Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I noticed several of the speakers at the tory conference made references to our own particular demographic.  Ie, old birds who are basically burned out, or who have realised that that they are collapsing under the burden of caring for their parents, as well as their kids and trying to stay polite as some jobsworth penpusher, is asking them to touch their toes, so they can get them stacking shelves in the Pound Shop.

I can see where this is going. We clapped out ones, are a huge drain on the economy.  Even those with zimmer frames are suspected of having pole dancing lessons in their front parlour.  Everything will be investigated.

The rest it seems have achieved that lifetime dream of afternoons with Jeremy Kyle, Foxy Bingo and a litre of strong white cider.  And they get VO's to visit their kids and grandkids, ever 6 months, which makes a nice day out.  I can never understand why the faithful become so incensed with that particular perspective?  Is it a lifestyle they would prefer to the one they have?  Is it not pitiful?

I think those kindly benefactors of free work have probably now got we old birds penned in for care work, when they get their mitts on the NHS.  Can't beat free labour or even outsource hands on care to third world countries. Lets just hope they provide cardboard boxes and a fast track ticket for the food banks?

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