Thursday 12 July 2018


All Theresa May’s character failings are being exposed right now, just as much as they were during her disastrous last General Election, when her failure to connect with any audience was brutally laid bare.  She couldn’t debate with Jeremy Corbyn nor could she relate to members of the public, on any level.  She has no people skills, there is nothing endearing about her, she has zero charisma.  Her cold, hard, humourless face, and headmistress attitude, endear her to no-one.
Let’s compare her for one moment to the very human, but sadly deceased Mo Molam, who’s personal charisma and straight talking brought the hardest of political ideologies together and produced the Good Friday Agreement.  Should add, she wasn’t opposed to a few drinks and a spliff either.  Iron Lady Mark II, is the opposite. She is so entrenched in the pockets of billionaires salivating at the fortunes to be made once we are free of the European Laws. Laws that forced them to treat their workers as human beings.  Trump simply signed Executive Orders deregulating workers’ protections and rights.  The tories are going for that kind of power, but they have got to get the higher Court that watch over them, out of the way.  
The one thing that is seldom mentioned when talking about Brexit, is the consequences of giving the tories absolute power to do whatever they wish. There will no longer be accountable to a 'higher power'.  Already they have been called to account by the UN for their inhumane treatment of the sick and disabled, how much crueler will they become when they can abandon Human Rights Laws entirely? The very wise Yanis Yaroufakis, when asked about Brexit before the Referendum, that leaving the EU could be good for the UK, but never under a Tory Government, and he has been proved right.
The Tories are always about what’s in it for them, not for the masses. That is, how can they make a fast buck. With no Employment Regulations and a crack down on those claiming benefits, they are creating a free (slave) labour force, another third world option for entrepreneurs like Ivanka Trump to outsource their manufacture of tat products.  It's lack of employment laws that make outsourcing to third world countries economically appealing. 
Trump is at least signing Executive Orders and sweeping away workers rights in a public setting, we here in the UK have no idea what rights TM is taking from the UK public, or what tariffs and trading deals will survive for British business. We are clueless as to the deals she is making or the effects they will have on the British economy. That the future of Britain rests on the shoulders of the most inept Prime Minister we have ever had is terrifying.  
By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn is instantly likeable.  He has done his homework and then some.  He fears no-one.  He doesn’t sit trembling in the wings, he doesn’t croke and lose his voice.  He cares for all citizens of the world, those in Europe as well as here in the UK. He is the opposite of isolationist, his warm, open approach will be welcomed by the more enlightened leaders of Europe.  
Britain is hurtling towards a major disaster. The implications of TM’s sole decisions will directly affect our lives and those of generations to come. Whatever she is up to, she doesn’t even have the support of her own advisers, though bizarrely, she does have the support of Tom Watson and Jess Phillips, who really should just go join them.  
We all know politics shouldn’t just be based on the ‘likeability’ factor, but it is as it is.  TM is not likeable.  Ditto, DD and BJ, though they are at least less automaton than TM. She won the leadership of the tories by default (no other credible contenders) and she got a massive vote of no confidence when she called the General Election. She now depends on the odious DUP to pass legislation.  She is far too weak to get any kind of Brexit that will be acceptable to the many, nor even the few.  Rats DD and BJ have now jumped ship. Sadly, for her, the other EU leaders, are not quite so cold, callous and money grabbing as TM and her puppet masters, they are not going to just hand over the money and step away.  We don’t know what TM is up to, but they do. Which is perhaps why she is so isolated and left out when she attends world leader summits.  
There needs to be a General Election.  The future of the UK cannot be left in such chaotic hands.  Both parties’ Brexit plans should be put before the people, with the facts and consequences of each party’s proposals presented to the electorate.  Whilst we may take comfort in the fact that future generations will burn effigies of Theresa May in what remains of England, now is our one, and possibly only, chance to alter that dystopian future.  
People power works. OK, it hasn’t in the past, but now we have the technology and means to get our voices heard.  We couldn’t stop Tony Blair’s war against Iraq, but we can stop a hardline, right wing government from making a deal with Europe that will only benefit the top 1%.  
The result of the Brexit Referendum is unstable.  In the same way as Trump’s election to President.  That is, there is evidence that Russia interfered.  Someone, probably a Russian, has discovered a way in which to influence/distort democratic elections. Their method is not rocket science.  The activist group Momentum, use it quite openly.  They target and invite people to become politically active.  It isn’t illegal.  Their method can unseat virtually any MP they choose. That’s why they are so feared by the tories and Blairites.  It is a different story altogether if a foreign power has distorted election results for their own gain.  
The big question is, should an election that has been manipulated stand?  Given that the manipulation most likely came from a hostile foreign power. What is Trump’s interest in Brexit? What was Nigel Farage negotiating with the Russians he met? Why are all the creepiest, slimiest, and most greedy attention seekers sucking up to Donald Trump?  Given that the answer to every question is money, just how much do they owe to the ‘rich beyond your wildest dreams’ Vladimir Putin?
The next few days should be interesting. Trump is once again intent on turning US allies into enemies. The grown ups look on bemused by the antics of the brat at the table, each face intrigued by the bizarre anti social social behaviour of the President of the United States, and probably secretly wondering how the fuck did he ever get elected.  Angela Merkel, I suspect, can see Trump’s world collapsing around him and what his future holds, it’s all in that knowing smile and he hates her for it.  He is jealous of her success as a leader and irked that she is a strong woman who is comfortable in her own skin. He is too weak and cowardly to degrade her by marking her out of 10 on looks, sex appeal, etc, as he does with every other woman he encounters.  In her presence he becomes a surly and belligerent school boy, he is terrified of her.    
If the Russians or a conglomerate of billionaires tampered with the UK Referendum, more than half the population I think, would say, let’s do it again via a General Election.  Meanwhile, the US, probably sooner than we, will have to face up to the consequences of the Russian attack on their electoral system. What they decide may even set a precedent.  Do they reverse the 2016 election that put Trump in power and hand the presidency to Hilary?  Like the US, we will have to decide if the EU Referendum result was legitimate.  There is much to suggest it wasn’t.     


  1. As the EU referendum came up with the 'wrong' result we should get another chance to vote for the 'right' verdict.

    Democracy only works when the result goes your way.

    1. Unfortunately, or perhaps even inevitable, ways have been found to distort the democratic system. It isn't rocket science. Momentum do it will people power. That is, they can target any area and bring enough people out to vote to change a predicted result. Not sitting MP is now safe.

      If the referendum was interfered with by the Russians. Cambridge Analytica, Wikileaks or whoever, is it a democratic result?

  2. The England match last night should be re-played too.
    The equalising goal should have been ruled out for a high foot. (dangerous play)
    We wuz robbed!
    Now if it was an English ref and not a foreign one, we would have won.

    I demand Fifa replay the game , its just not cricket!

    1. Damned Russians hosting a world cup and then teasing the brits into the semis's,then poisoning one of our residents into scaring us into losing, the Russian conglomerates must have tampered with the results,we've got another 4 yrs of protest over the result,infamy,infamy they've all got it infamy.

      Well the theory of Strange ending with the burying of news under an England win is a non starter,it'll be soon be Autumn with an announcement of continual funding,enjoy the heat while it last's.

    2. Drat, I dont suppose the wooden spoon (sorry bronze medal) is big enough news now? What about 4th? lol
      Yeah you are probably right, more funding in September and then March and then again next September too.

      On and on!
      Kick it into the long grass and hope for a miracle or the public lose interest, which ever comes first.

    3. LOL Sour Grapes, jolly poor show and all that!

      A small part of me was happy for Croatia as I have a dear Croatian friend. But I was happy to see France win with so many immigrants! It reminded me of Jesse Owens socking it to 'Aryan' Hitler in the 1936 Olympics.

      Not that I know anything about football, lol, but the commentators kept mentioning how youthful the England team are - that bodes well for the next World Cup. Chin chin :)

  3. Trump is an absolute superstar 6 more years of him.outside of mccann you talk some shit

  4. "Punch-drunk Europe would do well to study the fate of American liberals. The more Donald Trump denigrates Nato, the greater outrage he provokes in Europe. Moral certainty feels good. But it can bring on intellectual blindness. Time and again, Mr Trump’s domestic critics have chosen righteous indignation over analytic clarity. Women could never vote for Mr Trump, Democrats reassured themselves. Then a majority of white women did. The US would never withdraw troops from Europe, says Brussels. Yet Mr Trump could do precisely that. Which side of the Atlantic would have the most to lose?"

  5. Ros proclaims: "She is so entrenched in the pockets of billionaires salivating at the fortunes to be made once we are free of the European Laws. Laws that forced them to treat their workers as human beings."

    Whereas Daniel Barnett's Employment Law Belletin says:

    "Brexit Update

    The Government has, today, published its White Paper 'The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union'.

    At paragraph 123, it proposes that there be no regression in employment laws.

    That means that no EU based laws will be repealed, meaning that TUPE, the Working Time Regulations, collective consultation requirements and much of our discrimination legislation will not be amended when we leave the EU.

    I have previously predicted that we were likely to see three areas of change post-Brexit: (i) relaxation of the restrictions on harmonising terms and conditions following TUPE; (ii) relaxation of collective consultation requirements in redundancy situations; and (iii) much of the Working Time Regulations. The White Paper suggests there may be no such changes."

    1. Have any of these proposals been gone through with the leaders of the Unions? Or how about employers? The large corporations, the NHS, the building industry, the small businesses? Who among them can take the word of the tories that their rights remain protected?

  6. W H Auden:

    “Tao is a tightrope…”

    “The aged catch their breath,
    For the nonchalant couple go
    Waltzing across the tightrope
    As if there were no death
    Or hope of falling down;
    The wounded cry as the clown
    Doubles his meaning, and O
    How the dear little children laugh
    When the drums roll and the lovely
    Lady is sawn in half.”

    Changes of Heart: A Study of the Poetry of W. H. Auden

    Or google: Tao is a tightrope W H Auden
    Also oogle: The Sea and The Mirror Preface

    Und immer
    Ins Ungebundene gehet eine Sehnsucht.


    Use Google Translate.

    Many Happy Returns, my dear Rosalinda!

    My present for you is in transit. (Nowadays, cognoscenti, I hear, favour lobsters and Chablis premier cru at supper. Fancy having a go?) :)



    1. Absolutely! Lobster and Chablis sounds divine! How did you guess I am a lobster and Chablis kinda gal, though I have been known to guzzle oysters and champagne at Sheekeys ;)

      I love the 'world' of WH Auden, an age of exquisite manners and a celebration of the beauty of language. I am not very familiar with his work I am ashamed to say, but I have delved in via his Quotes page and am immediately charmed. It would appear he was slightly at odds with the world and that I can relate to.

      I am at the moment updating my 'things to do before I die' list, and nearing the top, is 'to walk in the footsteps of Anne Boleyn' as she entered the Tower of London for the last time. A little macabre, I acknowledge, but I am so captivated by all things Tudor, I want to know how they must have felt too. Ideally I would arrive at Traitors Gate via a Royal Barge and serenaded by minstrels, but a river bus will have to suffice, lol.

      Fine dining is very nice, but I am equally as happy with a bag of chips sitting under a shelter with the rain pouring down and gazing out at the sea. Magic moments can be anywhere.

      As a former Marxist/feminist lol, I struggle with the concept of vast opulent displays of wealth, as in the palaces created as monuments to colossal egos. Now as ever, it is obscene that some have so much, while others have so little.

      But then, there is my inner artist and historian, both of whom are eternally grateful to those artists and architects who were able to 'capture' time on a canvas, in a symphony, through the power of the words they left behind. They are immortalised through their talent, the Kings and Emperors, for their vast wealth.

      Well I don't know how I wondered off there, perhaps I am feeling a little philosophical of late. Let me raise a glass of Chablis to you dear T, people who love the arts always have the most interesting stories :)

    2. Hi Rosalinda,

      I’m reading your latest text with great interest.
      As for the legitimacy of the British referendum, I am doubtful of Putin's ability to manipulate either Western politicians or voters. On the other hand, it is of course in his interest to disunite both the EU and the traditional alliance between Britain and the United States. He’s still dreaming about the “great time” when half of Europe was ruled by the Soviet Union and he describes Eastern Europe’s liberation as a geopolitical tragedy, which some people tend to forget, especially Trump.

      Anyway, we haven’t had a Swexit, although many people here argue that we should leave and for the same reasons as the Brexit voters did.

      However, right now most of us here are certainly very grateful that we’re still in the EU, because the biggest forest fires ever have hit us and we have needed the assistance by many EU countries to halt the spread of the fire, that rages only 40 miles away from where I live, which is a rather short distance, given that the forests up here are coherent. French and Italian aircrafts, Polish firefighters have arrived and we’re getting support from other EU countries as well. We’re now hoping for rain, without it all the fires cannot be stopped.Is this something that people in general talk about in the UK?

      Hi T

      Nice to see you back again. Although your spot was intended for Rosalinda, I would like to comment on, what I suppose must be a kind of maxim in poetic form by Hölderin. Everything that gets lost in translation of a poem is actually the real poetry, which I suppose you may have heard. Yet here I try, though I haven’t read anything of Hölderin before.

      “Und immer
Ins Ungebundene gehet eine Sehnsucht.”

      In the boundless freedom there's always a yearning…….
      (some German commentator may have a better translation)

    3. I think Putin has a found a way to subvert democracy Bjorn. He is an evil genius! The Brexit Referendum was a farce, unnecessary. It's leader, Nigel Farage couldn't even get elected as a Member of Parliament! He doesn't deserve anywhere near the airtime and media attention that he does. He has no power yet he is consulted on all matters Brexit. It is quite bizarre.

      He does however seem to be part of some tiny global movement to turn all of us into fascists. Farage too was having meetings with Russians prior to the Referendum.

      No, your forest fires have not been reported on the MSM as far as I know. What a shame, as you say, the UK would have had a glimpse of the comraderies of what nations can achieve when pulling together.

      We are experiencing exceptionally high temperatures here Bjorn, I fear global warming is getting closer and closer, but sadly the 'ignorami', Trump et al prefer to ignore it.

    4. Björn 21 July 2018 at 21:51

      T (quoting W H Auden): “Tao is a tightrope…”

      Rasalinda: ” What a beautiful poem and thank you. I must confess, I do not at present understand all it's meaning, it may take a few readings to do that!”

      T: “W H Auden:

      “Tao is a tightrope…”” etc.


      “Und immer
Ins Ungebundene gehet eine Sehnsucht.”

      Google Translate: “"And there is always a longing for the unbound [My emphasis. T]."

      My post: ‘Happy Birsday, CRISTOBELL UNBOUND!’.


      Of course, we might be able to discuss as a separate matter the relative merits of various possible translations. I would necessarily refer to Ezra Pound and W H Auden.

      For instance:

      We are a sign, meaningless
      We are painless and have almost
      Forgotten speech in exile.

      Might be germane:

      “Irrespective of their relative merits, some poets lose less in translation than others.”

      “Translation also favors poets like Hölderlin and Smart, who were dotty; for their dislocation of normal processes of thinking are the result of their dottiness, not their language, and sound equally surprising in any: e.g., “…now the heroes are dead, the islands of Love are almost disfigured. Thus everywhere must Love be tricked and exploited, silly.””

      Interesting what Auden says about the poetry of an incredible poet and apparently a very unpleasant character in life (Pushkin, “…невольник чести…”).

      Thank you very much, Björn.

      Kind regards.


    5. Ah, my dear T, I think of myself as educated until I am betwixt yourself and Bjorn! Don't worry dear friend, I am not in the least offended, I always appreciate the conversation being taken up a level :)

      I'm not altogether sure I am a great fan of poets. They both irritate and antagonise me. Perhaps it is their ability to say so much with so few words, but that talent I would also accredit to stand up comedians. The purpose of art, if it has a purpose, is to draw our attention to the minutiae, the coy look on the subject's face, the gentle movement of music from glorious to tragic. A silver thorn a bloody rose, lies crushed and broken on the virgin snow. An artist's talent is to transcribe feelings from one century to the next. That's why Mozart will never be more elite than the Beatles, each captures a moment in time.

      I don't know how we got there. I am still madly unfocused, floating between dreams. I can write - sure, but I'm not a great writer, not in genres that I respect and admire. I'm incapable of saying anything iconic or memorable without chucking in a gag which immediately demolishes any credibility I might have. It's vexing, but beyond my control. It's the only area where I have sympathy with Trump - I too cannot keep my gob shut!

      Anyway, I have been 'unbound' tonight for sure 'T', probaby because I am still shuddering at the memory of being 'bound' by the headcases that run most of the Madeleine forums, lol. Censorship to me is the equivilent of a slap in the face with an effete glove and pistols at dawn!

    6. Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 25 July 2018 at 23:11

      “…I am betwixt yourself and Bjorn!”

      As in a vice? Or in a sandwich? :)

      “…I am not in the least offended,”

      Offended by what, precious? By my wishing you Many Happy Returns? Do explain if you are in the mood to. Whatever you had in mind, blame Björn: he put me up to it, he is the educated one here who should’ve known better. :)

      Myself, as to offending, I’m in my salad days.

      “…a slap in the face with an effete glove and pistols at dawn!”

      Yeah, that’s what Pushkin did one time too many and could never look back.



    7. Betwixt two towering intellects T - sometimes I get a little lost. But I am never offended, I am in awe!

      The secret to 'good' offending is, I think, charm. As in a telegram from George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill. 'Opening night play in West End. Come along. Bring a friend - if you have one'. Then from Churchill in reply: 'Can't make First Night. Will come to Second - if there is one'. Utterly divine lol.

  7. “The tightrope has been used often by Auden (as it is used later in The Sea and the Mirror in Alonzo’s speech) as a symbol for man’s passage through life.”

    Karma is but a ‘scorecard’, IMO.


    1. Hooray Mr T is back!
      Now where is Mr Sawdust?

    2. Anonymous 20 July 2018 at 18:02

      “Hooray Mr T is back!
      Now where is Mr Sawdust?”

      Thank you. Whether you are glad to see me or taking the piss, I find your post gratifying. :) Please no “Mr”, just T or comrade T etc.

      What happened to my Funk Soul Brover Ziggmund? No Ziggmund – no tea.


    3. No piss take T.
      Glad to have you back.
      I want ziggy back too.
      In fact all the old crowd,Jane,JJ and the rest.Even 'Unknown' and Blacksmith lol.
      Although I see JJ has gone over to Textusa with her Leicester police thing now and Blacksmith has taken up residency at NT's abode.

      Never mind let's get this place buzzing again like it used to eh.

    4. Anonymous 25 July 2018 at 13:45

      Oh, bless, I think I know how you feel.

      Let’s: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  8. Will you be writing an "outraged" new blog on the implications for press freedom following the Sir Cliff judgement?

    1. Jonathan King's trial collapsed too a couple of weeks or so ago and the judge refused to say why.
      Pure speculation on my part,but I wonder if King threatened to name names. Especially VIP names.
      I know I would if in a similar situation.

    2. Brenda Leyland never faced a court but got hounded to death,Richards on the other hand received compensation,go figure.

    3. Very little news coverage of the King trial collapse too.
      Small article on the bbc news page and ditto the Daily Mail.
      I myself missed it in late June and only found it by accident the other day.
      Considering the coverage given to Kitty ( sorry Cliff) Richards, I find it strange.

    4. @ Anonymous22 July 2018 at 07:38

      There is no similarity whatsoever in what happened to Brenda Leyland and what happened to Sir Cliff Richard.
      There is nothing to "go figure".

    5. @ Anonymous22 July 2018 at 09:45
      and Anonymous22 July 2018 at 07:38

      You may wish to note that his name is Cliff Richard (with no "s") or to give him his proper title Sir Cliff Richard OBE

    6. I kind of feel sorry for Cliff Richard, in that he will forever have paedo hunters and the morally outraged chasing after him. They are fascinated with perversion, and devote their lives to seeking it out. So Cliff is effeminate and likes young men. Big deal. The same could be said of the Spartans, several Roman Emperors and a disproportionate number of cabinet members throughout history.

      My hero, Charlie Chaplin liked young women. He was frowned on in his day, but he would be crucified now. I don't actually have a problem with these May/December romances, love is precious and far too rare, I think it bizarre that there should be rules attached to it.

      Naturally however, I am appalled at the Judgment. It enables the wealthy to cover up their crimes more easily. And it could of course stir up our favourite vexatious litigants, to whom London's civil courts have been a nice little earner.

    7. Ros says:

      "Naturally however, I am appalled at the Judgment. It enables the wealthy to cover up their crimes more easily."

      What crime did Sir Cliff cover up?

    8. Anonymous 22 July at 17:30

      His name is Harry Rodger Webb.

    9. @ 22nd July 17.30

      I prefer Kitty actually. It rolls off the tongue

    10. @ Anonymous23 July 2018 at 06:16
      "His name is Harry Rodger Webb."
      "In The High Court of Justice
      Chancery Division

      Before:Mr Justice Mann


      Sir Cliff Richard OBE – Claimant


      The British Broadcasting Corporation


      The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police – Defendants"

    11. Anonymous 23 July 2018 at 10:30

      Correct. :)


    12. Anonymous 22 July 2018 at 18:30

      “What crime did Sir Cliff cover up?”

      None, AFAIK.


    13. Anonymous 23 July 2018 at 08:41

      “…Kitty… It rolls off the tongue easier…”

      Indeed. :)


    14. Anonymous 22 July 2018 at 14:29, 17:30



    15. I think a lot of people really wanted Sir Cliff to be guilty of something, it's the spiteful side of human nature coming to the fore. That need to see the mighty fall, kept the News of the World and numerous tabloids in business for many years.

      The police and child protection advocates seem to go after 'famous names' with much more vigour and tenacity than they do with, say, the building industry or any other industry where the suspect is an unknown and of no interest to the newspapers. We never see for example, Fred the plumber gropes 6 apprentices? I think it unlikely in the building industry, but it is within the realms of possibility.

      Young people throw themselves at Stars! Aged only 16 I had a fling with a singer at a holiday camp who told me he was in his twenties lol. The next night my friend, also aged 16 had the exact same fling, right down to the music he put on and the alcoholic drinks he made - we compared notes. Were we traumatised? Not at all, we found lads our own age, and he was quickly forgotten. We were a group of girls on holiday with no parents!

      Had this singer gone on to be famous (he didn't), we could have claimed he took advantage, we were traumatised etc, but it wouldn't be true. In my memory I think of it as strolling along the beach to 'Summer the First Time' - 'she was 31, I was 17', except he was nearer 41 and I was barely legal!

      Sir Cliff's sexuality is no-one's business, but his own. As a famous singer and attractive man, he has, I am sure had hundreds of groupies, and sadly quite a few who saw pound signs above his name. Again, why do not BBC coverage of dawn raids on the homes of ordinary people? Why are prisons filled with an inordinate number of former celebrities convicted of sex crimes? Some, household names, national treasures, their shame and downfall captured in all it's brutality.

      Is it an example of justice? With poor Brenda, we saw the tragic results of an ordinary woman demonised by the mainstream media, her face and home broadcast on Sky News every 15 minutes. The most vitriolic columnists were out in force, each adding another twist of the knife until they got the tragedy they lusted for.

  9. "DN
    22 July 2018

    The Supreme Court of Justice ordered TVI to pay 20,000 euros in compensation to Robert Murat for referring to the Briton as "pedophile" and Murat attending "pedophile sites"."

  10. 'Scotland Yard is embroiled in the largest police corruption inquiry for 40 years, with 14 officers under investigation for “serious corruption and malpractice” by the police watchdog.

    One of the most senior police chiefs in the country has been caught up in the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation, which is examining allegations that the Metropolitan police’s anti-corruption command secretly covers up misconduct rather than investigating it.

    Three Met whistleblowers have approached the IOPC to allege that the unit, known as the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS), has shielded police officers who faced allegations of child abuse, grooming, fraud, physical assault, racism — and, in the case of one police officer, intentionally driving a motorcycle into a member of the public.'

  11. I had a look at all the rival blogs and forums about the McCann case recently to see how they compare.
    I avoided twitter as the hastag there is full of repetitive arguing and so forth with nothing to learn about the case in my opinion.

    First up was Jill Havern's place CMOMM.
    Quite a few posts about the case,but very little 'off script' views alowed.
    Someone called Verdi soons comes in to belittle the poster and stop the discussion if one strays too far from the 'official' forum position. Which is, in a nutshell, Tony Bennett's views and opinions.
    Verdi is also rude and off putting to any newcomer too.
    Nothing new there then.

    Next up was Madeleine McCann Mystery forum. MMM
    This seemed to have very few posters,with the majority done by Freedom. He/she is either a mod or someone from admin and most of their posts are about any subject other than the McCann case.
    I found this forum to be a waste of time.

    I quickly moved on to the Textusa blog.
    Now there is some debate about this person,mainly if they are male or female.
    Some say she is one of a trio of spinster sisters from Idaho USA and others say he is a male cross dressing swinger.
    Whatever, his /her main claim to fame is their swinging lark theory. Basically the McCann's and others were on a swinging week and the 'cover up' by the UK government was to hide the fact some VIP's were also on the swinging holiday.
    Very few outside of Textusa's crowd go along with this view and I doubt even the ones who say they do,actually believe it.
    But there you go, if you are into swinging or like the idea, than that blog is to place to go to.

    Lastly I came to the Not Textusa site.
    That should give you a clue that the blog owner is anti Textusa.
    They definitely are and nearly all the posts are either attacking him/ her or picking holes and laughing at the swinging lark.
    I found this place to be full of people who I think were either banned from or left under bad terms, other blogs and forums.
    A place for all the bad boys and girls to get together and bicker about their perceived ill treatment from other places.
    There are some funny comments to be read there however and I particularly liked someone calling Textusa, Sextusa.

    Now with those forums and blogs and with the generally held view too that we are on the verge of yet more 'Strange' funding I'll wager that in 2028 things will be pretty much as they are now.
    (Although Sextusa will probably be too old for swinging then lol)

    1. “Someone called Verdi soons comes in to belittle the poster and stop the discussion if one strays too far from the 'official' forum position. Which is, in a nutshell, Tony Bennett's views and opinions.
      Verdi is also rude and off putting to any newcomer too.”

      ‘Not Textusa’: “Verdi, an obnoxious suppository in human form, currently lodged in the colon of Tony Bennett …”

      I have yet to come across a more interesting description.


    2. Anon @13:16 you missed out the fruitcakes on the Justice Forum.

    3. @ T
      Sounds about right.
      Quite a fair assessment from NT actually.

    4. Anonymous 25 July 2018 at 21:43



    5. @ 25th July 16:32

      Yeah I know and should have said.
      I avoided Facebook too as that's as mad and repetitive as twitter in my view.
      'Fruitcakes' lol

    6. Hey T
      As Not Textusa is often shortened to NT and you are T, I hope there is no confusion.
      Or even worse, someone starts up a Not T blog. lol.

    7. Anonymous 26 July 2018 at 11:56

      I’m at the stove. Later, I’ll tell you a story of confusion worth telling.


  12. “Is Gonçalo on the way to be obedient ?”