Monday, 2 April 2012


I am not wearing well at all.  An old lady asked me if I had a bus pass.  To be honest, I can't blame her, I have the infernal grey stripe down the centre of my head again.  I still look like 'Stripe' from the gremlins, but an older version.  Why does beautiful hair last for only 2 weeks?  The problem is, I look twice as bonkers if I wear a hat, and getting a reputation as it is.

I've only got myself to blame, if ever there was a wild side waiting to be walked on, I would find it.  I ate the doner kebabs at 3.00a.m. on the roadside and I willingly climbed into limousines with unknown men, and pretended to the bailiffs that I wasn't in.  And it shows!  I am half tempted to sue Joan Collins, in her authobiography she said she stayed young by living it up and partying.  Those who stop, go to pot.  Actually in retrospect, she may be right, she loves a party and looks great, so wil have to rethink that one.

But back to writing.  I have always thought it would be great to have some sort of written dialogue, family words from one generation to the next.  I think thats why the Royals are so prolific in their writings, diaries, personal letters etc, they are leaving a legacy.  If they are important enough to do that, then so are we.  All forms of writing and everything you have to say is valid.  Once you get past that mental block, you are free to go. 

I also believe it prevents grumpy old ladies from putting moggies in dustbins!

Ps.  Don't know how I got onto writing there, lol, but was daydreaming - watched Michael Collins on the telly last night and am smitten with Liam Neeson all over again.......  sighs 


  1. Bell, if you think for one single iota of a nano-second that our Joanie wakes up in the morning looking like she does you are much more naive that I believed possible..our Joanie wears wigs and why would that be? because she's probably near bald and it's the colour of driven snow ..she's had facelifts bonanza's and I swear that I Joanie used an imaculate but false nail to casually scratch her forehead I saw her belly button on her forehead!!!..she wears these tights that are meant to be so tight they strangle your legs and you cant bend down (not that Joanie needs to bend because she has servants around her to do her bidding)..she's had op's on her age spots and liposuction head to foot and (probably a pelvic floor lift every couple of years as things slacken off with age) I'm sure she has fake nails on both feet and fingers so what's to worry about with a white stripe in your hair? Our Joanie could only wish for what you maybe your not doing so badly Bell..the one positive our Joannie has is she believes she can be anyone or look like anything she choose's to be...and of course she is right...and she has the money to do it...I remember reading an interview on Tina Turner..when the interviewer arrived she was on her knees planting flowers and shrubs in her garden..old trousers and tee-shirt and very short grey hair and didn't look out of place with some of her elderly neighbours ...she said "You dont honestly think when I get outta bed I look like I do on stage so ya? it takes hours of make-up and wig fixing"
    Life's wonderful and then it's a bitch and then you die, so enjoy it and just do your best to be who you are and look the best you can if it makes you never know with todays fashion...white stripes could very well be the next big thing...Annie.

  2. Ha, ha ha, great post Annie. Although I did see Joannie once at a booksigning and she was gorgeous!

  3. The "Wild side" is, surely the best place for a brisk walk through life, Cristobell, as you only live once, and as there is no afterlife of free love, free dope and all-night freak outs with psychedelic light shows and Pink Floyd playing Dark side of the Moon to look forward to. Once you have died, that's it. No vaporetto transfers for the pious and terminally dense on the river Styxx to dimwit heaven. No walking on water, no feeding of the 5000 with three Mars bars, a tin of sardines and a bag of joss sticks, and most definitely no souls, except for the ones without the letter "u" that you find on shoes. Perfect for taking a walk on the wild side with Lou Reed and his weed.

    Michael Collins. I have always admired the quiet man of Apollo Eleven, the third man, the command module pilot who did not join Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in their descent to the moon. He's the forgotten astronaut. I had no idea that he had switched careers and become an actor - especially at bis age. He was born in 1930, wasn't he.
    Good man, he.

    1. Ahhh, only regret I didn't go a bit further down that wild side Hitch. And I could have too, dated a record producer, so was mixing with that sort of crowd. Unfortunately, I was very square (an ex convent girl) and I drank Remi Martin with soda because I thought it made me look sophisticated. I think he was impressed.

      You jest re, Michael Collins. I was of course referring to the Irish rebel and statesman. I once wrote an entire screenplay based on Tom Barry and the guerrilla warfare of the IRB, and went off MC a bit politically, but still think Liam Neeson did a grand job portrarying him.

  4. Was the Collins signing well attended, Cristobell? Is her signature considered collectioble? As I am sure you know, book signings are hit or miss. When Keith Richards held one for his autobiography, LIFE, at Waterstones, Piccadilly, London, in late 2010, people were queuing for a couple of days, the queue running all the way around the building to the back of the shop into elegant St James', where William Burroughs of "Naked Lunch" fame once lived (in Duke Street). Tony Blair's signging session at the same Waterstones was equally successful. They may have loathed the ex-Prime Minister, but they were ready to sell their soul for his signature. People were eventually turned away, as Blair had simply stopped signing.
    It can go the other way, of course. David Jason promoting and signing an illustrated "Only fools and horses" in an Oxford Street bookshop some years ago, came close to being a fiasco, as very few people turned up. Surprising, given his immense popularity.

    1. It was indeed Anon. It was Waterstones in Houndsditch (I think) and I had gone along with a group of friends I worked with during our lunch hour. We didn't get her signature unfortunately, we only went along to gawp! I think we secretly wanted to be bitchy, but we couldn't. She truly was beautiful and looked just like a star should!

      As for TB, I read that he was charging £250 quid to have his photograph taken too. I hope that is not true, its beyond tacky.