Friday 20 April 2012


I think it is generally agreed that that book, has spectactularly backfired.  We girls know that rampant hetero guys never diss us, because they always hold out a hope that they can come round for a quick shag.  And if we have nothing going on, we will usually oblige. 

That focused, obsession to reach the top, is quite macho though, as Simone De Bouvier would say, you will never get a female Mozart, in the same way that you will never get a female serial killer.  We girls get distracted, we think in the Matrix, in our heads we are thinking 'must hang the washing out before it rains' while our lovers are singing yi, yi yippee ho, and screaming yeh baby.  Oops, too crude, its 3.30am, what do I care. 

I am not sure Simon will be able to execute his PR people and minions, though you can't trust those tories not to slip in a new bill without us noticing and executing the help might just be legal now.  I guess he will  just have to fire them or maybe promote them.  Whatever way you look at it, its dominated the front pages this week. 

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