Monday 26 January 2015


Unfortunately for the McCanns, they don't just want to be declared innocent, they want it written into the statutes with the full force of civil and criminal law to be used against anyone with the audacity to suggest they might be telling fibs.

In a nutshell, here is what they really want:

No man, woman, child (the demands extend to the twins' school), newspaper or any other media outlet, shall caste doubt on the abduction story according to Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends and family who are also innocent.

Anyone questioning the McCann family on twitter or any other social network should go straight to jail without passing Go or collecting £200. 

Should any newspaper or broadcaster deviate in any way from official Team McCann press releases, or publish any item that has not had the explicit approval of Clarence Mitchell and The Fund's Board of Directors, a 6 figure sum must immediately be paid into the Madeleine Fund.

The public must accept and support Kate's role as Ambassador to Missing People and possible future parenting advisor without question, anyone can lose a child on holiday.

The elevation of Gerry McCann to VIP as he spearheads a campaign to gag the press and imprison and make examples of ordinary members of the public who criticise him, his wife, or members of his family.  Standing Ovations must be de rigueur for Mr. McCann a la Kim Jong-un and superstars like Elton John and David Beckham should get on board so they can arrange those annual Madeleine Pop and Sports world events so wickedly thwarted by Goncalo Amaral in September 2007.

The family home of the aforementioned Detective, together with all his past, present and future earnings be given over to the McCanns.  The same harsh rules must also apply to ANY detective employed by the Portuguese or British authorities in the event they too should step out of line.  Detectives must not be encouraged to investigate cases where they have already been given an adequate story by people who are their social and intellectual superiors and who have friends in high places. 

The abolition of the #McCann twitter hashtag and all forums and facebook pages that discuss the case of missing Madeleine unless approved by a Government appointed Witchfinder General Director of the Internet and dedicated team of vigilantes/morally righteous/sanctimonious volunteers who will watch the internet 24/7 for any signs of subversive activity.

The 2.00pm slot (before the Queen) on Christmas Day for their annual Madeleine Appeal for cash.  People need to be reminded that their children are at constant risk of stranger danger (even though STRANGER danger is the least of their worries) at this festive time when they are feeling especially generous.

Heck, the McCanns want a New World Order where we all live under surveillance and queue up to hand over our DNA with all our news approved by an agency run along the lines of the Soviet Stasi, with of course, roughy toughy ex policemen on 24 hour guard against the legions of perverts and paedophiles who apparently live among us - obviously ignoring the kids in their own homes in order to scour the internet, as P & Ps do.

They want us guided in our daily lives by mean spirited brain dead morons like Carole Malone and Lorraine Kelly whose protection of the little Englanders and the Middle Classes, has exposed their own innate racism and snobbery.  It was only the Portuguese police who declared the parents suspects, lets ignore that and have a friendly chat on the sofa with the parents anyway - they are such nice people, and we'll try to get in a few digs about Portuguese cops not being as good as our cops.  Shameful, how they cracked on with the search for the child without once stopping to offer the parents sympathy and light refreshments - the cads.  And that was the worst of the police brutality, as confirmed by Kate in her book. 

Will the insults to Portugal continue?  Will the outraged Ms. Malone suggest the Portuguese (female) Judge is a twisted, fecked up bitch?  How I wonder will she describe DCI Wall should she too ever dare to suggest the McCanns may have lied?  Will she go for the hair or nails?  Will Grace Dent continue to speak out against the 'lawless internet' - what laws would she like to see?  Only 'approved' people allowed to use it, and most definitely not the unemployed?

I bitch of course, but I beg you please, please, look beneath the surface of this missing child case, its big for a reason, and that reason is to keep you living in fear.  Fear for your children most of all. If pretty little kids like Madeleine can be taken from responsible parents (doctors for heavens sake!) like Kate and Gerry, it could happen to anyone.  Over 90% of kids abused, are abused in their homes and by people who know them, that is the reality and that is where we need to be constantly on our guard, protection needs to come from the frontline services and from within the family via education.

Meanwhile, let the kids OUT to play ffs!  They are missing out on so much!  They will learn everything they will ever need for their futures by mixing and playing with others the same age, friends they choose themselves, and if you raised them with love and compassion, they will choose the right ones.  They need to learn that the world is full of trickery, but it is also filled with virtue, at a level they can understand, that is from their peers and from other kids of different ages and backgrounds.  Kids don't care what colour their playmates are or how much money their parents have, they just see friends, sometimes enemies, but that will prepare them for the rest of their lives. 

The majority of people out there are inherently good and mean well, don't teach your kids to live in fear of something that is so remote the chances are it will never, ever, affect their lives.  We are turning in on ourselves, we are becoming a nation of solitary hermits, too scared to venture outside our front doors.  Children sitting alone in their rooms playing X-box and eating pizza will grow up to be adults sitting alone in their rooms playing X-box and eating pizza.

A journalist recently asked me why do I do this.  I do this because  I hate the injustice that is being done to a child who has all but been forgotten.  I hate that, that child has been used to place a generation of parents in a constant state of fear for their kids, to the extent that millions of kids are being imprisoned in their own homes by over anxious mums and dads who fear every adult who goes for a solitary stroll in the park is on the lookout for a child to steal or photograph for the pleasure of their grubby mates online.  Any man or indeed woman taking the time to stand and stare in a park will be cuffed and on the Sex Offenders Register before their barrister could say, but he was writing a poem about the beauty of nature.  Anymore stories about squirrels hiding their nuts and staring at trees and he will get life!  So too any other adult caught in a park without a legitimate reason, we must think of the children!

I hate the threat to Freedom of Speech that surrounds this case and the McCanns' wholly unreasonable demands and campaigns to curtail what is written and reported in the press.  I hate that journalists are being imprisoned for doing the same thing done by journalists throughout history - journalism needs mavericks and anti authoritarian characters, they are the ones who get the truth out to us!  I hate that the case of missing Madeleine is being used by a sinister movement that is tapping in on parents' natural fear for their children to bring in draconian internet surveillance laws that no-one asked for or foresaw.

And I do this because all around me I see a nation of fat people with fat kids whose bodies and lives are being destroyed by some imaginary fear created by malevolent greedy people whose desire for power and money overrides any moral or humane ideals they may once have had.  They want us to be suspicious of each other and they want to dissuade us from congregating.  The biggest threat to the establishment is the sharing and exchange of information.  The internet unites people with like minded views.  As single entities we are powerless, one or even a thousand letters from Mr. Angry of Tunbridge Wells can be binned and ignored, but letters from a thousand Mr. Angries cannot. 

Any government knows they must divide in order to rule, and the only thing that prevents them doing this entirely is humanities need to form family units and tribes, its primaeval, even Stalin couldn't stamp it out.  There are now more single households than ever before in our history, nowt wrong with that, I'm a confirmed singleton myself, but from the perspective of the human race, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world as the song goes.  The authorities would prefer to segregate us, as individuals we are harmless and governable, as a mass we are the formidable Tyger Tyger. 

Some like Grace Dent, may refer to the internet as lawless, they let just about anyone use it, and that can't be right!  It should be a privilege reserved to a chosen few, she should have gone on to say.  Well long may the internet be lawless.  In my opinion, this is a new Age of Enlightenment and the 'authorities' can no longer contain information within borders.  We may have bought the official missing story of Madeleine McCann had abduction occurred in the 1960's and accepted as fact everything the newspapers told us, but now the truth of anything we want to know is only a click away. 

The bat shit crazy McCanns want something that isn't available to anyone else in the world, not to the Queen, not to Kim Jong-un, not to Rupert Murdoch, not even to Simon Cowell.  They want control over everything that is written and said about them in the press, not sure if their demands apply to others in the media spotlight, it rarely does, but they are clearly off their heads.  That armies of lawyers, journalists, members of parliament and supporters go along with these insane demands is clearly a question for their own moral compasses, if they have any. 


  1. :) Brilliant! keep blogging while you can eh? Watch out, Gerry Jong Un's about

  2. Yes. "Control" and "look beneath the surface" very important, even crucial in this matter I believe. Freedom of speech, apps,previously failing charity etc are all part of wider agenda imo. Poor child a pawn in much bigger game

    1. Its taken several years to understand what this case is really all about 08.01, but now I am past doubting. In 2007 the incumbent Labour government were pushing for Amber Alert (stricter border controls and compulsory DNA for all newborns) and putting out what a jolly good idea it would be for all of us to hand over our blood so they built a database. Terrified parents and the terminally gullible could easily be persuaded to vote for such measures, the parents in order to protect their children, and the gullible because it gives them an opportunity to let the world know what good eggs they are and they have nothing to hide.

      They were attempting to persuade the masses that their children were in constant danger because the majority will put the lives and safety of their children above their own rights to privacy and the freedoms their forbears fought so hard to achieve. No population hands over its freedoms entirely in one go, they are chipped away bit by bit.

      And a short message to the terminally gullible. While you may momentarily enjoy the glory of telling the world what a clean living, upright citizen you are, a change of government or ideology could turn you into a law breaker in a nanosecond. Not only are you giving away your own freedoms for that split second's praise, you are also giving away the freedoms of your kids and their kids.

      Madeleine was the poster child, her appealing little face struck a chord in a way that a picture of surly, spotty teenager could never hope to achieve. It was never about finding the child, if it had been, they would have used the up to date picture of the gangly, almost 4 year old little girl, not the cherubic toddler picture of Madeleine in her Christmas party frock.

    2. My thoughts have run along similar themes for several yrs also. Especially with the links to the govt at the time. There is a stench about all of this which takes it out of the arena of an ordinary abduction and the persistent 'support' of a seemingly employed group of followers to perpetuate the myth only enhances the myth imo.

  3. Good blog as always, Ros. Please keep up the excellent work - your passion for what you write shines through. When you get the time why not come over and chew the fat with us on the Amazon forum -

  4. Great piece, ! I read your blog regularly and invariably recall the good- old- bad- old- Euro-board and YGL!

    Proud of the way we brought you up and let you loose on here! One of our own ;-)

    Best regards Hazel furtherflight....... or further-shite according to Mandy! lol-oh-lol!

    1. Hazel!!! Yo! Great to see you! Yeh, the AOL boards certainly started me off, I think they could be compared to the way in which Spartans are trained for battle, lol, or even members of the Fight Club, first rules of the Fight Club, there are no rules! Who knew even then we were up against professional McCann media monitors eh? So glad we stood our ground Hazel :)

  5. So true Crisobell, '' the bat shit crazy McCanns'' that made me laugh and sums them up nicely.Kate McCann is definitely deranged there's no doubt about that, as a kid she was probably a spoiled brat that always got her own way, but hopefully will soon realize there are consequences for telling lies, and trying to put the blame on others. Every-time I see their lying, scheming, faces my heart goes out to Madeleine knowing what uncaring parent's she really has/had.Jerry on the other hand is the controlling one! look how agitated he gets when she is speaking, the sly side wood glances, the cold looking eyes, hoping she doesn't say something that will drop them both in the shit. If their IS any justice in this world, I hope and pray that Madeleine and Dr Amaral get it.

    Thanks Cristobell for your enlightening blogs, I enjoy all of them.

    1. The McCanns are indeed bat shit crazy 10:50, who wouldn't be living a lie for almost 8 years. What astonishes me, is the people around them who are still trying to convince the public that the King and Queen are dressed in finely woven cloth and not stark bollock naked.

      The pair of them are as mad as a box of frogs, look at the duping delight, the sly maniacal grins. the desperate need for sympathy and praise for their continued 'efforts to find their daughter'.

      Continuing your holiday, inviting all your mates to join you and taking daily photocalls for the paparazzi is not the normal behaviour of grief stricken parents. And to anyone who says you don't know how you would behave, 99.9% of us would say 'not like that!'. Registering your child as a commodity at the Patent Office within days of her disappearance, isn't brave and admirable, its callous and manipulative. And if saying that makes me a troll, then I'm a troll!

  6. The print media is like Jazz - not dead yet but smelling iffy.

    Rolling news - hanging in there - but often out boxed by social media these days.

    PR - rules - public relations - lying to the people to flog a product or a concept bless Edward Bernays - the guy thought PR a much better term than Propaganda - which it essentially is.

    Team McCann - is a PR exercise - always has been, always will be.

    All the shiny little things: wrist bands and luggage labels - Simple Minds (how apt) rock tunes blasted out to the sheeple in Football stadia - all fluff, all propaganda.

    Bernay's uncle?: Sigmund Freud


  7. Cristobell ... I love what you have written!

    I'll share a link to this piece on my FB page Aletheias Footsteps for Madeleine McCann. THANK YOU x

  8. Cristobell, 01:24 Thanks for your reply.

    Anyone who can't see through them by now is either thick, (to be blunt) or taken in by the image they TRY to project. It's time they gave up this pretense as it's NOT working anymore. It doesn't matter how hard they try to convince people that have took the time, and trouble, to look into this case that they are innocent, things just don't add up.

    Like you've said pre-planned photo shoots with family! they look anything but traumatized by their daughters disappearance.Kate carrying around cuddle-cat all the time, either stroking it in interviews, or it's poking out the top of her bag, what's all that about? In later interviews they look bored being asked questions they've been asked many times before, I suspect, they know if they don't stick to the script they WILL trip themselves up. I wish someone would ask them onto a TV program were they were asked about some of the inconsistencies in their statements, I wonder if they would accept the offer?

  9. What troubles me about all of this is that since none of us do know exactly what happened to Madeleine, then there must always the possibility that her parents were involved in her disappearance.It doesn't matter whether there is a great probability they were, or whether there is a very small possibility, nobody (lawyers, police, government, television etc should be rushing to prevent anyone from voicing an opinion that the McCanns were involved ........ because, what happens if they actually were? Only the McCanns know for certain whether they were involved or not, but I think they have to accept, until we have an explanation for what happened to Madeleine, that others are entitled to query their version of events.

  10. Post 17:50,
    You're right, none of us do know what really happened, but what we do know IS the McCann's aren't telling the truth. If they were innocent in any of this- then why aren't they coming forward to reply to all the untruths they claim are written about them on various F/B and Twitter sites? They seem awfully nervous/fearful- for people who are supposedly innocent, which makes people question why? If you're innocent you wouldn't need to cover anything up, or LIE about anything, after-all Kate keeps telling people she KNOWS more than they do, so why doesn't she tell everyone what she knows and maybe people would stop coming to their own conclusions about what happened on that fateful holiday.

  11. Like you Anon 3.30, I am of the opinion that the McCanns are not telling the whole truth, but my point was that, irrespective of whether they are guilty or innocent they wouldn't want anyone to speculate that it was them. However, until there is definite proof of what happened then all possibilities much remain on the table. If the McCanns sincerely do want people's assistance to find out what happened to their daughter I think they have to accept that people have a right to speculate. If they are guilty you might expect them to want to ensure that people stop talking, if they are innocent you might expect that they would be particularly concerned to clear up any misunderstandings, as you said above.

    1. You are right; they have deliberately courted publicity and should accept the adverse side of things as well.

      I do not believe that anyone will ever be brought to book for whatever happened to Madeleine McCann. Scotland Yard has, at the expense of the British taxpayer, written the defence brief for her parents. It would also do nicely for the abductor, if he exists.

  12. I accept what you say, but they keep reiterating the same old line that they are innocent. They say Madeleine was abducted, but there was no evidence of that being the case. They refuse to accept that after doing their own research people are asking questions due to the many lies they have told to date.

    People would be less suspicious if they had been more forthcoming with answers, instead of backtracking every time they nearly got caught out in one of their many lies. By keeping quiet it's obvious they don't want the "misunderstandings" cleared up, and prefer to sue people to ensure the fund stays afloat!!

    Thank you for your reply. PS this post is in reply to 06:42

  13. put the two of them bat shit crazy bastards in a warehouse alone with me for an hour and I will discover the truth, from the very first moment it was obvious that they were not grieving parents, daddy never shed a real tear, mummy still wearing the scent of her dead child on her clothes and the smiling sick attitude to deny, deny, deny and who in the hell says something like " I'm not here to enjoy myself" whilst on holiday with your beloved family, podesta, freud, brown, blair, how many more, its been ten years and millions wasted, these people are evil, I am with Amaral.
    I do my own research and belive that they are both guilty, of neglect and shameless lies.