Monday, 5 March 2012


I want to like Jordan, aka Katie Price, I honestly do, but its not easy.  Kudos to her, she has dragged herself away from the whole world of menial jobs and mediocrity, and shown that women can indeed be successful, and thats a good thing.  I think.  The problem is, its as though the key to success for a girl, is to have inflated breasts, hair extensions and a trout pout.  No education necessary.  To me all young girls are starting to look the same.  They all have cascades of blonde hair or cascades of dark hair, tarantula eyelashes and eyebrows that don't move.  Admittedly, I have been watching Take Me Out and The Only Way is Essex, I only have freeview.  But I digress, it is quite disconcerting, all youngsters look like generic Barbies seeking genitalia free Kens. I can see why old ladies call everyone love and dear and I bet a few are having a chuckle at this week's latest patronising government brainwave.  Of course it could also be fading eyesight that makes we old biddies ditch names in favour of terms of endearment.  Though in fairness, I am not sure if I was awake or asleep when I watched TOWE, so I might have been having a nightmare.  Must get some pillow friendly new reading glasses because I always fall asleep with my specks on.  Now they are all scew whiff like Eric Morecambe's and I have to squint and lean to the left when I want to read to the telly guide.  I nearly missed the Exorcism of Emily Rose last night because I thought it said Excitement of Emily Rose, and that I had wandered onto the adult channels, again, lol.  Only kidding, much prefer to watch two fat ladies making cream cakes and Marks and Spencers ads these days.  The food ones, obviously, not Twiggy demonstrating how good you could look, if you just showed a little bit of restraint in the whole food and vices area. 

Of course its not all Jordan's fault, Simon Cowell, has to take some of the blame, but it would be nice if she could use some of her power for good.  I take nothing away from her achievements whatsoever, and I won't patronise her, by using the word luck, she is where she is through hard work and determination.  However, her views on the poor and the unemployed are ill thought out, and actually, a bit mean.  There are plenty of crooks and frauds out there, most of them way higher up the social and financial scale diddling the books.  The truth is Mrs, the majority of us read about about your millionaire lifestyle inbetween waiting on other people, emptying commodes and peeling spuds.  We are rarely in a position to take up life's opportunities even if the good fairy does appear magically appear for a fleeting moment.  We've normally got kids to look after and parents, and don't get me started on pairing up socks.  More money going out, than coming in, is the harsh reality for most.   

If Katie Price took the time and cameras to visit a deprived area and put her name to campaigns that offered youngsters hope, she might just get the official Dame title she needs so desperately to match that whole pantomine look she's got going on?  I jest of course, most would prefer to see Jordan telling it like it is, than listen to la di dah Sarah Ferguson, who is still grieving the loss of her butler.  That was just grim.  

Most claimants are genuine, and most kids would love to have decent paid jobs.  We all remember the thrill of opening our first pay packets and the sense of worth it gave us.  Using kids as forced, unpaid labour in jobs without futures is a huge leap backwards in our social evolution.  Effectively, it is dehumanising.  The implications for the future are horrendous.  There are employers who will use the scheme to replace their permanent workforces, that is, the few remaining employees who still have contracts and rights.  This of course makes some very rich bosses, very much richer. 

Maybe 1% of Jordan's fanbase will have a glittering future, such as her own, but for the majority of others who are discarding education in favour of silicone, the future is mediocre at best and a lifetime of low income jobs and benefits at worst. I think Katie should get back to the drawing board and have a re-think with this one, because she has effectively taken the side of greedy bosses against those that she purports to represent. 

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