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I deliberately sought out an inspirational Christmas message, for myself as much as for my loyal readers.  Not so sure about the 'tenderness for the past' bit especially, I doubt I will ever forgive all those who voted Conservative, and I will never learn to accept and live with the rise of far right ideology.  For now I am broken, more accurately, trying to recover from a broken dream with Python Lee Jackson singing in the background.

I have dipped a toe in politics many times over the years, well on and off, more off than on to be honest, because I don't have the emotional constitution to deal with defeat.  My heart breaks for Jeremy Corbyn, no one could have done more.  But sadly, Jeremy rose up at a time when we are all used to the instant gratification that our capitalist world brings, and those with all the goodies can play us however they want.  The masses, given an opportunity to create a more equal society, rejected it.  Something I will never understand.

But, tis the season to be jolly, and it's compulsory.  We can't put it off for a couple of months, or pretend it isn't happening.  And that's probably a good thing, it brings people together and reminds us of how much good there is in the people and the communities all around us.  For a couple of weeks at least, we can allow ourselves to be happy, we can take time off from worrying about the things that stress us in the other 50 weeks of the year.  Our priorities change, the right present, the most succulent turkey, the booziest Christmas pudding, matter more than the bills piling up and the job going nowhere.  

Broken dream or no, it is impossible not to be uplifted by the prospect of a brand new year, I'm still not focused, but at least one path is now closed off.  I will leave politics to those with the backbone and tenacity to rise up again and again, they are much stronger than I.  I shall return to my roots, and from now on, will only insert my politics, via subtext.  Maybe not as subtle I think, ha ha, I managed to send at least 3 forums into a frenzy.  

But I am genuinely looking forward to the new year and a new start.  I accept that I am powerless to change the world around me, I can only change myself.  That's a bit of a mantra I have been chanting these past few years, and it usually works.  The hardest part is accepting I can't change things.  That unfortunately has been leitmotif throughout my life.  I'm still the 5 year old girl who believes she can do anything and being told I can't hurts just as bad. Getting to the acceptance part can be eased by Buddhist quotes a bottle of wine and songs by Patsy Cline. 

Which brings me nicely back to the Season of Giving.  It is the 'giving' that makes us feel good and that is a very strange, alien, feeling for the tight fisted and the hard of heart.  They are not used to it, but they like it, as long as it has the proviso of 'for a limited time only'.  But fear not brave readers, who have stuck it thus far, I am not going to ask you for anything financial or anything that will take up your time.  All I am asking that you give, is a warm smile and maybe a kind word to all the strangers that you meet, especially to immigrants who now face such uncertain times.  Most of us are, I think, descended from parents, grandparents and ancestors who arrived on these shores similarly, as strangers.  Let's give them the helping hand our forbears received, from some, at least.  Let their memories and stories for their grandchildren be filled with the kindness of their neighbours.

Ok, ok, on reflection, it would appear I have overdosed on feel good Christmas movies.  Tis true.  I have been unwell (missed my flu Jab) and have been incapacitated, though still managing the full red carpet look, one must make an effort.  I'm hoping, should I end up on a machine, a kindly nurse will apply the Clinique lipstick, around the ventilator.  But I digress, I have been captivated by the number of ordinary American girls who take a vacation in Europe and meet a genuine Prince!  None of whom have the Hapsburg 'jaw' or the Windsor 'ears', happily.  The princes, not the girls.  The girls of course, are clean living, family loving non gold diggers, who also enjoy country walks on vast estates, riding horses, wearing tiaras and saying up yours to all the mean girls when they move into a castle.  The plots are crazy, but they kind of work.  You can see what's coming, but they always end with sumptuous feasts, fabulous fireside Christmas settings and spectacular snow scenes - what's not to like?  I do lean more towards Christmas films with dogs in, but that's just personal choice, for me,  'Hotel for Dogs' was a classic, right up there with Citizen Kane and Raging Bull.

I jest of course, but my ask that you give is quite sincere.  It takes guts, ambition, determination and hard work to start anew in a foreign land.  Immigrants are seeking opportunity, and thank heavens they are, because our high streets would be desolate without them.  A warm smile and a kind word costs nothing but it can lift the spirits of someone who has been treated, shall we say, not so kindly.  The foreign people in our midst are people just as we are, we all share the same love of family, the same hopes and the same dreams. I am devastated by the election result, as I am sure I have made clear, but my pain is nothing, compared to the pain that must be felt by all those 'strangers' who have made England their home.  But I, we, still have power in that we can show those who would be ostracised that we stand with them and beside them and always will.   We are a multicultural society, and that is something to celebrate this Christmas.  With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.  Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Ps. To anyone who cares, I have long forgotten and forgiven (probably because I've forgotten) the rants and raves against me over the years.  I don't think I have ever taken it personally to be honest, let's just say, as a bit of an err, outsider, it is something I have been accustomed too my entire life.  When my family introduce me they always proffer an apology before I open my mouth, hoping perhaps to avoid explanations later (coy smiley).  I don't know what it is about me that incites such hostility, lol, but whatever it is, I've never been arsed to sort it out and not likely to now.  

To be honest, I quite enjoyed the detailed psychoanalysis of my 'disturbed' mind, by such luminaries as tigger, Verdi, bennett and the sociopaths in the cesspit and myths' forums.  Flattered actually, that I occupied their heads for so long, ha ha.  But to be fair, even though their main subject was 'me', even I got bored with it.  They are a zillion ways in which to insult someone, they found about 5 and put them on a repetitive cycle.  Not once, you slimey b'stads did you put up someone capable of taking me on with the much mightier than a sword, pen.  Yes, I have indeed, drunk an entire bottle of wine and off to throw up.

Pps.  With my Christmas fairy wand, I absolve you all, hic.  Times, circumstances, waves of opinion, the 'zeitgeist' can carry people off in all sorts of bizarre directions.  Not because they are bad people, but because they have made a judgment based on majority opinion, even if it runs contrary to their own.  They believe the 'majority' knows better than they do, as an individual and they don't have the confidence to assert their opinion.  It is far, far easier to take the road well travelled, the one the majority takes.  Maybe it will be the right one, maybe it will never come back to haunt you, but if you follow your instincts and your own moral guidelines, you will never have those fears, you will never have any explaining to do.  Honesty and Integrity works every time.

Happy Christmas!


  1. I suppose it's appropriate that our Tory owners timed the ' shock' landslide victory for Xmas.ironic when you consider that it's a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of a saviour. Not that everyone celebrates Christmas, so a lot won't appreciate the irony. They would rather we said ' Happy Holidays' so we don't 'exclude' any other great faith.I don't know which one exactly.The mind boggles, honestly.Maybe I should email Donald Trump. It was him who banned the phrase in America wasn't it.He should be impeached by the Pope and Rudolf.

    My feet remain on the ground. I've just read Boris and his 'promise' of a 'Golden Era'.Oh goody- we must be planning more genocide.We just have to 'sex up' some documents first.He's briefed The Queen to sell the shite to the massed idiots who want to sit and watch her lying to the camera on Christmas day.So, the plan is this : we rub our turkey- filled bellies, smile with pride at how much 'she does for the country and how much money she attracts' and then celebrate with misplaced jingoistic pride how great it is to be British.Spare a thought for your fellow Brits who will be hoping for the charity of strangers to feed them and donate a scarf to them.Then we can carry on with the Golden Era we've been told to imagine.

    My wishes for the human race remain the same as any other day of any year, regardless if there's a festival being celebrated. And that is that every human being is given exactly what they truly deserve be it good, bad, or indifferent.Let it be given according to merit.Call it what you will but it's a wish worth holding even if it sounds more like a pipe dream as years pass.

    Happy Christmas Ros xxx . And a happy, healthy, peaceful new year.Someone said the past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.They were right.You left that place.And you're moving forward and you have your hands on your wheel now.Drive carefully.

    Happy Christmas to you all.And a Happy Hannukah to all the Tories who may be fortunate enough to have just spent 5 minutes enjoying my wisdom.

    Father Ziggmus ( Saviour )

  2. Ros says:

    "But, tis the season to be jolly, and it's compulsory. We can't put it off for a couple of months, or pretend it isn't happening. And that's probably a good thing, it brings people together and reminds us of how much good there is in the people and the communities all around us. For a couple of weeks at least, we can allow ourselves to be happy, we can take time off from worrying about the things that stress us in the other 50 weeks of the year."

    Someone or anyone that has to pretend to be a nice person because it is "compulsory" really has issues.

    1. ''Someone or anyone that has to pretend to be a nice person because it is "compulsory" really has issues.''

      Someone who has to scrutinize text to the nth degree to find something to criticise about somebody has bigger issues.Happy krissmiss laaa..

    2. Anonymous 24 December 2019 at 11:46

      Yes, bruv.

      Merry Everything.

    3. And a happy all kinds to you T..

  3. What I actually said was 'pretend it [Christmas] isn't happening', it is beyond our control, like the weather.

    LOL, I don't have to pretend to be nice, good grief, do you envisage me skulking around like Ebenezer Scrooge? I am nice! My literary hero is Uncle Dynamite (from the P.G. Wodehouse books), who's sole aim in life is to spread sweetness and light and that is a philosophy I am very fond of.

    I am actually very much enjoying this season of goodwill, and being the nice person I am, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

    1. Ros - read your whole paragraph including " For a couple of weeks at least, we can allow ourselves to be happy, we can take time off from worrying about the things that stress us in the other 50 weeks of the year."

  4. Rosalinda dear

    I can do no better than to echo our impressive Zitizen with the moustache, who
    looks like Clemenceau: “Happy Christmas Ros xxx . And a happy, healthy, peaceful new year.Someone said the past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.They were right.You left that place.And you're moving forward and you have your hands on your wheel now.Drive carefully..”

    Happy Christmas to you all. And a Happy Hannukah to all the Tories who may be fortunate enough to have spent 5 minutes enjoying our Zaviour’s wisdom.

    Uncle Trinitrotoluol ()

    1. I wrote a long reply to dear Uncle Trinitrotoluol (?) but it vanished, doh! Your very kind message was extremely uplifting, you are right, I am moving forward, and my hands are on the wheel. I have a recurring dream about driving a double decker bus and indeed parallel parking said double decker bus. I have no idea what that means, lol, but it feels positive!

      Bless you Uncle T, and I hope the New Year brings you everything you wish for.

  5. People’s PM Boris Johnson is whisking girlfriend Carrie Symonds to the Caribbean to see in the New Year in the sunshine. The prime minister and Ms Symonds will stay on the private island of Mustique for a few days after the Christmas break. According to The Times, the couple will be staying with the Von Bismark family – who are descended from the first German chancellor Otto Von Bismark – in the new year.

    Ohhh, our poor Bobo, what life! It is still a beautiful world… He’ll recover to do Breaksit.


  6. Spare a thought for our overlord Boris Johnson.While we brave the bitter elements of Winter over Christmas and do what we can to help those less fortunate who live in doorways and have to beg, he is on a private Jet on his way to the favourite haunt of British Royalty , Mustique. He'll be on the white sands lunching as VIP guests of the Bismark family.Yes, the Bismarks. What delightful and suitable bedfellows.They can swim in champagne and talk about Empires rising and falling in the past and future.They can wallow in talks of war and genocide and money.Typical low key elitism from the Tory leader.he wouldn't understand tact , taste, or diplomacy if they bit him on gormless pale face.Bastard..


    1. Oh dear Z, I am a couple of stages of grief beyond you, you it would appear are still in the anger stage, I think I'm more in acceptance. The whole politics thing is beyond my control, it's beyond JC's control, now it's just a matter of survival. If we are lucky, we will still be smiling while surviving.

      Happy Christmas Z, hope Santa is good to you!

    2. Happy Hanukkah Ros ..and he wasn't..i even hung two stockings out and requested he delivered Kylie Minogue to me before she gets too old.Just as well they still fit me ;)

      Zig xx

  7. Happy Christmas Ros and a wonderful New Year, all the best for 2020 !!!

    With the kindest regards and wishes,


    1. Always so nice to see you AFAN, and heartwarming to know that you still think of me. I'm in fine fettle and more positive now than I have been for a while, I'm getting the itch to write again, and this time around I think I'll be leaning more towards comedy.

      My kindest regards and best wishes to you AFAN for the Christmas season and beyond, you are a good egg!

  8. Please check your email, Crostobel.

    Merry Christmas


    December 24, 2019 at 10:10

    The usual end of year MSM dross is distracting us from what is going on beyond our shores. Boris’s surprising visit to tiny Estonia was significant. The 850 troops based there are not alone. The US embassy in Tallinn houses 450 staff among whom are a contingent of special forces. Increased airforce activity over Estonia’s skies is also worrying. Chatter among intel groupies suggest the Estonian front would be an ideal location for a military ‘accident’ to happen.”


  10. Merry Christmas, Ros, and all the very best in the new year.


    1. Oh dear BB, these are terrifying times, so terrifying that I am, I'm afraid, avoiding all news, except for the Trump fiasco which is horrible/Crazy history in the making. True history is happening here too, good old GB has taken a sharp turn to the right.

      As a young teen, I read all about the Second World War, the Third Reich and most significantly 'Auswitzch'. I was at the time a prisoner in a convent and was feeling very hard done by, but the mass genocide carried out by Hitler was so much more evil than I could ever have imagined. My biggest question, and I asked every adult I knew, was why, how, it was possible for a targeted ethnic group to be rounded up and murdered. Where were the good people? What kind of fear, hatred or paranoia persuades ordinary people to join angry, murderous mobs? I had a vision where when they came for the Jews, everyone stood up and said 'I'm Jewish', as in 'I'm Spartacus' - we are one, we stand together with those who would be targeted.

      But I've gone off onto a very dark track there, which I did not intend. It is now Christmas Day, and I am still awake (haven't seen Santa yet), and must go to sleep! Merry Chistmas BB and a Happy New Year.

    2. The Final Solution , as we now know , was the code name given to the programme designed to kill as many Jews as possible.Not just those in Germany but in Europe.Especially Poland, the country that was ( and still is )despised by Germany.As Germany were trying to occupy as much as the planet as they could by means of crushing countries into submission,it was quite a big problem to maintain that kind of threat in so many places simultaneously while trying to sweep up millions of Jews. Consider the logistics.The man power needed for one.And then there was the transportation, camps to hold the 'prisoners' in, and places to bury the bodies.How long woulf it take, how many men were needed and how many trains and how many miles of track ?We know part of the answer.It took years.Not hours or even months. Years.These operations weren't carried out by the light of the moon either.It was a 24 / 7 well oiled machine.
      In the meantime, the UK had invented the dam buster flying bomb that could skim pebble - like across waters to blow up dams.Strategically brilliant.And we cold carry out ariel attacks and take out vital bridges, railway lines and shipyards. WW2 was far less crude than WW1.

      So, why, at any point during those dark years, did the allies never attempt to blow up any rail tracks and trains that were transporting Jews to their deaths ?Why wasn't that order ever given.Had it been, most of the holocaust would have been prevented.But they held back for years.Why was there no interest ; no horror and disgust, until after the war had been called off.Odd is it not..


    3. @ z: interesting reading here

      Very very difficult decisions to be made.

    4. Be interesting if they discover that those funding both sides of the war were behind the sustaining of the horror. As though it would serve them forever after..but they won't.Obviously.


  11. Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas and a fabulous and prosperous 2020. I'm from the McCann days but haven't forgotten about you, your valiant efforts and quirky wit.


    1. Thank you H and bless you. Your kind words mean so much to me. In the real world, my 'quirky wit' has got me into an awful lot of trouble, lol. Especially with past bosses and family members who feel the need to apologise when introducing me - to save time later.

      Given the amount of entries there are for me on 'google' it would seem my quirky wit (loving the word quirky) seems to hit many a raw nerve, totally intentional ha ha. The whole 'OMG', and 'How dare you' reactions, I find strangely exhilarating. At the age of 5 I had a pet mouse that I kept in my pocket and I would always look for opportune moments to get him out and show people. In a nutshell, that is the kind of reaction I like, usually, but I have been a bit of a wuss of late, time methinks to up the ante!

      Happy Christmas and Peace to you and yours H, and all you dream of in the New Year.

  12. Ros "I take everything back, I fecking hate the English."

    1. @ 19 :20

      Stop being a bit mental

    2. @ Anonymous27 December 2019 at 20:06

      It's interesting that you find quoting Ros as "being a bit mental"

  13. Be grateful you didn't get the weeping and wailing that accompanied that anguished cry.

    Other than that, you point is?

  14. Arise, Sir Iain...

    You thought the horrendous, Brexit obsessed year and nightmare on Downing Street was over.Afraid not. Boris wasn't going to let us see the year out without one last act of antagonistic bullshit..

    One of the most putrid and controversial ( Tory) political figures of recent times- indeed of any time- is Iain Duncan- Smith. The hyphenated hit man hired by the Tory Elite mafia.He was the genius who introduced Universal Credit.The intention was to make the poor poorer and the poorer homeless but pretend otherwise.It was the opening salvo against in the war on the poor.He spoke about that class as though they were vermin and treated them in way only vermin should be treated.That's IDS logic. It was enough to guarantee him all the best positions.In a kind of academic Clint Eastwood style, he uttered his famous catchphrase as he climbed to the top of the cesspit : '' Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man''. I prefer 'go ahead punk' myself.But this quiet man was as quiet as a sewer rat.Something else we should never underestimate.

    After years of annoying his former boss John major and being a loud( not quiet) eurosceptic, he managed to get the top job.And we were all treated to his natural lack of charisma from then on.He remained Tory leader for a year.That must have stung.So he 'quietly' plotted revenge on the world.From the quiet backbenches.
    So the Universal Credit plan was hatched, quickly followed by plans to remove the benefits from disabled.It was thought that benefits from the tax payers money should be capped.But not the salaries and bonuses fro the public servants who said so.They should have what they like from the same coffers.

    The great thinker's hypothesis was that those on benefits were being kept helpless by them so, removing them wold force them to work( in a job that didn't exist).Boris Johnson was of similar mind. he thought that those distressed or anxious by their new found poverty should get a job as a job is the best cure for depression.Lovely.

    IDS was a master of statistical pestidigitation. Nobody before, and nobody since, has used them to such great effect.he knew that the people are impressed by big numbers.So he made them up constantly to support his psychotic state of mind.
    When Cameron took the big job and IDS was on the benches we all saw him in HD and closeup ( unfortunately). As Cameron tried to sound strong ( sorry, i mean 'robust' ) about the poor and starving being unwilling to work for their benefits he was whipping up a whirlwind in the blue patches of parliament.The camera zoomed in to the feverish excitement that ran riot around Iain Duncan Smith's face as he rose to his feet with gritted teeth and clenched fist ''hear, hear''. And that 20 seconds tells you all you need to know.

    This man set in motion the austerity that has surpassed the depths of 1947, he has caused homelessness. He has removed hope.But the elite are fine and will always be fine,They make the rules to make it so.

    Remember the lies he made up from day one to promote himself.His re-invented ''university'' degree and so on.Remember also that we are all the ''Queens Subjects''. When she and her cronies aren't obsessively trying to whitewash the perversions of the family halfwits and inbreds,she and her cronies are busy re-inventing their pasts too via TV dramas to sell themselves to us as 'hard working' and human.Don't they watch the news or look at the streets ? She will smile ( shudder) as she taps Iain Duncan Smith on the shoulder.If Henry VIII was about all that would be left after that would be the shoulder..


  15. You may ( or may not) recall that I pointed the finger at Tony Blair as one of the Tory's greatest assets ( he convinced everyone he was Labour and even landed the job as party leader).Once accusations of war crimes circulated he vanished like a criminal.I don't know the exact salary that ministers receive, even if Prime Minister.But the up-keep of two expensive homes and a few annual fees for private schools and University for the kids, two or more cars and general living expenses it would have to be about £300,000 a year.But, we're told it's less than half of that.Yet, Blair somehow sustained all of the above and, when he left Downing Street, had enough capital to create a huge property portfolio that led him to Multi Millionaire's Row.He went straight from Downing Street to the airport and onto The Vatican to convert.many believe his guilty conscience prompted him to convert to Catholicism has that religion has confession and, let's face it, The Pope and Co forgive the most obscene of crimes for the right price.Other, more cynical( guilty) observers, suggest he went there for the same reason the Jazz Age Italian mobsters and Jewish Mafia ( The 'kosher nostra') went there.It was the only bank unaffected by the Wall Street crash and it was / is a tax haven.Look at the for and against with regard to Blair.

    Blair, as we recall was very kind to one Margaret Hodge back in the late 80s early 90s when she repeatedly refused to act on information implicating politicians and policemen in child abuse at local children's homes in her Islington constituency.She insisted-without investigating- it was all rubbish.She was later proven to be very wrong.Blair could have made an example of her by removing her.Instead, he created, antagonistically to us all, a new position : Minister For Children.

    To this day She has led a privileged life via her political 'friends' in high places.And she never forgets a favour. A proud jew ( above and before anything else) she obediently undermined Jeremy Corbyn's leadership as soon as Blair returned to the spotlight.She led the Pro -Jewish 'protest' and persuaded a few other gullible sheep to leave and weaken confidence in JC as the inevitable election approached.It worked a treat and Blair's friends smiled at the Tory landlside.

    Now we have- surprise, surprise- Blair looking for the limelight.We are reminded of his heady days of his 'special relationship' with Bush as they sat in The Azores under watchful the gaze of host and Portuguese PM Manuel Barroso as they planned an illegal war against Iraq.Shortly after he, and Barosso resigned their posts to concentrate on achieving power and influence in the EU.Both had pretensions of leadership.What are barrosso's 'jobs' these days ? anybody ?

    We now learn that Blair, as well undermining Labour and JC, was trying to push for a second referendum hoping to persuade us to vote to remain in Europe.Coincidentally, he was trying to get yet more money in the form of funding for the Blair Institute from the EU.

    Nothing about this creature tells me he isn't a reptile.he looks like one; he moves like one;' he lives like one.he can over see and hide killings and murders, ruin careers and cause internal chaos in Parliament. When will he be impeached in the name and memory of Dr David Kelly.


  16. Hello Zig, hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays :)

    Yes, Tony Blair did indeed turn out to be snake, and I have to say it felt like a huge betrayal, so much so, that I turned away from politics for many years. It was JC who brought me back, but that has now all ended in a broken dream.

    I once watched a terrific drama about TB, in this particular drama a very haunted TB, I think he was played by Michael Sheen, he usually is. It showed his turning more and more to the Catholic religion, strange, because New Labour once claimed they didn't 'do God'. Now his life appears to be wrecked by his fear of what will happen to him in the next one. I'm good with that. I don't care how he feels his guilt, as long as he feels it.

    I guess I have always known, but now it is confirmed, I do not have the emotional constitution to cope with politics, and I have avoided it all since the GE when Britain turned fascist. I think I will do the same as I did when I realised TB was a sleaze, bury my head in the sand, for a while anyway. It's the Scarlett O'Hara approach, I will think it about it tomorrow when I feel better.

    But Happy New Year my friend and I hope the New Year brings all you desire. I am, despite all of the above, in a happy place due to all the Christmas feel good movies I have been watching. I loved the BBC's Christmas Carol, though it brought slightly more realism than the Dickens original - who knew Ebenezer Scrooge was a victim of child abuse himself?

    Thank you for keeping in touch Zig, and I hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve.

    1. Happy New Year Ros.. xxx

      I think you speak for many who can't find the words regarding TB and party politics in general. I have a sense of something to be honest.All Empires rise, peak, plateau and crumble. For 3 or 4 years now, I believe what we are witnessing constitutes definite, ominous creaking.The weight of the bloated may fall through and take the net with them.pulling us on the fringe to the centre.One last chance or one last swan song. Who knows..

      I believe some time in the coming year there will be a new 'alternative' currency aired.W'll be primed in advance about it as a possibility.Like the Euro was sold to us and bitcoin.The economies can no longer stand up, the West is screwed.The peasants are restless.This is in Old Zigs Almanac. A much maligned and misunderstood tome of wisdom and tales spun with care.

      I suggest you all start watching and reading Adam Curtis online.Just a thought.

      I missed the Dickens stiff but recorded it.I hadn't considered or read anything alternative about old Scrooge. I was to besotted with the '50s B n W version.It was Christmas through and through.To get in the old spirit last night i logged on to dailymotion ( a fine alternative to youtube) and watched the bbc The Signalman with Denholm Elliot in the title role. Only about 45 minutes long but a classy little atmospheric story.

      Have fun and peace from here Ros.Don't let the bastards grind you down, to misquote Gandhi..

      You know where I am if you want to get in touch..

      Zig xX

    2. Bless you Zig and happy new year to you.

      I am a real Dickens fan and recently went to the Rochester Dickins festival. It was great fun. Rochester is very oldy worldy, with Mrs Miggins pie shops and cobbled streets. Many people were dressed in full Dickensian costumes - the whole atmosphere was quite charming.

      I am very much into cheering myself at the mo, lol, but I am aware the deadline for mince pies and ferrer rocher (can't spell it or pronounce it) is fast approaching. Midnight I think, so I best find another nation that isn't there yet, ha ha, I've still got half a box of cherry liquors to go!

      Kindest wishes my friend :)