Sunday, 14 October 2012


All the signs were there, I should have known, but sometimes you cannot see what is right there before your eyes.

My son has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 13.  It is something we, mostly he, have struggled with for many years.  The immediate response, was 'learn everything about it'.  I recognised it in my son, because of his weight loss, and the stickyness of the toilet seat.  As a mum, I would have given anything for it to have been me, instead of him.  

But I digress, I should known, recognised it in myself.  I have had a good doctor these past few months, and I have been a good patient - I've turned up.  I blamed my ill health, my sheer exhaustion and fatigue on being overweight and depressed.  I accepted my athritis with good grace, and put my heavy sweats and pounding heart, down to an extended menopause.  My mother's went on forever, and I guessed I had inherited that along with her Irish love of an illness.  Seriously, when I asked her one week if she had been to see Dr. Shipman (her pet name for him), she said, quite seriously, no, because she hadn't been well.  

My own dear doctor, didn't patronise me, by explaining the ins and outs, and I was grateful for that.  I wasn't in the mood.  Still haven't been, daren't even google it, too much in depth just now. To be controlled by diet and exercise which is not in the least bit conducive to my lifestyle - although it could be.

I do at least know now, why I feel so ill at the time, and have gained an insight into the reality of the disease, more than I had ever imagined.  I am on the list for a one day course at my local hospital. Meanwhile, I am starting to recognise, when I am going low and need to snack.  Haven't accomplished the 'going high' end yet (that I know of) and can still polish off a bag of 'tropical mix' - my nod to living healthily, in lieu of a box of maltesers, with the added danger of my perilously loose teeth thrown in, to up the ante.  

I thought I would share my news with you.  Lots of us out there, sadly.  Will give the ins and outs of the early stages and, I am sure, the laughs.  I am already seeing the plus side.  Anything I do, or say, wrong I can put down to the diabetes, in a hushed Les Dawson's Ada Shufflebottom voice, to evade further questions.  

Meanwhile, if any 'old hands' out there can offer any tips and advice.  The 'reality' stuff as to the government approved advice, it would be great if you could share it with us. 

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