Thursday, 15 March 2012


Do you ever wonder how Dallas would have ended if it hadn't been the 80's when greed was good.  If I were to write it now, I think I would turn Sue Ellen into a stoner, rather than a drunk, who spends all JR's money on wild parties and bad men, and then turns Southfork into a homeless shelter. 

I worked in the City of London during the 80's and wore suits with big shoulders and ridiculously high heels, but I didn't have the high earnings. I was a mere secretary who played the part.  My politics were all over the place.  I was dating the rich old tories who courted me with fabulous meals (I have always loved me grub) but I was sleeping with the slobs.  My hormones were rampant and my brain was the size of a pea.   A whiff of testosterone would make me come over all unnecessary, and I would hone in on roofers and men who ate Yorky bars.  It led to some very rash decisions.

But I digress, morally, my heart was with the Left, and I joined the Labour Party.  I went along to my first meeting in my fitted red pencil suit and 4 inch stillettos, to be told I was hand delivering 200 leaflets. I hadn't expected quite so much walking, or indeed running. One fella even chased me down the road with a broom.  It was at the time when Red Ken had marxist control, of the GLC and had given £10,000 to a group of one legged lesbians who wanted piano lessons, or something like that. I didn't have much patience with the Sun's scaremongering and I think I told one particulary bolshy householder, that everyone in London with a spare bedroom had to give it up to a family of boat people. He didn't get irony.  I think he may have been the one who chased me with the broom.........