Sunday, 1 April 2012


I'm quite pleased Gorgeous George is back in parliament, they could all do with shaking up a bit.  I like that he believes passionately enough about his causes to get bodily removed from the House of Commons.   I think that is a good thing in an MP.  Lets face it, they all seem to have merged into each other, superslick, square mile, masters of the universe, they all look and speak like thunderbird puppets.  I miss the ugly mugs of the old lot, the Harold Wilsons and Norman Tebbits, even if they did scare the kids.  Norman Tebbit came to our town once, and someone lean't out of a top floor window and shouted at him to get on his bike and a few of us cheered. 

But I digress, I am currently trying to raise 250k so I can have a quiet word with Dave.  I have much I would like to discuss with him.  I have only got £2.50 so far, so it might have to be a pasty on a park bench, hope he doesn't mind the pigeon droppings.  Can't say I am in the least bit surprised by these camdine with me revelations, in fact only surprised they made headlines.  Helloooooo.  Its what leaders do when they get to the top.  I refer you to Imelda Marcos and Tony Blair.  One headline that would surprise me, would be Dave and Sam handing out left over Nigella Lawson canapes to the homeless along The Strand, but I can't see it happening. 

There is much the Gorgeous George says that I do not agree with, not least his support of systems that suppress women, but he is a powerful orator.  I wonder if this bodes well for Ken Livingstone?  He has a not too dissimilar electorship?   I can't wait for GG's first question. 

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