Tuesday 12 May 2015


If and when the truth of Madeleine McCann's disappearance ever emerges, there will be a sea of red faces, especially among the experts who have so vehemently insisted Gerry and Kate are innocent of all wrongdoing based solely on their previous good characters.

Most of the Mainstream Media and the journalists who have reported on this case, can wriggle out of their obvious bias by claiming that it is not their job to fully investigate each case they report on, and that most updates on the case came from Team McCann.  There may even be legal restrictions on the reporting of this case that none of us know about and of course, the litigious nature of Mr and Mrs McCann would put most editors off - for them it isn't worth the risk, they are not current news - although kudos to them for staying 'current' for so long.

However, the journalists who have supported the McCanns, to the point where they too are insulting the public and joining in the call for all McCann critics to be criminalised will have a lot to explain when it comes to their own 'Oops I made a mistake' moment.  People like 'I can't do enough for you' Lorraine Kelly, 'Brenda Leyland is a fecked up bitch' Carole Malone, and 'Up yours Senor' Tony Parsons. Ooh, mustn't forget 'the lawless internet' Grace Dent.

Then of course, we have the police chiefs, the criminologists and the experts, all of whom will have to admit to being hoodwinked. And all of whom will have to acknowledge that their belief in the McCanns' innocence was based on nothing more than 'they couldn't possibly have done it, they are such nice people' thus making UK policing the laughing stock of the world.  And again, these law enforcers have proved that even in the 21st century, charity and religion is still an effective cover for wrong doing. Dickens must be spinning in his grave.  

Summers and Swan then entered the fray, writing an entire book dedicated to the innocence of the McCanns and their ongoing ordeal with 'haters' - a new word they hoped to introduce to the British lexicon to stir up the rabble.  Sadly for them, it has never caught on, Brenda Leyland wasn't an 'evil hater' she was a regular middle aged woman, not very different to most of the people who simply don't believe the McCann's abduction story.  Instead of making Brenda a figure of hatred and scorn, they turned her into a martyr.  The public reacted to the Sky rolling news story with anger and horror - not at Brenda's actions, but at the sadistic cruelty that allowed such a story to go ahead.  Summers and Swan are still smarting and trashing the dead woman's name in their update, but that auld hate bus they are driving has very few passengers, I suggest they invest in a bicycle made for two. 

Then we  have Mark Williams-Thomas, the child protection expert and the go to guy, when the media need a criminologist.  The well known Mr. MWT, who sat and had a chat with a murderer with the body of the victim directly above his head, produced a definitive report that bent over backwards, with a few side swivels and a couple of triple axels to establish once and for all that the McCanns didn't do it.  Got that?  And of course Donal MacIntyre, who's abductors were a team from Molly Maid, who not only took away the child, but cleaned up afterwards. 

But the star turn and straight 6 for consistency and determination, has to go to Jim Gamble, who's powerful, authoritative voice, not only tells you the McCanns are innocent, but he will have you in the dock and facing criminal charges if you say they are not! 

However, despite the 'authorities' spending the last 8 years telling the British public how innocent the McCanns are, a recent poll puts 96% of the population in the 'WTF's going on' category and of course the phenomenal support for Goncalo Amaral merely reinforces it.  http://www.gofundme.com/Legal-DefencePJGA

It seems to me, the public have paid £10m and rising, because a shower of egotists would rather go to the ends of the earth than admit they were wrong.  It would be funny if it were not so tragic. 


  1. Not sure about an official ban on reporting because they still report stuff, only biased in the McCann`s favour. I think with a super injunction or D Notice NOTHING can be reported at all - not even that there is a banning notice.

    It must come down to fear of Carter Ruck. Be interesting to see who they go for next - maybe the people that have backed GA.

    1. I agree Louisee, I think it is fear of Carter Ruck. When my book Cry and You Cry Alone was edited and put through a 'legal' reading, I was astonished at how nit picking libel law in the UK can be. The experience served me well and it must be said, it has enabled me to dodge the McCann Carter Ruck bullets this past 8 years. Although it could of course of be, that I am not worth suing, lol.

      I don't think they will be suing anyone any time soon Louise, the libel trial against Goncalo has cost them dear, not financially, for which they have inexplicably been rewarded once again, but in public goodwill. People do not like seeing a policeman destroyed, just for doing his job.

      Early May is usually harvest time for the parents of Madeleine McCann and their Fund, but this year they have laid low, no triumphant 'told you he libelled us' speeches or promotion of posters and stickers, and worse, such an embarrassingly low response to Kate's next charity stunt. Their OFM facebook page may get 20k+ likes in response to their appeals, but it is not reflected on the Go Fund me page. It seems the internet that worked so well for the McCanns in the early days, is now crucifying them, the truth is only a click away.

  2. Well said Cristobell, however it is my firm belief that none of them have been hoodwinked, maybe in the begining when we all fell for the massive media onslaught that was inflicted on us, but anyone now who has any interest in the case cannot possibly have the conviction that they try to protray in the saintly couples innocence. Listen to how pathetic S & S and Lazzier sounded when those articles appeared how would any sane minded person believe that a detective in charge of such a major case would intentionally hound a couple who had their baby aducted. Catch a grip if they thought that they should be advising the PJ to demonstrate their duty of care to former policemen and have him committed. Those articles are not wrote to show solidarity to an innocient couple their intended to wind up people like us and keep the debate going. The MSM believe the big story is coming and I believe that Lazzier, kelly, malone brunt and the rest of these eejits who have allowed themselves to be used will be cast aside in a way that they deserve in favour of people who will use the excuse that they were prevented from speaking out because of legal reason. Do you think that when the time comes for reporting this story right that they will choose the eejits that printed stories just to sell newspapers. No the likes of MWT will be replaced by the likes of John Starker and the likes of kelly, Malone and parsons will be relaced by Jeremy Paxman(2 men who made his fellings clear from the start but are professional enough to wait until their sure of their facts before they jump in). For these people intregrity and professionalism comes before money. Not to forget S & S, writers with intregrity will be commissioned to write books.

    Sorry for the rant Cristobell.......just couldnt help myself

    1. Wow - loved the rant and read it twice!

      I think this case has exposed an underlying class and racial prejudice that lies beneath the sugary, compassionate face of journalists like Lorraine Kelly. Mainstream journalists who accept the word of two suspects over the findings of a foreign police force, because its impossible to believe the British middle classes are capable of behaving badly whilst on their hols.

      It would be nice to think that those disingenuous, morally corrupt 'VIPs' who influence the nation's morals and ideology will be caste aside, but sadly, such is the socially engineered decline of the UK, they will probably receive honours. :(

    2. Lol your probably right cristobel I remember having a Similar rant about mat baggot with textusa and she like you felt he he would eventually get an honour regardless. Being a reluctant brit I find this quite extraordinary. Keep up the good work

  3. Cristobell that is a awful lot of puppets u have mentioned there Lorraine Kelly Carole Malone Tony Parsons Grace Dent Summers and Swan Mark WilliamsThomas Donal Macintyre Jim Gamble maybe we should be asking ourselfs who is the puppet master who is pulling the strings and why JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE

    1. Sadly, 17:43, I fear it is just the tip of the iceberg. In the summer of 2007, it appeared as though the entire British 'establishment' got behind Kate and Gerry, the chosen one (not sure if it was before or after his epiphany) even wiped away tears as he got standing ovation at the police bravery awards! And of course the police of Merseyside joined in a release of balloons for a Madeleine fund raiser (not a charity) and Leicester police carried a link to the 'Fund' on their website. Only the Vatican it seems, had the foresight to drop the McCanns like a hot potato, but in the UK they thrived.

      Once the McCanns were endorsed by the creepy (Satanic Abuse) Ray Wyre (now deceased), they were dining with the stars and Kate being Kate, bragged about it in her book. Not to mention of course, the doors of embassies that were flung open and private jets courtesy of philanthropist billionaires (please, please, if one of you are reading, you can put things right by backing Goncalo Amaral, even if you do so anonymously), most of whom were touched by the plight of 3/4 year old girl, some were caught up in the excitement, but on a sinister note, some as you say were having their strings pulled by a puppet master.

      What I cannot understand, for the life of me, is the inability of all these people to admit they made a mistake. The vast majority now of course keep schtum as we can see from Kate's go fund me page, but some
      continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper into the mire missing every lifeline or opportunity to get out with at least a modicum of dignity, but some, such 'lie expert' Dr. Leal who used one of the McCann's star performances to demonstrate 'honesty' will look like complete plonkers.

  4. 'However, despite the 'authorities' spending the last 8 years telling the British public how innocent the McCanns are, a recent poll puts 96% of the population in the 'WTF's going on' category'

    Even that's a little desperate for you! I seem to recall that that poll was conducted on some obscure expat website in the algarve!

    1. Look around you 23:08, that poll applies anywhere in the world. Do you know anyone who believes Kate and Gerry?

    2. Actually, of all the people I know, everyone does believe Kate and Gerry. A few didn't believe at the start, including a Met policeman, but all do now.

    3. There appears to be flames springing out from your pants area 13:34, do they also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy?

    4. 13:34 . Do they ever say WHICH of the various conflicting stories put about by Kate and Gerry they believe. Door and curtains gives four possible combinations. Add shutters and you now have eight.

  5. 'The public reacted to the Sky rolling news story with anger and horror'.

    There I must disagree with you - the 'public' - white van man and Tracey from the salon who love Britain's got talent and Big Brover - do not care one jot about Madeleine and her odious parents.

    It does not register with them. They live in states of happy oblivion and/or quiet desperation.

    Look at the forums - decimated - echo chambers, of either I lurve the doctors or I hate 'em.

    That's why Bell Pottinger et al suceeded - they created divison - split the vote so to speak.

    If that sounds defeatist - I apologise.

    But I have hope too - the circle of people involved in the Luz charade is far too large to not bring forward the truth - couples split up, terminal illnesses are caught, a cop on Grange might just get too sickened with the whole circus. .

    Then something concrete might come forward - and then white van man and Tracey from the salon will become ever so vocal.

    And I wager, that is the fear that G&K have to live with everyday.

    1. You are right of course 23:46, most of the public don't care, and that is understandable, a lot has happened in the last 8 years, tis only this small corner of the internet that remains gripped by this curious tale. But we are not weird, I remember my dear old Dad's life (and the lives of many!) being taken over by the OJ Simpson trial, and no doubt previous generations were intrigued by the Lindberg baby. Its human nature to 'problem solve', its not hatred.

      But I digress, most people headline skim, and I am not patronising, most people are far too busy to read every crime and political story in depth and life is complicated enough without questioning everything. We accept what we are told because we can't be arsed, quite often the only way to shut someone up, is by saying 'if you say so'. Its vexing, but necessary sometimes.

      Unfortunately, people like Kate and Gerry simply will not accept 'if you say so', they never have, which is a shame, because if they had, they could have ridden off into the sunset with their Fund, kept their heads down and lived a quiet, and perhaps, reflective, life.

      However, for some insane reason, they believe that 'just one more TV appearance' will turn everything around, and they will be heroes again. It's kind of sad in a Sunset Boulevard sort of way, but it damages their claims of innocence again and again, because their appearances reinforce everything we all suspect. This case has created an army of experts in body language and forensic linguistics who can spot a micro expression from 50 paces. Anyone interested in psychology and 'how to spot a liar', will find enough primary source material in this case to keep them occupied for the next 8 years - at least!

      And I agree about the fear, it must be horrendous to live with, and I do genuinely pity them, or at least the innocents who are caught up in this living nightmare. I can think of nothing worse than being trapped in some sort of unholy pact, terrified that one slip up (by anyone) could unleash hell. As a libertarian (aw shucks) the thought of not having the freedom to be myself, brings me out in a cold sweat, it would be worse than any prison cell.

      As sad as I feel for them, they are the only ones with the power to end their own misery and those trapped with them. The truth sets you free. I would rather be in a dungeon with paper and a pencil and my mind still my own, than hover in Dante's Inferno. Limbo is a hell of a place to be for 8 years, and treachery always looms.

      Lies unfortunately, breed more lies and they will inevitably lead to more criminal charges as and when the truth emerges. Perverting the course of justice is a criminal offence - and in this case it has led to 8 year delay and has cost the public, both here and in Portugal, millions. And the public have been stung twice. First with the Fund (not a Charity), and then with the police investigations.

    2. continued...
      From the perspective of a Public Prosecutor, where and who do you charge? This case has a cast list of dozens, if not hundreds, including Labour Party grandees, a recently toppled rising tory star and 'I'll be anything you want me to be, put the cash in my thong' Clarence.

      The inner McCann circle runs to dozens, Kate and Gerry were picking up friends and relatives from the airport on an almost daily basis. Then of course, there were all the high flying lawyers, and enthusiastic teams from various UK police Organisations who also flew out to assist them.

      When you look at the complexity of this case, you can understand why it is taking so long. It appears to be much, much more than a straightforward child abduction. The Portuguese police stopped looking for Madeleine back in 2007, they were not going to invest public money, or be made fools of, by searching for a phantom abductor.

      Staged child abductions often go unsolved because the police simply do not have enough evidence to prosecute. It is an unpalatable fact, but it is true, and it must be hugely frustrating for the police working on these cases. Goncalo Amaral is not the first renegade cop deserted by the system for standing up for the victim, and I pray that he won't be the last.

      Fortunately, now that we have the world wide web, cases like these are not so easy to bury. The demonising of Goncalo Amaral hasn't worked, the public can spot a scam even if the authorities can't, and better still, heroes like Goncalo can get the support they need!

  6. Cristobell, we live in hope. My favourite of your targets is Mcintyre - the trailer for his 'investigation' on Youtube is farcical. I was wating for him to introduce the team of trained monkeys who managed to break in. Pro McCann means 'they say she was abducted, so she was abducted'. Anyone who doubts them has usually looked into the case and seen that their story doesn't stack up.

  7. i take it your friends with David Blunkett Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles i do not know your met policeman friends name u can name him if u want and tell why he believes them

  8. Slightly OT - but an interesting look at 'freedom' of the media

    As we speak the Prince of Wales' black spider letters are being released.
    Whilst I reckon anything of real interest will be redacted - it's still interesting how the establishment tried to block ANY publication>

    The Guardian today:


    'The publication of the Prince of Wales 'black spider' memos has been protracted and expensive. According to The Guardian newspaper, which made the original requests, over the past decade ministers have spent £274,000 trying to block the release of the memos. Significant costs have also been incurred by The Guardian, which taxpayers will now have to pick up'.

  9. Interview with Goncalo Amaral


  10. Thank you for the link

  11. Missing Ben Needham: mother makes TV appeal -
    full story and interview on today's Telegraph website

    Interestingly, Kerry Needham - Ben's mum only got to meet the British ambassador to Greece the other day ---------------24 YEARS ON

    How long did it take Hot Lips Healy to meet the British ambassador to Portugal -
    was it 2 or 3 days after the disappearance?

  12. "(blushing smiley)" cos you got it wrong AGAIN

    what an embarrassment you are.

  13. Shame that Cristobell abandoned her own blog

    It's the Mary Celeste in here

    Happy thoughts though..BB1 and Tone the Combe will be delighted

  14. Cristobell - if you are not commenting on 1456 : Ben Needham

    you are clearly just operating on hurting Kate & Gerry McCann

    that, in my book

    makes you a hypocrite

    WTF - indeed

  15. Rosalind(a)

    you are a fraud

    else you would have commented on 1456 . Ben Needham

    what a shallow person you are

  16. I hadn't realised the sender of 14:56 was waiting so anxiously for a reply.

    I wish Kerry Needham well, I can't even begin to imagine what she has been through and what she is going through, not knowing what has happened to Ben must be torture, and as a mother she will never lose that longing to see her son again.

    It is natural that Kerry should want the same help and assistance that the McCanns have, everyone agrees on that. However, here's the nub, the prototype is founded on insanity.

    All the assistance the McCanns have had is so far from the 'norm' that the entire world is watching with astonishment as Scotland Yard's finest perform triple loops and double axels to find a non English Abductor, and to be honest who know's wtf is going on with that case.

    Most kids whine that they are not allowed to have 'the same' as their friends, be it clothes, money, freedom or outlandish demands 'but Chardonnay is allowed to go meet a guy she met in a chatroom, so why I can't I' etc, etc. Happily most parents use their common sense.

    I am not for one second comparing Kerry to a brat, I am being realistic. Seriously, what are the chances of Ben being found now? And is it really a good idea to encourage (and financially invest in) false hope? At the moment Kerry is trapped in limbo and from a psychological perspective, it is damaging to encourage her to stay there. It is not healthy and she is wasting her talents. In my humble opinion.

    Those waiting for my reply to 14:56 know how to push my buttons, I cannot tell a lie, lol. I hope Kerry gets a response to this latest drive, but in all good conscience, I cannot encourage her along this path. She is a very talented and appealing lady, the public, and indeed I, feel a warmth towards her that Kate McCann could only dream of.

    A while ago, I did quite a bit of research on the case of missing Ben and it was heart wrenching. Kerry and her family went through a living nightmare, that is, they experienced everything we would expect an innocent family to go through and then some. The pain of Kerry and her family is tangible, they searched for that baby until they were physical wrecks, not just in the immediate aftermath, but for months and years after. I don't have any doubts whatsoever about Kerry and family, my heart goes out to them, I just don't want to see Kerry follow the McCann trail, she is too good for that.

    I would like to see Kerry move on, for her own sake and for the sake of her daughter and grandchild. She is such a passionate and tenacious lady, she could make a real difference to the lives of others, children especially and so many children are in immediate need. She has grown so much over the past few years, she looks and sounds amazing and has first hand media experience, she would make a huge difference to any cause she took up. She would make a great Ambassador!

    1. What utter nonsense, you don't know Kerry Needham or any of the family, you don't know what they have been through or what they have done. You only know what you read in the press, no different than the case of Madeleine McCann.

      As for your words " And is it really a good idea to encourage (and financially invest in) false hope?"

      Classic from someone who thinks you should tell your children they are capable of anything, filling their heads with false expectations. What happens when they fail, have you ever thought of the devastating effect that might have on a child who has been instilled with a crazy notion by a parent that he/she is some super human being capable of anything.

      I couldn't give a toss what you think or say but there are clearly people out there that hang on to your every word which makes you a very dangerous mischievous person. Why anyone is daft enough to hang on to your every word is beyond me, or have you been talking to yourself? No knowing is there.

    2. What happens when they fail? Seriously? You teach your children that only success matters? That if they fail, they should give up? Every successful person fails many times along the way, even Lord Alan Sugar! There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve. Fear of failure.

      Confucius captures the idea more succinctly: the man who says he can, and the man who says he cannot, are both correct.

  17. Oh you are all heart aren't you Ros.

    Poor Kerry has a missing child and you tell her she is wasting her time to continue to look for and publicise Ben.

    You tell her to move on??? Do you think any parent of a missing child can move on without having closure?

  18. "A while ago, I did quite a bit of research on the case of missing Ben"

    It would be fascinating if you would reveal the sources of your research. Police files, official reports or newspaper articles?

    1. I am sure it would be fascinating 19:47, but don't hold your breath. I don't do other people's research for them. However, the biggest and most fundamental difference between the cases lies with the fact that the Needhams physically searched for Ben, sadly, the McCanns didn't search for Madeleine.

    2. Maybe you should answer the question asked and not the question you invented.

      I repeat "It would be fascinating if you would reveal the sources of your research. Police files, official reports or newspaper articles?"

      I am not interested in your conclusion of your research nor your comparison with the Mccann case - just the source of your research.

      Would you care to clarify?

    3. I'll tell you what, you clarify why you need me to clarify why I clearly believe Kerry Needham. I look forward to clarification.

    4. @ Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton18 May 2015 at 00:01 - I fully support Kerry and her family in their search for Ben and I didn't ask you to clarify why you believe them.

      For some reason you don't want to answer the simple question of the sources of your "research".

    5. Your question would involve me going back over all the material I have read and listing it etc, kinda like a homework assignment, and unless you can offer me PhD credits, it ain't happening! :)

  19. DO u think any parent can move on without having closure ? yes Kate and Gerry spring to mind

    1. No, I don't think any parent can move on, Kerry, bless her, will have an ache in her heart for the rest of her life. And not just her, but her close family and those who shared the devastation.

      But for her own mental health and well being and that of her family, I feel she needs to refocus her energies onto the present and the future, and try, as hard as it is, to let go of the past.

      The McCanns I think, need closure of a different kind, but it is entirely in their own hands and they are actively working against it. They are preventing closure and they have suckered everyone else in with them - grown ups and roughy toughy policemen are looking for a make believe bogeyman, it could go on forever.

    2. "But for her own mental health and well being and that of her family, I feel she needs to refocus her energies onto the present and the future, and try, as hard as it is, to let go of the past."

      Hey maybe you should write a book to give advice to parents of missing children!

      She has fought for years to get government money to support the search for Ben and now she has succeeded your advice is to let go of the past - yeah Ros great advice which I am sure Kerry really appreciates.

    3. Like my writing, any advice I give is based on honesty and integrity. I won't tell lies to make someone feel better, but I will have find ways of looking for the pluses.

  20. I hope the 25 yr old that's come forward saying ''could he be Ben'' brings closure for Kerry, and her family. If it is, although it will be amazing after all this time, I would imagine it being rather difficult to come together as they are practically strangers now.

    ...what the sinister HiDeHo propaganda machine doesn't want you to know...
    Amaral has a criminal conviction which resulted in an 18 month prison sentence, suspended for the same period, for PERJURY - giving false statement to cover up the TORTURE of Leonor Cipriano by his men.
    His conviction was UPHELD after he appealed.
    Although it could not be established by whom, as Cipriano was unable to identify those responsible, the judges RULED that Cipriano HAD been TORTURED.
    In the same case, António Nunes Cardoso, another of Amaral's men, was found guilty of the serious crime of FALSIFYING DOCUMENTS covering up the TORTURE, in a report that described how Cipriano tried to commit suicide by 'throwing herself down the stairs', and was given a two-and-a-half year suspended jail sentence.
    One of the three inspectors accused of this torture, Pereira Cristóvão is now IN JAIL, being held on separate charges of ARMED ROBBERY, CRIMINAL ASSOCIATION, and worryingly, KIDNAPPING. Cristóvão is alleged to have identified the victims (targets) and passed information to his CRIMINAL ASSOCIATES. It is alleged that he is one of the mentors of the THEFTS and FALSE IMPRISONMENTS perpetrated by the group.
    Cristóvão is another scoundrel who has made money off the back of Maddie with his book, 'Star of Madeleine'... a novel about two fictional (smarter than Amaral at skirting the libel laws) policeman investigating the case that concluded Maddie's body was dumped in the sea. Disgracefully, he also made money from the disappearance of Joana Cipriano with a similar 'Star of Joana' book.
    In another case, Tavares de Almeida - Amaral's No. 2 in the McCann case - was sentenced to a prison terms of two and a half years, suspended upon payment of a fine in that monthly period, for having TORTURED an innocent man, Virgolino Borges, in March 2000. He and a colleague became the first PJ officers ever to be CONVICTED OF TORTURE.
    Amaral then tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to have Leonor Cipriano's lawyer committed to a mental institution.
    He also tried to sue the same lawyer in a defamation suit - and LOST. The lawyer's defence was it had already been RULED by the courts that Amaral KNEW of the TORTURE. Amaral was ordered to pay the court costs.
    To that can now be added Amaral has LOST another civil LIBEL case, been found guilty of DEFAMATION and ordered to pay the McCanns an unprecedented 500,000 euros in damages, plus interest.
    All of the above FACTS are taken from MCCANNFILES, not pro blogs or forums.
    Anybody making a donation to Amaral's appeal fund is nothing more than a useful idiot. As can be seen, the judge in this case is not the first to have seen through Amaral.
    HiDeHo has consistently published MISINFORMATION that gave her members the impression Amaral would win in Lisbon, based on biased reporting from antis in court. Those LIES have now unravelled, and how MMDG have laughed.
    Now we have an official post in HiDeHo about Gerry McCann’s 'lies' but it's only these THUGS we have highlighted that have been PROVEN to be LIARS in a court of law.

    Why Lizzy, Leanne Baulch, and others continue to support these medieval torturers and blatantly corrupt relics of the old fascist Portugal remains a mystery. Not very many in Portugal appear to, which is unsurprising considering how far Portugal has come since 25 de Abril.
    Perhaps someone can come in to explain?

    1. Good heavens, blah, blah, blah, painting Goncalo Amaral and the PJ as the villains does not equal the McCanns are innocent.

      Most of us know that there has been a sustained smear campaign against Goncalo and the PJ for the last 8 years, the McCanns have tried every trick in the book and then some, to make us believe Goncalo is some kind of monster. He isn't. Simply by reading the opening chapter of The Truth of the Lie, it quickly becomes apparent that the much scorned former detective is far from the thuggish corrupt cop that the orchestrated campaign portrays. The reader is instantly hit with by the quiet, dignified, charm of the author, he has no need to embellish, the story is as it is, it followed to the letter, the original Portuguese police investigation. The investigation that was shelved when the Tapas party refused to return to Portugal for a reconstruction. The McCanns and their supporters may call Goncalo a monster, but it will never stick because he isn't one.

      As for Portugal being a land of medieval torturers, catch a hold of yourself, lol. Portugal is not a third world country ffs. The recent transformation of Portugal's politics btw, make corruption etc, LESS likely. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Remember, Portugal released their police files - will the British do the same?

    2. "blah, blah, blah" oh dear Ros did you stick your fingers in your ears and stamp your foot too.

      You simply don't like to have facts presented to you - you much prefer gossip, rumour, accusations and hate.

    3. I believe Kate when she stated she knew what happened was NOT due to them leaving the kids alone, but what happened, happened under other circumstances.

      Also I believe aunty Janet when she said it was a terrible tragedy and they were trying to turn a negative into something positive.

      I believe John when he said they had already had a year to grieve. I believe a terrible tragedy was followed by feelings of helplessness, panic, inaction, procrastination, unquantifiable fear, a roller coaster of emotions and then a solution.

      The Praia da luz job. Somewhat broken and not fully healed Kate, I feel sorry for her. God only knows how she can possibly have peaceful dreams stuck in that house and living in eternal limbo. I also believe that, from time to time, in episodic bursts, Kate and some of the others have been trying to tell the truth all along.

      I bear no malice, it's obvious where the answer lies. My biggest worry though, is the falsehoods bestowed upon the other children like a poisoned chalice.

      If they are doing well academically, fantastic, but what about the long-term emotional effects. They are in a very unique situation, they go to school and children talk, it bothers me, situations can turn ugly. I hope not, but has anyone considered this seriously and made adequate provision for the highly probable eventuality? I'm sure it can't have been easy already, it's not fair, and it's not right. Sean wanted to fight the abduction monster with his sword when he was such a young boy; I still feel sick. Poor lad, bless him.

      Please put the kids first, they are the most important in all of this and sniping at Ros is not going to solve anything. Even if you are 100% correct...vociferating from the rooftops is as productive as extolling the virtues of dining in the dark at a poolside snack bar and revisiting the blurred reality of jemmied/not jemmied shutters and all the rest of the bloopers in this barmy script.

      Think about the kids, and don't treat them as if they are clueless, they weren't stupid at two and they certainly aren't stupid now, give them some credit and consider the effects on them. They deserve better, do you hear me, Mr McCann. Stop the ridiculously defunct, gazillion shades of pink propagandist insanity. And MW Twaddle, Bond, Mitch Bond, Jimbobs, (that was a hoax) Brunt and co & co, find yourselves another song to sing. Bored already!

    4. 09:39 - Kudos to you on studying Portuguese history, the UK incidentally also has a history of torture, corruption and false imprisonment etc, I suggest you suggest you start with the Tower of London.

      However, all of the politics, and that applies to the UK too, are on the periphery of this case. This case is about a little girl who vanished and the most likely people responsible for her disappearance. The McCanns were not alone in PDL, British police rushed to their aid and a contingent of British police were assigned to the original Portuguese investigation to assist. Not sure who they were assisting, because when the McCanns left, so did they.

      The McCanns were not at the mercy of a barbaric third world police force, they were appearing daily, bright and breezy, dropping their kids off at the crèche, jogging and playing tennis. These were grieving parents undergoing torture, and Kate says herself, the worst she had was the failure of the police to offer her and her husband light refreshments. As they were busy looking for her daughter, I think it was understandable, but hardly a breach of human rights.

      As for gossip, rumour etc, do behave. The public know more about this case than any other in criminal history, courtesy of the 'backward', but completely transparent, Portuguese police releasing their files.

    5. Many thanks for your considered post 20:54. I share your fears for the kids. The whole situation sends shivers down my spine - at a similar age, I lived in an environment of secrets, lies, malevolence and adults whispering and it was terrifying. Knowing only part of a story and having to imagine the rest leads to terror that 'reassuring' adults will never understand.

      I was one of the lucky ones because I saw my own parents regularly, and they were breath of fresh air, the light at the end of the tunnel because they were 'normal' and I knew they would tell me the truth, not whisper behind my back.

      God knows the damage that is being done in this case, and where the feck are the responsible adults? I am as vexed at the grandparents, aunts, uncles etc, as I am at Gerry and Kate because they are prolonging this false, malevolent environment by continuing with and encouraging 'the Lie'. I fear those kids literally have no-one to turn to.

  22. Portugal is not a third world country, clearly - I know this because I've been there - medieval practises are more likely to be observed on any Friday or Saturday night
    in a high street in Luton, Margate or Wolverhampton..

    Amaral's book and film are (at least to me) the result of enormous frustration
    and a dash of Latin machismo of having his legs sawn off at the knees by the British establishment - and their little elves - the British media.

    That however begets the question - where are the Portuguese rallying around the guy - why does it take a slip of an ENGLISH girl to start a fundraiser - when there
    are plenty of rich Portuguese to pick up the legal tab.

    That I do not understand.

    1. 01:11 I have not been to Portugal (although I am a suspect apparently, lol), but I will go there soon, and hopefully to a very large celebration!

      I already knew there was something drastically wrong before I read Goncalo's book, but once I began to read it, it was immediately apparent that it was written by a highly educated and intelligent man - a man educated way beyond the level of the average UK police detective. And I have to say that my life has been enriched by the Portuguese people I have 'met', Joana Morais especially, who is an inspiration.

      I think racism is one of the more distasteful aspects of this case, particularly from the British media. It doesn't make the UK look superior and more advanced, it makes us look backward, ignorant and stuck in the days of the Raj.

      The perfect British family, the epitome of all that puts the Great into Britain, have done and continue to do more damage to the reputation of the English abroad than any number of rampaging football hooligans. Funny old world.

      As for the Portuguese backing Goncalo, that is something I don't understand and I don't know enough about Portuguese politics to comment. However, some within the Portuguese police or political hierarchy ordered that Goncalo Amaral be removed from the Madeleine case. Ergo, it is likely that there is a lobby within Portugal who are also protecting their own butts.

  23. This Cipriano-lawyer, that I read about here, wasn't that the same guy who worked for the McCanns as an "investigator", the one who had a "dream" where Madeleine's body was to be dragged up, right at the time he helped mrs Cipriano perform her lie in court about being tortured? I can't remember exactly.

  24. If you can't remember then why post allegations? Please let us know the sources of your statement

    1. Anonymous18 May 2015 at 18:48
      So you don't remember? This so called lawyer, Marcos or something? Metodo3? Which the McCanns hired? And the lie by Cipriano in court, saying that she was pushed from the stairs by police? She admitted this false allegation later, that I know.
      Just asking questions here. Freshing up my memory. So, who is "us"? You ans your deadbeat spinbuddies?

    2. Marcus or something is not good enough - what was his name?

      Cipriana did not retract her allegation that she was pushed down the stairs. Please refer me to your data source to show otherwise.

      However, Several police officers including Amaral were charged with offences although Amaral was not present at the time of the alleged beating but was accused of covering up for his colleagues was sentenced to a year and a half in prison, suspended, for misrepresentation of evidence in the case of aggressions against Leonor Cipriano.

      The inspector António Cardoso, accused of the crime of forgery of a document, was sentenced to two years and three months, also a suspended penalty.

      Amaral appealed against his conviction but this was thrown out of court

    3. You're right, she didn't retract, but was found out lying. About the further details of this fishy episode, please do find out for yourself. You obviously have a very selective memory. If you're the person that wrote the libellous, slandering long comment portraying mr. Amaral as a crook, earlier in this thread, or do support that comment, you should be able to balance your opinion by including the actions and involvements of the so called lawyer.

    4. ' She admitted this false allegation later, that I know. '

      "You're right, she didn't retract, but was found out lying"

      I believe that you are the one who has been found out lying.

    5. So, where's your source she hadn't been found out and that she never admitted? You know that she wasn't pushed from the stairs by the police, like she claimed, this murder-convicted Cipriano-woman, or don't you?

      The false claim is the main thing here. The rest is you, trolling along.

    6. So what is your explanation for the two black eyes after 40 hours of interrogation by Amaral's crew without the right to a lawyer?

  25. It's the unwritten code

    unwritten, unlike the the hippocratic oath

    one crow (doctor) will not hack out the eye of another crow (another doctor)

    There is your pact of silence - in essence

    It has always been thus

    Demigods in white with oftentimes a massive drink/drug problem

    1. Many thanks 06:07, I found that fascinating - I didn't know about the 'crow' stuff, and it certainly throws a whole new light on this case.

      Its a bit of a 'Doh!' moment actually, because many years ago as a 'temp' legal secretary, I worked for the Covent Garden solicitors who represented the GMC. We secretaries often spoke among ourselves about the 'crow pact' - it appalled us!

      One doctor 'we' represented was an alcoholic who had been arrested while giving his wife a good kicking outside a pub as she lay injured on the ground. He was suing the police for false arrest!

    2. The lawyer was from Maderia and his name was Correia. He was the idiot who insisted Madeleine was in a deep reservoir after being raped and murderedas per the Portuguese mafia. Then he admitted lying and said it came to him in a vision. Finally he admitted it was all lies. He also admitted being paid by Metodo 3 and therefore by default, the Mccanns. After Dr Amaral was found guilty of falsifying a document he announced ''the target was hit''

    3. Correia contacted them with information he had about where he had heard Madeleine's body was buried. He announced it to the press.

  26. So many posts deleted. Says it all really.
    What a fraud you are Linda.