Friday, 20 April 2012


I do, and will, regret for evermore, that I never went along to Greenham Common.  I truly admired those women.  I had no idea why I admired them, but I just knew that I did.  I was the product of a catholic girls school, so my view of the world was a bit skew whiff. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have bought myself a tent from an army surplus store and got myself along there.

I fear, fear, fear just now, the fecking lethargy that has affected the population.  My beloved dad, who I make no apologies for quoting again and again, knew how much his vote counted, as do 'that' older generation, the generation that escaped a constant diet of McDonalds, Reebok trainers and establishment approved pop music. 

It seems to me our youth have no outlet, life is reality tv - if you can make there, you can make it anywhere, the twinkly, sparkly face of capitalism, the only way is Essex.  Or should that be, the only way out of obscurity is to sell our souls to the devil, or the highest paying humiliation show. 

We are all persuaded to strive for that Place in the Country, that quiet retreat, where we can say 'fuck you rules and regulations.  I gave you 50 years of my life you bastards, yes sir, no sir, three bags fucking full sir.  Now I want to put fences around my territory and tell you all to fuck off, go away world, I don't like you anymore.  I have the the ensuite bathroom, the big country kitchen and I shop at M&S, I am living the dream.  I no longer care and I wouldn't give up a thing.  Signed.........     X on the ballot paper.   


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