Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I have always hesitated to write about this case, because it seems to incite such extremes of emotion.  Do I dare disturb the universe today - heck, yeh, why not?

Firstly, I am not a 'hater' nor am I a 'forker'.  I don't hate Kate and Gerry, nor do I hate Madeleine.  I would describe myself as an observer, perhaps, occasionally, a wannabe iconoclast.  

I began watching this curious case from the moment it first broke news.  It was one of those 'I remember where I was, and what I was doing' moments.  At first my reaction was the same as everyone else, shock, horror and heart wrenching sympathy for the parents.  

As time and revelations unfolded, I became hooked enough to make it my specialist subject, should Mastermind ever give me the call.  I have since discovered that there are many of us out there, so have decided not to beat myself up over it.  

Its been gripping all through, for sure, and so many twists and turns - fortunately there are those dedicated people out there keeping meticulous and easily accessible information - its that kind of case.

It is a Masterclass in spin doctory and sales techniques.  It has raised the bar on everything that has gone before.  From a media perspective, it should be used in textbooks.  Clarence should be having a proud father/son moment with Alistair Campbell.  But Gerry McCann should have a standing ovation too, the man is a genius, and obviously followed the wrong calling in life.  

Whether you like Kate and Gerry or not, they have achieved a marketing campaign, the like of which has never been seen before.  It does not surprise me that the Charity Missing People have appointed Kate as their ambassador.  The name Madeleine McCann still sells newspapers, and that is the bottom line.  We live under a tory government, everything is a business.  I take back the last remark, it happened under a labour government too.  They all seem to have blurred into one. 

I have read the book of Dr. Amaral, and the first thing that struck me, was his compassion towards the parents.  I understood his reasons for writing it.  Honour/reputation is one of the few things we can live and die by - we are but a short time on this earth. 

I won't judge him.  In all good detective stories, the hero is usually flawed.  Its what makes them human.  If this is ever made into a film, I am sure A-list actors will be fighting to play his part.  My money is on Antonio Banderas.   Just because I am feeling mischevious, I hereby open a suggestion box for the leading protagonist roles!   

Anyway, to explain my obsession with this case:  Among the many things I have learned along the way, is a little bit of Portuguese culture, a lot about the political skullduggery that goes on behind closed doors and my own personal favourites, body language and forensic linguistics.    

But back to the case in question.  Imo, the massive media presence muddied the investigation.  I was chilled to the bone, when I heard/saw details of Madeleine's distinctive eye, flashed all over the news. I was perturbed that Team McCann had their own news channel on Sky, though I too watched it obsessively for updates.   

This case has attracted more than its share of fruitloops.  The Stephen Birch 'buried in Casa Liliana' is headline grabbing, but too incredible for those of us, who have done our homework and believe in the dogs.

This is real life however, and in real life, detectives rarely, if ever, solve homicides and missing people cases within 60 minutes, or during an ad break.   I have made up my own mind, based on the evidence that exists, though I am always open to persuasion either way, but my gut feeling is, that the parents and their friends, should get themselves ruled out as suspects once and for all.  I think this would have been hugely beneficial to the morale and enthusiasm for their search.

This is indeed, an intriguing case, and one I shall watch closely for ever more, as I am sure will many.  I'm happy to say I am one of those people who can watch a mystery, and still say 'blimey, I didn't see that coming'.  


  1. Dr Amaral? Haha. Doctor of what?

    1. He has several degrees - looking them up will be a good communication exercise for you.

    2. He's not a doctor of anything. Everyone calls themselves 'doctor' in that country as long as they have a qualification in something higher the 50yard breast stroke. Strange how you refer to Amaral as 'doctor' but don't refer to Mr McCann as Dr McCann although he is actually a real doctor.

    3. Gerry McCann is a consultant and consultants are referred as misters not doctors.

    4. Only surgeons are referred to as mister. Gerry McCann is not a surgeon - he's a physician.

    5. I worked at a large teaching hospital in the 1960's and all consultants were referred to as mister in that hospital.

      Anyway Gerry McCann should not be working in any part of the medical profession. Along with his wife he tossed away Madeleine as if she were an old rag. They couldn't be bothered to look for her, which in my opinion means that they knew there was no point in looking for her.

      If Gerry McCann along with his wife, couldn't be bothered to look for Madeleine, in her hour of need, then he can't be bothered to take proper care of his patients. Maybe that is why he was moved to the research department of the hospital, as soon as he came back to work. Or so his boss said. His exact words were, Gerry McCann would not be involved in the day to day care of patients, he would be working on a project, in the research department of the hospital.

      Thank goodness his wife is no longer a practicing doctor.

      I have no time for the McCanns, they behaved badly towards their 3 children in Praia da Luz and it is as a result of their bad behaviour that Madeleine is no longer in her Rothley home.

      While I sincerely hope the McCanns are brought to account, for their behaviour towards their 3 children, especially Madeleine, sadly I don't think this will happen.

      I just hope that Sean and Amelie mete out their own justice to their parents, when they realise how badly they behaved towards them and their big sister.

      The McCanns have spun their two children, the same web of lies, that they spun to the PJ and the general public. The PJ and the majority of the general public, haven't been taken in by the McCanns lies. However, while the twins have no choice at the moment but listen to their parents lies, there will come a time when they will learn the truth.

      When that time comes, I wouldn't want to be in the McCanns shoes.

    6. Great post dandy

  2. Happy Birthday Rosa - hope you've had a good day. Very even-handed blog there - I couldn't have done that!

    1. Many thanks Mike - it is has been a good day. I don't know what happened, but I guess someone does.

    2. awww happy birthday , hope it was a good one xx

  3. Having a law degree in Portugal, Goncalo Amaral is I believe permitted the title of Doctor.

    1. That's a relief. If I ever need heart surgery I'll book an appointment with Amaral because he has a Portuguese degree in law rather than go to Mcann who is only a consultant heart specialist.

    2. Smoke lots, fry everything, coat everything in butter and don't exercise.

  4. Of course there are non-medical doctors in the U K too. I'm visualising a Mastermind topic on the lies of Kate and Gerry McCann - there would certainly be no problem with finding enough questions. I'm puzzled by the last bit about the Tapas 9 getting themselves ruled out as suspects - are you saying that you think they're innocent?

    1. Detective Inspector Hutton wanting centre stage again, coming into it at least a year or two down the line, lol.
      Ya can't fool an old fool, ygl

    2. Most of my expertise comes from films and literature Sadie, and a lifelong passion to understand what makes us tick.

      Were I to judge, I would be more inclined to think that a group decision was made, with an alpha male taking charge, and I think many people are like minded.

      Unfortunately, for Kate, Gerry and the entire tapas group, they have now been put in a position of having to prove their innocence.

    3. "Unfortunately, for Kate, Gerry and the entire tapas group, they have now been put in a position of having to prove their innocence."

      With that statement you lost the little credibility that you had. Prove their innocence to whom? bennett and the havern forum? You must be joking surely.

    4. "Unfortunately, for Kate, Gerry and the entire tapas group, they have now been put in a position of having to prove their innocence."

      Not to "bennett and the havern forum", but to those who have made up their own minds, based on the evidence that exists.

      A balanced view Rosalinda, thank you.

  5. nice, balanced piece - be prepared for plenty of flack though...

    I'm hooked too - I'm very interested in the dual reporting of this case & how certain information
    has been excluded from the British press.
    I think the parents have done an amazing job in stifling any contrary views.

  6. Very intriguing case, very cash-orientated. The important anniversary has passed--the fifth--and there won't be another big one until the tenth. Or maybe maddie's tenth birthday. Quite likely the 'buried in garden' was spin--money will make almost anyone do almost anything. So they denounce the fact she's buried there and are able to continue the 'search', searching no further than their living room, as previously. There are rumours--and rumours are often proved to be fact--that there never was a government review. The Sun wrote the letter to Cameron and published it before he saw it. He never responded. The cops have been investigating all the time, but no physical proof that there's an actual review. More spin. Now the McCanns are separated, living at different addresses--rarely seen together. A new book is in the pipeline: somewhere along the lines of, 'How Our Grief For Madeleine Tore Us Apart'. Random House have already been approached,the book almost completed--by way of diaries, like the last one. The book will come out next Spring, and the 'exclusive' will be that they are filing for divorce. What happens afterwards in anybody's guess. he public and press are sick of the same old yakka, the same long faces and droning voices.

    1. Quote: Now the McCanns are separated, living at different addresses--rarely seen together.

      Really? Not that surprising I suppose. Being stuck in a Rothley cul de sac with Gerry must be difficult.

  7. 'I have read the book of Dr. Amaral, and the first thing that struck me, was his compassion towards the parents.' I really donm't know how you can write that with a straight face. Is it supposed to be some form of black humour?

  8. Rosalinda,

    Thank you for posting this. I echo your thoughts and appreciate your willingness to face the inevitable attacks you will receive from people supporting the McCanns.

    In my opinion, there are not very many of them, but those that exist are passionate and tend to be quite vicious in their treatment of anyone who studies the case and shares your opinions.

    You have obviously gone beyond the surface and read the evidence and studied the interviews given by the 'main characters'.

    I noticed an observation you made here (sometimes mentioned, but not often enough) regarding Goncalo Amaral's compassion toward the McCanns.

    It is a controversial thing to say, but it is absolutely true and a reason that many people immediately knew the BBC were wrong when they claimed he'd answered a reporter by saying 'fuck the McCanns'. Fortunately BBC later admitted the error, but the goal had been met and the man was further condemned.

    It has been my observation in reading translations of his books and interviews (Amaral does not speak English)that he has never attempted to make villians out of the McCanns, yet has shown an unselfish desire to find the truth about what happened to Madeleine.

    Only someone who has dug deep into the available material about the McCann case would see this, therefore I know you have done exactly that.

    Like you, I know that a hero has flaws, although I believe that Amaral's have been exaggerated through the media and online gossip. Still, the man is human and it is the nature of us all to sometimes make mistakes.

    That said, were my child missing, I can think of no other person who I'd want to lead an investigation into what happened.

    Thank you for voicing what many of us feel. A welcome bit of sensible writing amid a barrage of nonsense.

    1. That said, were my child missing, I can think of no other person who I'd want to lead an investigation into what happened.

      You are joking?? Well knowing you probably not.

    2. Many thanks for your thoughtful reply. The attacks are coming thick and fast, from both sides!

      I found the book of Dr. Amaral enlightening. He is far removed from the villain portrayed in the British media. He is a cultured, educated man, and in my opinion, his motives are quite genuine. Sometimes reputation is all we have.

  9. Mastermind, Masterclass yep I suppose there are a few who certainly could compete for that title on this subject.

    But in all the whodunit's how interesting that the focus is back at the Tapas and who trotted off to check

    When, before I eyes everything unfolds in the PRESENCE of the missing child's father, standing there outside the apartment he has just checked, in his PRESENCE his daughter is carried away.

    Enter stage left, or should I say coming up the road in invisible mode, able to witness this moment. But this witness does more than just see the father talking to another, whilst his daughter is carried away, she gives witness\alibi to two men in the group who subsequently were away from the group. By her witness of events, whilst in invisible mode, she actually gives alibis to five people. Even one who checked & never noticed a missing child in a room with 50% bed occupancy.

    What a piece of magic


  10. "The name Madeleine McCann still sells newspapers, and that is the bottom line."

    In a nutshell. It will be their downfall.

  11. Banderas is a great choice to play Amaral.
    Robert Carlyle - Gerry
    Shirley from Eastenders - Kate
    Bill Nighy - Clarence Mitchell
    Ray Winstone - Brian Kennedy
    Ben Kingsley - John McCann
    Robbie Coltrane - Philomena

    1. Have you any previous experience of casting movies? That is GENIUS!

  12. its me graceland .
    i to have followed the case if i have the news on tv and her name is said my ears prick up.
    all i can say is i hope one day we know the answer .
    the mccans and the tapas 7 have to live with what happened . it must be difficult .

    1. Hi Ann, I agree, it must be a terrible thing to live with.

  13. "It is a Masterclass in spin doctory". It certainly is.

    Your child is missing but you don't actively search for her. You refuse to co-operate with the police, answer questions and participate in a reconstruction. You don't ask for the case to be reopened - though you can. Your tapas friends refuse to return for a reconstruction, they all go into hiding and take no part whatsoever in the five year campaign to find your missing child ...but you're cool with that. Instead you hire a PR man, start a fund, write a book and spend five years trawling the world's tv studios, with your practised "victim" expression, claiming no one is looking for your child and imploring the public to not only do the searching but to pay for it as well.
    Genius indeed.

  14. No-one has ever asked the McCanns if they searched for their daughter or not. If they did - the answer would be yes - and so would Diana Webster's answer who was there when they set off on ther search and the GNR officer who saw them.

    Kate McCann was actually asked if she didn't feel she had wanted to join THE LOCALS in their searches. Her first words of reply were 'Well ...I did'. Apparently to some people that means 'No I didn't'

    After searching for their daughter early on the 4th, the rest of the day was spent at the police station.

    By the end of that day the press had arrived in their hordes - and the place was teeming with them. Those reporters' only 'aim' in life was to get a story to send back to their editors. An actual 'quote' from the McCanns being top of their list - next to a photograph.

    We've all seen how the press behave when their 'target' comes in view. They rush to them, they surround them, they stick microphones in their faces whilst firing questions at them. They follow them clicking cameras at them. Anyone who thinks the McCanns would NOT have been treated in this way had they attempted to join the Locals searching for Madeline is living in fantasy land. No way would the McCanns have been allowed to go out searching in peace once the Press arrived.

    The mother of the 3 yr old Scottish boy who was abducted from his grandparents garden never to be seen again, openly admitted that she had not searched for her son herself. No-one has ever criticised her.

    1. The McCanns have been asked point blank if they searched for Madeleine and they dodged the question each time they were asked.

      Also Kate McCann tells a different story to yours in her book of sex and lies.

      Kate McCann says that she and her husband searched for Madeleine, until the early hours of next morning. She says that they were the only ones out searching for Madeleine. If this was true, she and her husband, would have bumped into the police, the locals, the holidaymakers and the staff from the Warner complex.

      I'll give you a different story to yours and Kate McCanns, this story shows that if the McCanns searched for Madeleine, they couldn't have searched for more than a few minutes and they couldn't have bumped into a GNR officer, because the police weren't notified until 22:40hrs and by the time they arrived at the McCanns apartment, to investigate Madeleine's disappearance, the McCanns and their friends, were all in their apartment.

      The McCanns didn't even call the police, it was someone from the Warner complex who called them and that was after they'd heard about Madeleine's disappearance and discovered no one had phoned the police.

      I find it strange that when Kate McCann ran to the Tapas Bar, to tell her husband and her mates that Madeleine had cough cough been abducted, none of them phoned the police, or even asked the staff from the Tapas Bar to phone them.

      The police records, which are in the files, show that they received the call at 22:40hrs, which was 20 minutes after Madeleine disappeared and it took them 20 minutes to arrive at apartment 5a.

      I'm sure if you dig deep in the files, you will find out what the McCanns and their friends were doing, when they should have been out looking for Madeleine and would have been out looking for Madeleine, had she been taken without the McCanns knowledge.

      By the way regarding the people who were searching for Madeleine, while the McCanns were doing other things that to them, were more important than searching for Madeleine.

      The police were searching for Madeleine all night and as soon as they finished their shift other police officers took over the search. The locals gave up work for more than a week, so they too could help to search for Madeleine. The holidaymakers gave up their leisure activities so they could also search for Madeleine.

      What did the McCanns give up? Nothing. They put their children in the creche as soon as the police finished interviewing them and carried on with their leisure activities. How do I know? I read Gerry McCann's daily blogs, in which he described what they were doing that day.

      Regarding the press reports, it was the McCanns friend John Corner, who was a prominent figure in the media, who arranged all their photocalls. Corner, was one of the people the McCanns phoned, when they should have been out searching for Madeleine and would have been out searching for Madeleine, if she had been taken without the McCanns knowledge.

      You really do need to read the files, if you care anything about Madeleine. You diss this little girl, each time you defend her parents and all the ones who say she was loved by her parents also diss Madeleine.

      Any parent who loves their children, would not behave towards them, in the way the McCanns behaved towards Madeleine, Sean and Amelie.

    2. "No-one has ever asked the McCanns if they searched for their daughter or not." Anonymous 19 July 2012 07:15

      The McCanns did not physically search for Madeleine.


      Clip taken from the McCanns first interview
      with BBC's Jane Hill.

    3. Point out to me where Kate McCann is asked whether or not she ever searched for her daughter? The interviewer is talking exclusively about the searching by the locals which did not start until after it was announced on TV that a child was missing and after the time that she and her husband searched. Kate McCAnn has never claimed to have joined in with later searches and even if she had wanted to the presence of hordes of reporters and journalists would have made that impossible.

    4. Reporters and journalists, always handy when you need them.

    5. I was right when I said the McCann fans try to rewrite history. Anonymous, you have just insulted the locals of PDL, who searched for Madeleine, before the news came on television. PDL is a small place and many of the locals worked in the bars and restaurants, including the Tapas Bar, where the McCanns preferred to spend their leisure time with their friends and leave their children unsupervised in their unlocked unlit apartment.

      Do you know who was responsible for the news about Madeleine's disappearance being in the media? If you don't I'll tell you. It was John Corner, the McCanns high profile media friend. The McCanns informed John Corner of Madeleine's disappearance, when they should have been out searching for her and would have been out searching for her, if they didn't have a hand in her disappearance.

      Now open your eyes, pin bag your lug holes and watch the video, where Kate McCann is asked if she wanted to join the search for Madeleine.

      McCann said, she wanted to but she and Gerry were completely nonfunctioning for the first 48hrs. The McCanns told the police, they hadn't searched for Madeleine and this is one of the reasons why they suspected the McCanns version of events was fake.

      The McCanns also told the PJ that they hadn't searched for Madeleine and this is one of the reasons why the PJ suspected the McCanns, were more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

      Stop trying to rewrite history and read the PJ files. You know it makes sense.

      By the way, it's thanks to the McCanns appalling behaviour towards their children, that PDL lost a lot of visitors. Many of the locals who had taken a week off work to look for Madeleine, lost their jobs, thanks to the McCanns appalling behaviour towards their children.

      Parents who believed that the responsibility of taking care of their children, fell on anyone but themselves, refused to visit PDL in case one of their children went missing.

      In these parents eyes, everybody but the McCanns were to blame for Madeleine's disappearance. Even the PJ came in for criticism, even though the weren't made aware that Madeleine had disappeared, until the first phone call was made 40 minutes after Madeleine's mother "found" her "missing."

    6. Was it not the McCanns who involved the press in the first place?

  15. Dandylion, maybe you should read Kate's book again, nowhere does she say they searched until the early hours. They went out at dawn - as soon as it was light - after the PJ had gone and no doubt the hotel staff and others had also gone home to get some sleep.

    One thing we can be certain about with Kate's book is that it will have been scrutinised to the nth degree by the legal bods before it was published, to make absolutely sure there was nothing in it that could be construed as libelous and that there were no claims made which could be proved to be untrue.

    If Amaral could have identified just one untrue claim - and been able to prove it to be false - he would have been shouting it from the rooftops and Kates book would have been dead in the water as he would have proved her to be a liar. But NOT A PEEP from him.

    Anyone who can describe the book as a book of 'sex and lies' - has a mindset which I am truly glad I don't have.

  16. Madeleine, page 129

    "I asked Gerry apprehensively if he'd had any really horrible thoughts or visions of Madeleine. He nodded. Haltingly, I told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body, her perfect little genitals torn apart".

    Written by Kate McCann, for her three children and the rest of the world.

    Talking of mindset.

    1. Talking of mindset......... and???

      Kate confides to her husband the most painful and hellish thoughts which had pushed themselves into her mind. Thoughts which any mother who thought her child might be in the hands of a paedaphile would have to face up to.

      If you can't understand that then it is you who have a problem.

    2. Kate and Gerry McCann also told the media that although they believed Madeleine was taken by a paedophile, they believe she is still alive.

      I'm no doctor, but I'm 99% sure that Madeleine would not survive an attack by a paedophile.

    3. Quote:

      Kate confides to her husband the most painful and hellish thoughts which had pushed themselves into her mind. Thoughts which any mother who thought her child might be in the hands of a paedaphile would have to face up to.

      If you can't understand that then it is you who have a problem.


      Let's leave it to Sean's and Amelie's judgement, time will tell.

  17. Your anonymous, mate says the McCanns were out searching as soon as Madeleine was discovered missing. She/He says that a GNR officer saw them. She/He also says Diane Webster was there when the McCanns set out on their search.

    The police weren't even called until 22:40 and because of the distance they had to travel, they didn't reach the McCanns apartment until 23:00hrs.

    I read a passage online, from Kate McCann's book of sex and lies which said she and her husband searched for Madeleine, until the early hours of the morning and they were the only ones searching for Madeleine. Kate McCann said the same thing when she was interviewed around the 5th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance. She said they were jumping over hedges as they frantically looked for Madeleine. No one else was looking for her, everyone had gone home.

    You say that they went out at dawn as soon as it was light, if this was true, it is appalling, because the McCanns should have looked for Madeleine, as soon as the alarm was raised by her mother.

    Do I believe they ever looked for Madeleine? No I don't? Why? because they told the police they hadn't looked for her and this is one of the reasons the police suspected that their story was fake. Plus they began to lie as soon as the police questioned them.

    Anyone who bought Kate McCann's book only has to read page 129 to see that there is filth in it. I read the passage online and I was disgusted to read what she said about Madeleine's lower parts. Kate McCann said she wrote this book for her 3 children and she hoped that wherever Madeleine was, she would be allowed to read the book. Madeleine was only 8yrs of age when this filth was released to the public.

    If Madeleine was alive and living with people who were taking proper care of her, she would not be allowed to read this book. Especially the passage where her mother gives a vivid description of how she imagines her perfect little genitals being violated. Or the passage where her mother describes how her sex life with her father was non existent.

    Or the passages where her mother is using the "F" word towards Goncalo Amaral.

    If you think this book is suitable reading material for a child, you need your head testing. I have no problem at all if you think this book of sex and lies is suitable reading material for yourself. However if you have children old enough to read, please don't leave this book where they can lay their hands on it.

    Regarding Goncalo Amaral, he has behaved exactly how a serving or former police officer should behave. He would be letting himself and his family down, if he behaved as the McCanns have behaved in their media interviews.

    1. Dear me - if you really think the first call to the police was made at 10.40 and that the McCanns did not go out at first light to search,then you really do need to take your own advice and go read the files. Your post is littered with misinformation.

      Amaral is a criminal, who was given a suspended prison sentence for tampering with evidence to protect the torturers of a defenceless woman. He is an embarrassment to all decent policemen and all decent men.

      Anyone who thinks Kates's book is a book of 'sex and filth' needs help.

    2. Is this not the essence of the McCann case, the constant contradictions and changes of story? Innocent or guilty, the McCanns are attention seekers. They involved the press when there was still a chance that Madeleine had wandered off; the women should have returned to their children, the mother-in-law person should have stayed with Kate and the four men should have led the search, one in each direction. Kate McCann reviles a good many people, including Robert Murat, who has been cleared of any involvement; and he stepped forward to help.

  18. "Regarding Goncalo Amaral, he has behaved exactly how a serving or former police officer should behave. He would be letting himself and his family down, if he behaved as the McCanns have behaved in their media interviews."

    He received an 18 month suspended prison sentence for another matter.

    1. Whatever Goncalo Amaral has done or not done, doesn't excuse the McCanns appalling behaviour towards their 3 toddlers. They broke the Portuguese law each time they left their children unattended, in their unlocked, unlit apartment.

      Kate McCann's Portuguese lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, said to her "If you were Portuguese, this would be enough to put you in prison."

      Why is it that the McCanns supporters, blame anyone but the McCanns for Madeleine's disappearance? Is it because you've heard the McCanns say so many times "We are innocent, we've done nothing wrong" that you've come to the conclusion that they are right and everyone else is wrong?

      I honestly don't know, how you can support the McCanns, after the appalling way they treated their 3 defenceless children.

      I take it you must support Karen Matthews, because she also behaved in an appalling way towards her daughter Shannon.

      Karen Matthews used the McCanns as her role models, when she set out to fake Shannon's abduction. She realised that the McCanns were using Madeleine as a cash cow and she thought she would do the same with Shannon. However where the McCanns succeeded, Karen Matthews failed.

      Lucky for Shannon, she was found alive and well, although traumatised. Poor Madeleine has yet to be found and she never will be,while the perpertrators of the crime remain silent.

      What a pair of bleeding cowards, the gruesome twosome are.

  19. Innocent parents would never refuse to answer Police questions.


  20. Well I am still hoping, that these innocent people - the McCanns and their friends - will go back to Portugal and work with the police there to have a reconstruction of the events - not for the TV and publicity but to aid the investigation.

    I find their refusal to even do this small task as quite significant as I cannot think of any reason why a couple of days in Portugal helping find Madeleine would not be worth doing and its a whole load cheaper than employing dodgy detectives too. Could there be some other reason they don't want do this?

  21. That's nicely and dispassionately written. I've been somewhat intrigued by the case for the same reasons as yourself, though perhaps with less sympathy for the McCann couple. You're saying, I think, that they're masters of deceit, which although clever is hardly admirable. And writing from Portugal, perhaps it ought to be emphasized that Amaral's credentials are not faked, anyone here with a certain level of tertiary education is allowed to use the title doutor. Moreover, his professional qualifications are entirely legitimate and the majority of the country credits what he says, it's just that the statutory legal requirements prohibit the furtherance of his statements without the crucial evidence of a body - that and perhaps a few political shenanigans behind the scenes. On the other hand no-one with any sense would place much reliance on the words of the careless if not more seriously blame-worthy parents. The real mystery is how they get away with it, and when the answer to that is uncovered it's likely to be a very sordid tale indeed.

  22. For these arguments about the meaning and status of the title "Dr" - The title was originally given (and still is) to academics with a Phd. These professors, or "doctors" often view their medical counterparts as somewhat inferior to themselves. It was not all that long ago in history that surgeons had about as much 'class' status as barbers. It's all kind of ridiculous really.

    However, Dr. Goncalo Amaral does make comments (according to the McCannfiles) that suggest he (Amaral) thinks that Gerry McCann is a surgeon. Amaral refers to some comment offered by an English police officer about "(surgeons) chopping up hearts before breakfast" as an explanation for Gerry's (supposedly cold) manner.

    If Amaral is going to use the title of "Dr", for whatever purpose, he should start by getting his facts right, as Gerry is not, nor ever has been, a 'surgeon'.

  23. According to the above, Dr Amaral heard an English Police Officer referring to McCann as a Surgeon. Surely it's the English Police Officer who should 'get his facts right'. Dr. Amaral's mistake was in taking what an English Police Officer said as 'truth'.

  24. According to the above, Dr. Amaral heard an English Police Officer refer to G. McCann as a Surgeon. Surely it is the English Police Officer who should have 'got his facts right.' Although perhaps Dr. Amaral should not have believed what the policeman said and should have checked its truth.