Sunday 18 March 2012


So the government are going to spend the next 12 weeks discussing the ins and outs of whether a couple of besotted homosexuals should have the same marital 'rights' as a couple of besotted heterosexuals.  

In the whole scheme of things, you wouldn't think it would make much difference if Adam married Ian or Eve married Andrea, but the guardians of our morals are declaring the end of the world as we know it and the coming of the apocolypse.

The eventual government decision will supposedly be secular, but it wil be based on the ancient religious tomes that set down the foundations of our society.  One man, one woman and 2.4 children, depending on which particular scripture your society adopted over 2000 years ago.  England was founded on Christianity, and the Bible and they tell us that the rules are carved in stone, given to Moses by God himself.  I can't help but be sceptical.  Moses was 175 when he died, and still begatting to the very end.  And all without Viaga and the NHS. A bit of artistic licence may have been used. 

In the 21st century, shouldn't there be a bit of leeway to shuffle things around a bit?  Not all of us are in awe of that particular God - he lost my vote when he smited the party towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Of course all religions are exclusive, rather than inclusive, be it Islam, Judaism or Christianity.  To belong, we should live our lives according to the scriptures that were written at a time when man lived in the desert and sacrificed livestock and their firstborn to the Almighty.  If we cannot live by those rules, we are caste out.  The 'smug marrieds' rule.  They have reserved their place in heaven, they follow society's codes and conventions and pass judgment on those who do not, and that suits them nicely, as long as no-one lets the misfits in.  It all seems a tad mean.

I don't care for marriage one way or the other, but I think the gay community should be allowed to experience that terrifying moment when they look at the ring on their finger, the official document in the kitchen drawer and hear the blood curdling scream of what the feck have I done, coming from their own mouths. Its only fair.    


  1. Lol,Brilliant..just wot i think, but cud neva had written it as well as u have. well done Linda. wonder if i can copy n paste to my wall Debbie xx

  2. Make sure you get the facts right before you pass them on Debbie...

    "England was founded on Christianity, and the Bible and they tell us that the rules are carved in stone, given to Abraham by God himself. I can't help but be sceptical. Abraham was 120 when he died, and still begatting to the very end. And all without Viaga and the NHS. A bit of artistic licence may have been used. "

    They were given to Moses (Exodus 31:18), not Abraham - Moses was 120 when he died (Deuteronomy 34:7) but Abraham went 55 years better, he was 175 when he popped his clogs (Genesis 25:7) LOL - you'd think these folk who write blogs would check their facts, coming from an alleged author too tut tuts

    1. You are right of course, it was Moses, I got confused with all that begatting and smiting.

  3. No probs, I'll put it right on your wall, Debbie, see ya hun xx

  4. I dont have a problem either way to be honest.. not these days in my days of Autumn.. I been there and done that.. was brought up in the Church of England of my own choice as a little girl.. when I was confirmed they brought the Bishop to baptise me as mam hadnt done it when I was a baby.. it was always somethng I felt and knew inside that Jesus loved me.. loved all the children.. even though prayes prayed night after night that I would wake in the morning and my life would be changed.. it never happend of course but I still as a child had faith.. grew up tried all sorts of religions.. different churches made many Christian friends.. it changed when life got so difficult that there didnt seem time anymore to read my Bible or catch up with Bible studies in a friends home.. these days I am swan treading water with a quiet place in my heart for Jesus that died for all.. Gay marriege is it so important.. I dont think so I do think that it is yet another swipe at Christian values and what the word marriege actualy means.. any couple that have love for each other have everything they need if they can share their life together.. as for the need to have the marriege it seems to me like yet another value and meaning of faith is going to be stripped away.. will it change our world.. yes I do think it will.. I like what Sikhs say on the matter.. everyone is accepted and loved for who they are.. tolerence is for all.. but on the sugject of marriege for gays they believe that it will is changeing the meaning of the word that has been with us for generations.. at the end of the day though whatever happens.. being married will not mean that gay people will be imune from falling out of love and divorcing.. all the same for all.. xx