted every ranting, raving lunatic from every corner of the earth.  And they were the most vocal, they were ones calling for hanging, flogging and examples to be made of the parents at a time when nobody knew what was going on.  The publicity stunts of one man in particular, in taking a civil action against the distressed parents for neglect and posting 'hate' leaflets into the doors of their friends and neighbours in their home town, shocked and appalled most people. It also killed stone dead any chance of any justice for Madeleine group ever being taken seriously by the mainstream media and the public.

And in the early days, we didn't know the details that we know now.  It was the reason I was reticent, when I first began commenting on this case, not because I was a 'pro' as some are implying, but because I could not have lived with myself if I were adding to the pain of genuinely distressed parents [honesty and integrity]. I became more vocal once I passed the 'beyond reasonable doubt' stage. 

And for what it is worth, I have nothing against anyone who was a 'formerly a pro', I suspect they form a large majority of those who don't believe the McCanns now.  Many came to this case for genuine, altruistic reasons, they  simply couldn't bear to see what they thought were bereft parents being pilloried by a mob, they did what most of us would do, that is they stepped up to defend other human beings in distress.  The chances are their views have changed as more details about the case have been revealed and they too want the truth, but not through medieval and barbaric means.  For whatever the McCanns might be, they are still human beings and the parents of young children.   

Information, or should I say the truth was coming through in dribs and drabs courtesy of Joana Morais and our other good friends who took so much time and trouble to translate the news from Portugal, the PJ files and Goncalo Amaral's forbidden book The Truth of the Lie

Unfortunately because of the antics of a few lunatics and extremists, anyone who voiced doubts about the abduction was tarred with the same 'hater' brush.  The media did not pick up the facts contained within that leaflet, they picked up on a spiteful, tub thumping, religious fanatic leading a baying mob who wanted retribution. 

The reason for my remaining a lone wolf(ess) or for those who prefer straight talking, independent, is because I did not want to be associated with the 'haters' who had latched onto this case, and sadly there were quite a few. I don't personally hate Gerry and Kate McCann, I don't know them, the idea is absurd.  I hate what they have done and what they have continued to do, and I hate that the message missed was 'Never, ever, leave small children on their own'.

As a writer, I study human nature, I have spent a lifetime trying to understand what 'evil' is, what it is born of, what creates it and how it is able to take hold.  Its an ongoing project and one I may use as a thesis for a Master's one day, if I can ever control myself and write 'academically' that is. But I digress, fortunately this case provides me with endless research, everytime I reach an 'ah, that's it' moment, I have to stop and have a rethink, its quite vexing, yet gripping, all at the same time. 

Fortunately, most of the extremists and nutcases have long since moved on to 'new pickings' but a few remain, the more prominent among them repeating their usual tactics by unifying their troops to create a common enemy and demonstrating what happens when someone steps out of line.  I have given Gerry and the McCann Media Monitoring team way too much credit, they really haven't had to do much at all to stifle their enemies, they do it so well themselves.

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  In the words of my dear old dad's favourite poet Rabbie Burns  'O, wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as others see us.

Apologies, I know many despise the term 'anti's' because of its negative connotations, but unfortunately, no other collective noun has ever taken hold, probably because of the 140 character limit on twitter.  If anyone can think of something I would be obliged :)


  1. Don't worry about a thing, all you've done is show courage and try your best.

    To quote Bill Hicks: It's just a ride!

  2. Please chill out more often to avoid meltdowns. There are times when we all need to walk away from nastiness and spite whether it happens on the Internet or in real life situations.

  3. I thought you was going to open a forum ???

    1. She doesn't need to open a forum. She has one of her own already.

  4. The anti/pro tags are divisive indeed - they lead to tribalism and that usually
    ends in a 'Lord of the flies' scenario - unpleasantness in other words.

    'sceptic' - is a much less loaded word, it means you doubt, seek answers and are not satisfied with the official version - of anything.

    I recommend Adam Curtis' films - they show that you should never trust the official narrative - but should always start an examination of events with:

    Cui bono - to whose benefit?.


    1. I've just watched Adam Curtis' Bitter Lake (available only on BBC iPlayer, a must see), The Trap: What Happened to our Dreams of Freedom, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, and The Century of the Self.

      The man is some kind of prophet.

      Check out John Pilger too.

    2. Quite, Bitter Lake is extraordinary

      Pilger is another visionary - and these times need people like this

      His 'Stealing a nation' - leaves one dumbstruck

      And it's never too late to re-examine Christopher Hitchens work.(loads of Youtube vids.)

      He was never cowed - and foresaw the advent of the caliphate - some 20 years ago.

      But people like Curtis/Pilger/Hitchens - present the unpalatable truths -
      truths one will be unlikely to find between the covers of the 'Sun' or the 'Daily Mail'


    3. IS

      The abiding and most moving image of Bitter Lake for me was the soldier in the ditch encouraging the dove to perch on his finger, both poignant and ironic.

      I watched Cristopher Hitchens in his debate with Tony Bliar and gained a new respect - shame I can't stand his brother.

      Pilger's work is both extraordinary and rare. Next on my list is Palestine is Still the Issue.

      So glad I took the red pill and not the blue . . .

    4. IS

      For a more esoteric view of reality, check out Peter Russell's views on consciousness on Youtube.

      It is, perhaps, where we should all start . . .

    5. 11:54 I agree the pros/antis tags are divisive, and Lord of the Flies is an excellent example, everyone fears being Piggy.

      Like yourself, I am a huge fan of Christopher Hitchens, and 'lost' 3 days reading and watching everything he ever said! I was totally hooked. What an incredible man! I fear checking out Adam Curtis will have the same effect, but it is an experience I am really looking forward to when I find the time!

      As for Christopher's brother, well he's a 'Mail' man, what can I say, there is a fascinating clip of the two brothers on BBC Questiontime, One on the left of the panel, and one on the right. Very apt!

    6. Thanks for your reply,

      Christopher was an intellectual titan - he used a scalpel to dissect an argument - lesser mortals would have used a sledgehammer.

      Shame, such as shame he passed away, if you haven't seen one of his
      last interviews - with Jeremy Paxman - do please try and catch it.

      (Paxman meets Hitchens) - on youtube

      He's clearly frail in that, but sharp as a razor - and Paxman treats him with the respect he deserved/deserves.


  5. Cristobell, you are a kind thinking person and seem surprised by the vitriolic outpourings of TB and his puppets.
    There is a very good reason why you, Sonia Poulton and a few others are subject to such abuse
    You are able to express yourself freely about the McCann case, whereas TB is not.

    We can tell the Macs to sod off, TB can only speak about the case if approved by them.
    He is fettered and it is especially galling as there are women stealing his thunder.

    Accept this and his actions become more understandable.
    Completely wrong but there we go

    Bennett has been given an agenda and it is not to find the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann.
    It may have been once but not since the court case.

    You, Sonia Poulton,and others have in his mind taken over, therefore you must suffer.
    He has no control on what you may discover and discuss.
    Bennett is always demanding other people produce emails, letters ,proof etc., maybe he should do the same and explain why Edward Smethurst was so benevolent to him to the tune of £45,000.

    If there is an explanation for this munificence I'm sure we would all like to hear it!

    Anyone who doubts that there is an distraction agenda, just remember the Smith family fiasco

    1. The sudden benevolence towards TB at the 'breaking the injunction' hearing, was completely out of character for Gerry and Kate, they have shown no such benevolence towards Goncalo Amaral or anyone else who has crossed their path. Incredible that they and indeed the Fund could afford to write off £300k legal fees in such a cavalier fashion. I didn't know about the £45k from Edward Smethurst.

      Hounding witnesses and fellow antis aside, why is he so desperate to silence Sonia Poulton and myself (other than his innate misogyny that is), so desperate that his forum (it certainly isn't Jill's) is dominated by thread after thread tearing apart the witnesses and fellow antis? He is a man on a mission.

      Ah yes the Smith family fiasco. One, or was it two, years investigating and publicly exposing everything his suspicious, paranoid mind could find and twist to fit his 'must smear this family at all costs' mentality, except of course, he was investigating and exposing the WRONG Smith family.

      Easy mistake his supporters say, err, yeh I'm sure all the people smeared (including a 13 year old girl) would agree with that, but what ho, no harm done.

      In the words of a double glazing salesman I once knew, the answer to absolutely every single question is money.

    2. And not forgetting his wrong information about who was behind 2&2tv

  6. Well its been a strange couple of days. How is CMOMM coping without their mentor being off the air ?
    Hmm, I wonder if he has gone on another fabled trip to the IoW...If so, be prepared for another load of shite all in protestant blue on his return.

    1. Well his raving loony rants from the other day seem to have disappeared, so I wonder if a 'higher power' may have ordered him to rein it in? It could be of course, that his friends (if he has any) have had a gentle word, but I doubt it. Mr. B. is of the same control freak mould as Gerry, Gamble and all the other prominent white middle class men who run the reporting and discussion of this case, so I am guessing someone even higher has intervened. Someone above Gerry, but just below God.

  7. It sounds like those on the CMOMM are completely wasting their time trying to find out what happened to Madeleine.Maybe the group was a set-up from the start to control/manipulate peoples views. Those that have a different theory are sadly no longer there, I wonder why?

    1. Most of the best posters - since the day of the Mirror Forum - had no hatred of the parents/no agenda with the PJ - sad gits like Bennett polticised the issue (he has form doing that as we know).

      So, the best posters left - brain drain.

      So the aggressors - took over the fora, reasoned, civilised debate became
      anathema, circa since the Sol reports.

      That strategy by Bennett and his ilk was/is manufactured.

      Madeleine never mattered to Bennett - getting his name in the papers and making a shedload of cash, however, did.

      Whether Madeleine's parents have been up to owt nefarious - I have no way of knowing.

      Bennett trying to fund his retirement through the disappearance of a child -
      is plain for all to see.

      Bennett is the useful idiot

      useful to whom - remains to be seen.


    2. Useful idiot is about right, but as you say, useful to whom?

      He hasn't been helpful to the antis, in fact some might say he has been a huge liability. Fortunately, most of the antis, the thinking ones, have steered well clear of him, thinking of him as a well meaning but harmless buffoon. Some see the meddling and interference as an irritant, but many see Mr. Bennett as a martyr to the cause. Not too many it has to be said - in their calls for justice for Madeleine, Goncalo and Brenda, Mr. B, rarely, if ever, gets a mention. His own 'fighting fund', the Foundation, never took off. Madeleine, Goncalo and Brenda had no choice in their destinies, Mr. B dived into the thick of it voluntarily, he wanted his 15 minutes, he was getting nowhere with his road signs and Michael Barrymore.

      Has he been working for the McCanns as a high profile shill since they took him back to Court for breaking the injunctions? I'm not quite at the 'beyond reasonable stage', but I'm not far off it.

  8. A little girl is missing. Trolls? Forum wars? Suicide threats?


    Relevant to a missing little girl in what way?

    1. Relevant to a missing little girl in every way 15:41.

      I'm getting a bit pissed off with those intent on stopping any form debate of the issues by saying 'think of the child', or 'we should be talking about the child'. What is there left to say? In almost 8 years, I, and most involved in this case, have said in every possible way what a terrible tragedy this was.

      If you have new and indeed different ways in which to talk about this lost little girl, you are welcome to have a guest blog. For most of us, there is not a lot we can say about a little girl, not quite 4, that we didn't know. In fact, 8 years on, we would be hard pushed to find anything new to say about a verbose octogenarian, so good luck with that.

    2. How is turning the entire issue into a form of warfare, "squishing" anyone with an opposing opinion and admitting to being a troll in a national newspaper relevant to to the above?

  9. 'Anti' = singular.

    'Antis' = plural.

    1. Many thanks for that 16:43, its been vexing me, but I still didn't get around to looking it up, I am duly scolded! :)

  10. Replies
    1. Apologies and corrected, my dad used to tell me off for the same thing!

  11. You state that the reason you stopped being reticent is because you passed the 'beyond reasonable doubt stage'. You qualify that stage having been reached by saying the 'truth' has come out in dribs and drabs.

    The truths you speak about are opinions. Opinions do not equal truth. Only absolute facts can. Thus far the police have not identified a crime, identified a suspect(s) or stopped investigating all possibilities. They have no case against anybody and this is an important fact.

    If the police have no official suspect and no crime identified, than they are unable to seek justice. So, how you, or anyone else, can claim to be qualified to blame the parents 'beyond reasonable doubt' and seek justice with opinions is beyond me. Yet, that is exactly what you do.

    We are still at the stage of not knowing the truth and therefore the reasons you were reticent are still justified.

    The picture is only as big as how much is known about what happened to missing Madeleine McCann. That being, we don't know; there is every reason to keep hope alive. So, sometimes it is good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture (keeping hope alive). In the words of poet Robbie Burns 'O, wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as others see us.

    1. We can criticise the parents on their actions and reactions. They chose to make themselves public figures, and to remain in a high public profile, and for that they will attract criticism. And my criticism is that they are found wanting in many respects. They have failed all three of their children spectacularly, and continue to do so. Their own actions have "hampered the search" for their missing daughter, they are only interested in money, and in destroying the lives and reputations of anyone who questions their story. They have destroyed any "hope" by themselves. Their children are the real victims.

    2. Good post,

      It's the lack of physical searching that prompted my first doubts about
      the good doctors - that and the fact the twins remained in the creche - after the disappearance of Madeleine - come on - who'd do that?.

      As for the lack of searching - these are sporty types, they could have cycled round Luz, canoed the shore line to look for their firstborn - anything really.

      Instead, they jogged - water bottles for instant rehydration in hands - but as my dear dad once said about runners/joggers - 'Are they running away from something, or towards something?'

      All a bit humdrum from me - and sorry for the bore - but Kate & Gerry have a pretty good idea who spirited Madeleine away.

      Hence the 'campaign', hence the 'ring us on this number',

      and lest we forget Justice Hogg's statement:

      'I ponder about that person, whether that person has a heart and can understand what it must be like for Madeleine to have been torn and secreted from her parents and siblings whom she loves and felt secure with, and whom no doubt (she) misses and grieves for.

      'Whether that person has a conscience or any feeling of guilt, remorse or even cares about the hurt which has been caused to an innocent little girl, whether that person has a faith and belief, and what explanation or justification that person will give to God.

      'I entreat that person, whoever and wherever you may be, to show mercy and compassion and come forward now to tell us where Madeleine is to be found.

      'I hope and pray that Madeleine will be found very soon, alive and well.'