Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Being diagnosed with diabetes has taken all the joy out of watching Come Dine With Me - the puddings especially.  I just love this trend where they serve 3 little puddings, all different, and think the person who came up with that idea should be awarded a Nobel Prize at the very least.  

But I am not down.  A little of what you fancy, does you good, 'little' being the key word.  My diagnosis, coincides, with a very happy house move, and an opportunity for another watershed.  I will fortunately, have my beloved little pooch around again, and as old as he is, he still loves his walkies, Even if you spell it rather than say the word, he has his collar and lead in his gob and a pleading look in his eyes that says, 'get your wellies, I'm ready'.  

Have to say, nothing quite so invigorating as walking a dog.  It is one of life's pleasures, that is much underestimated.  

Getting the sugar balance right is still a struggle, I am vaguely finding my feet, though nowhere near there yet.  Unfortunately when your mood goes high or low, its fast or famine - which is not a healthy regime, and probably one of the root causes of Type 2, even for sane people. 

Anyway, have stopped buying chocolate, apart from one minor incident, when a bag of maltesers flew into my shopping basket and stayed in the fridge for all of 10 minutes.  I find if they are cold, you can suck them much longer and not finish off an entire bag in one sitting.  

I'm glad I shared, shocked at how many of us there are out there, and in awe at the ones who have turned it around. 

Anyway, I will continue to write about my experiences, the ups, the downs, the unauthorised cream cakes, and the attempts at exercise! 


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  1. I never liked it as a child but have just discovered the delight of honey as an alternative and natural sweetener. I use it to sweeten my cereal in the morning (if you don't like it concentrated put a teaspoon of it into the milk first, then stir it in, and put the cereal into the milk last). Also, if you're craving chocolate or cakes, try a teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water for a lovely sweet drink. It really works for me.