Wednesday 10 October 2012

LETTERS TO LYNN - Watching George Osborne speak

Am sat here watching George Osborne giving his speech at the Tory Party conference.  Was afraid to watch it, for fear of throwing things at the telly, so have removed breakables and transferred my juice into a plastic bottle.

However, found myself roaring with laughter, for all the wrong reasons naturally.  I just picked up on the bit about him taking away housing benefit for the under 25's, and he stressed the point by saying that there were many 'twice their age' still living at home with their parents.  Naturally, I presume he is talking about tory voters, and it has given me the right giggles.  I sort of picture Timothy (Ronnie Corbett) in that old sitcom wearing a sleeveless pullover.  

Or the heir apparent waiting in the ballroom, saying to himself 'one day all this will mine'.  

Eeeek, Francis Maude, now getting rid of union reps!  He's saying this is a 'new world' - one in which workers will have no rights, not that they have many now!  You would be on your soapbox Lynn, waving your fist, and shouting 'e're, thats not right'.  Now saying civil servants (hospital workers) to have their sickness, days off, scrutinized.  

They gave a nod to the volunteers who worked on the Olympics - not that they had much choice, it was do it, or have your dole cut, and btw you will be sleeping rough underneath an old railway tunnel.  

Gawd 'elp the nurses, wondered when they would start on them, it will include carers too, I despair.....

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