Saturday 27 October 2012


Booze and grass, you'r on  your arse.  Never a truer word spoken, it has to be said.   Having spent 30+ minutes throwing up, I can vouch for it.   Haven't quite worked out the logistics, ie, if you smoke, then drink your ok, but if you do it the other way round you throw up.  I'm none the wiser, but will continue to experiment.  

It has the added bonus in that it could give me the incentive I need to develop bulimia.  Its something I've aimed for, for donkeys years.  I've always loved me grub, way to much to part with it, and besides it would a terrible insult to the chef.

I jest of course.  Some (those not wishing for my early demise) might empathise and be fighting the same battle. I have never actually got to February,when I have joined Weightwatchers or taken life much to seriously at all.  It takes an alarm bell, like a positive diagnosis of diabetes, to make you take things seriously.  You might be nuts and driving all those around you murderous, but it is not potentially fatal, in a physical sense.

I am sitting here tonight, with the mutt, Barney Bubble snoozing alongside me.  I always credit him as co-author my book, due to the number of times he walked across my keyboard whilst I was writing it.  He's never been bothered by fireworks in the slightest in the past, but now that he is all but mutton, they are making him jumpy and twitchy. He is known as grandad, to the other dog walkers, and automatically forgiven for being a grumpy old sod.  He always has been by the way, its not new.  Should he carry on?  When he is running after 'his' ball in the park, that he can only see out of the one eye, he is a pup again.  He can't for the life of him remember when he has been fed, so everytime he wakes up after a long snooze, he thinks it is dinner time, and no-one in the world could resist those soulful eyes.   

But back to my own diabetes.  Having Barney Bubble back in my life is huge incentive to get off my arse.  He's not in the least bit bothered about those 'all important DNA results' on Jeremy Kyle, when he could be out there picking a fight with a Bull Mastiff.  I kid you not, he has always had ideas above his station and cost me a fortune in foil pack dog food.  Probably getting his own back for all those years I made him watch Crufts.  I made him watch Dog Borstal too, but he never took a blind bit of notice.  

But back to the diabetes, I have avoided sugar (on the whole), and the transition from sugar lumps to fake sugar, has been quite painless.  I am programming (if that is the right word here) myself, to have a cup of tea and a carb when I get up.  Most days, I will eat toast with marmite, rather than marmalade, but also enjoying, plain old toast with butter.  

I have rediscovered the joys of plain old porridge!  Still giggle at the argument I used to have with my Scottish dad, for me, definitely NO salt!  But agree, should always be made with water.  One cup of porridge, two cups of water.  Easy peasy, and astonished, at the variety of simpler ways in which to make it.  

I am not 'being good' diet wise, by any means.  See opening sentence. But I am on the whole, avoiding, sugar, chocolate (sob) and cakes, especially.  I am half scots and have a sweet tooth, so going to invest in a cake mixer and experiment with bran muffins made with fake sugar.  Watch this space for results!

Happily Barney Bubble settled comfortably and snoring away,  


  1. Aw, bless Barney Bubble. Dogs make the best companions, they're so loving and all they ask is to be fed and walked. The latter being very good for the owner too! Glad you have settled into your new home and are weaned off chocolate and marmalade. I'm still taking honey and haven't touched a chocolate bar for weeks. Got a terrible cold at the moment and the honey drinks are working a treat!

    1. Hi Lesley, I haven't had my 'training day' yet, but isn't honey full of sugar? One of us is having a blonde moment! lol

      Poor old Bubble - he looks as though 'the end is nigh', but yet he still loves running around the park and starting fights with rottweillers. He is also enjoying his grub, but forgets he has just been fed. I'm a bit like that meself!

  2. hello bell glad your doing ok with the diet , i dont take sugar in coffee anyway gave it up years ago , glad your settled and barney is , have you moved town or just house in same town ?
    take care its graceland xxx

    1. Flat in same town Ann. It is small, and cosy, and decorated with all my personal things, that I polish on an almost daily basis. I have turned into Mrs Bucket! And guess what? My next door neighbour loves Elvis! I have told her all about you! xxx

    2. Mean't say, haven't taken sugar in coffee for years, and can even smell it, if someone has added it. Can't give up sugar in tea - though think I am managing it. Went from 2 sugar lumps to one sugar lump, to one fake sugar. It was quite painless, and now quite used to fake sugar. Have been using it for cereal for years, so sort of accustomed to the taste.

  3. I happen to be a PWD, Type 2. To keep my glucose level in control, I walk to work every day and this turns out to have done nice things to my health. This is on top of my medication which I take regularly.