Sunday, 15 April 2012


Cellar Door is, debatably the most beautifully phonaesthetic compound noun in the English language, sell-a-dore, it rolls off the tongue, and sounds almost tuneful, but its a bugger trying to slip it into everyday conversation. 

The French, I think have more flexibility with their language and pronunciation, Sacrableu sounds far more theatrical and classy than 'oh fuck', particularly when it is enhanced with that lovely gutteral sound peculiar to the French. I have always found the accent sensual and when faced with an attractive French waiter, I never miss the opportunity to ask 'what is Cointreau'.   

I often focus on words that I like the sound of, words that add drama and interest to prose and speech and when I latch onto a word, I use it unashamably until I get bored.  For a while 'debris' was a favourite, but pronounced in the American way 'deh bree' rather than the English 'day bree', but it was a difficult one to use in everyday conversation. 'Oh sacrableu, your room is covered in major debris' I would screech at the kids, who for some reason, rarely took me seriously.  

I dislike 'gobsmacked' intensely, it conjures up an image that is not in the least bit attractive, ditto 'pants', which my boys quickly learned, could actually cause steam to emit from my ears.  I get that 'wicked' now means good, and 'sick' has taken on a new meaning entirely, but even in its original form, it never had a nice ring to it, probably because of its association with vomit (yuck). I much prefer the genteel 'indisposed', far more ladylike, but after a night on the tiles, 'indisposed as a pig' doesn't really work.  



  1. I am quite fond of the Italian accent. When dining out I have often asked the Italian waiter to read the whole menu and it's quite possible I have had silent orgasms while listening to his voice, much to the dismay of my husband I must add. He often asks on the way home in the cab why I was so quiet and had a strange look on my face during that illicit act. I explain to my dear fellow I had wind, he's seen that face before so is in quite agreement with me.

    Great Blog and ta for reading mine.

    1. LOL, Italian is sexy, so too Cuban. A waiter once told me he came from Cooooooba, and it made my toes tingle....

    2. never having had a night on the tiles, Bell, not sure how one should describe it.
      I an expression used far too often by Dubliners,especially by women.A wedding i was at...the bride, yes they all make speeches theses days, used it about seven times.Another...come'ere now, tell used by our Saturday night tv presenter,he is a funny bloke.
      Gulp... used in message posting, i dont if it was gulpin...have met a few of those along the way.BBe

    3. Gulp is good, and quite visual. I am going to have to look up gulpin though, sounds like an insult, lol...

      ahh, a night on the tiles sounds good B xx

  2. I'm gutted, I'm gutted my girlfriend uttered
    and I immediately decided she was not for me,
    the way she spoke man talk was exceedingly glutted
    and with that I just couldn't agree.
    But I gave it another go because I'm an easy going Joe
    so the next time those type of words she started to say
    I stuck some Elephant tape around her gob, what was just the job
    and we now get along much better today.

    1. Very poetic! Bit worried about the elephant tape though......

    2. I think yorkshire is quiet nice lol . from Denise

    3. yes the elephant is alittle big ? lol from Denise

    4. whos teddy bear is this ? is it the one from wales ?,