Saturday, 24 March 2012


I was wondering what other people were thinking now we've had a few days for it to sink it.  I have yet to be persuaded that giving the super rich a tax break, helps the economy.  I just don't see a herd of billionaires running down Threadneedle Street with trunks of cash that they have had flown in from the Cayman Islands.  Call me an old cynic if you like.

As for the poor, the £9,000 tax threshold gave me one of those Life of Brian moments. 'Glad the Meek are getting something, cause they always miss out', or words to that effect.  Mind you, I suppose the £9,000 is plenty if you have only got the upkeep of a tent on the outskirts of the City to worry about.  It is already happening in Cities around the world, so I do not jest.

Of course the economy can't move because the banks won't lend, not after their, hmmm past indiscretions, and even if they would, no-one would be eligible because of the trend to hand out employment contracts with 16, or even, zero hours.  A youngster may have a job, but they won't get a mortgage without a guaranteed future wage.  IAhh, for the old days when the employees have unions and rights.  Maggie, you gave birth to a monster, and I don't mean Mark.  

 Of course without guaranteed work, it rules them out for credit too.  Not good for the technology and manufacturing industries, because that particular demographic with the lousy employment contracts, would probably have been their highest spending consumers.  Now of course, they only need a single trip to a camping shop with the last of their Job Seekers Allowance.    For the prudent investors, now might be a good time to invest in Milletts.

As much as the far right would like to spend their days dreaming up further and more cruel punishments for the undeserving poor, the poor hold the majority of the vote, and like it or not, this is a democratic society.  Ditto the Grey vote.  Tut, tut, tut, Dave, first rule of politics - never alienate the oldies, they are they are the ones who go along to the polling boothes while the youngsters are out throwing bricks at windows. 

Fags were a definite fund raiser.  Smokers are self harming and don't deserve the free services of the NHS, even though they have probably paid more tax than Philip Green (bad example, lets say, hospital domestic) and not difficult maths, even for moi, if 20 fags cost 50p to produce and sell at 7 quid a pack, we fag hags have pre-paid for 5 star healthcare hundreds of times over.  We are deserving of our sleep apnea masks and oxygen, and a few nips and tucks thrown in!  And not at all surprised the tax on booze remains unchanged.  The noble ones are already paying over the top tax on their Chateau Lafite, so it is out of the question.  Much better to put a few more pence on the white cider and the Special Brew and tell them its for their own good. 

I somehow don't really think we are all in this together, not judging by the extragavant 'do' they put on for the Queen the day before they stole the NHS from the people, and the chances of David and Samantha moving into a tent near you, I would say, are pretty remote.


  1. I loved your blog Bell....I did laugh ata friend of mine,he had 4 months to go until he retired at aged 65---he'd out of work because (he worked from aged 15 until at 61 and had three heart attacks a failed triple bypass and is in heart failure now and has been fitted with a magic box under his skin to boot his heart if it stops again as it did a few weeks before he was sent for by the interegation squad to see if he was flanneling the system and was really fit for work)..he attended the interview(accompanied by his two walking sticks and his wife to help him out of the car and get him in the lift to the offices for the interegation...I mean interview...half an hour later he came out of the offices and said to his wife "THEY ARE MIRACLE WORKERS IN THERE..they are better than all the doctors I've seen over the last 4 years...they've cured me--they just told me I was FIT FOR WORK" the man will be lucky is he makes it until tomorrow but if he does make it to 65(in a few weeks time) they think he should be working up until when the doctors told him they were very sorry but they couldn't do anything for him and he should go home and try and enjoy what time he has left they must be kidding him on...the ones who gave him the clean bill of health are being paid by the goverment for everyone they get back into work...and the budget says it all for me..they dont give a F*ck about the working man or woman who scrimp and scrape to feed their kids, bring up a family and become ill...nope..just send the sick to the lot my friend went to and they will soon cure them...I want every lazy bugger not interested in getting a job to get out there and TRY and get a job and leave the bloody sick and elderly people alone and hopefully with just a little dignity..I think Labour bred people to be dependant on the state...but this lot dont care two shits about anyone..if you can move your little finger you can work..shower of *********

    1. How ridiculous Annie, what jobs did they have in mind for him? Steeplejack? Apprentice Jockey?

      It is ticking boxes instead of using common sense. Why put the man through that.

      I don't know that Labour bred people to be dependant on the state, it is debateable. Some would say they provided a safety net for the elderly, the poor and the vulnerable. Of course, there will always be scammers, such is human nature. But those at the bottom are scamming much less than those at the top.


    Well, I defy anyone in possession of a sense of fairness and social justice to remain unmoved by the plight of Britain's destitute, homeless, elderly, unemployed and those on minimum wages, when hundreds of millions of Pounds are squandered on the wages of those who contribute nothing to societal welfare, when large companies set aside billions of Pounds from the profits they made milking us to reward their undeserving staff with bonuses worth millions for senior executives and hundeds of thousands of Pounds for junior staff. How can it be fair to pay someone £11.000 a year for slaving long hours doing backbreaking work at ASDA, Macdonalds, the Pound Shop, Halfords, B & Q etc, when, often, they have a family to look after and when, at the same time, the wealthy are spending ten times that amount to entertain their friends at a lavish champagne-fuelled lunch in a Soho eatery, and when £12.500 is the extra take-home pay granted to human potato, Wayne Rooney, and his ilk of football-playing dimwits by virtue of the top tax reduction from 50% to 45%. Hopefully the extra twelve and a half grand per week will, finally, permit poor Wayne to make ends meet.

    The injustice of (a) the budget and (b) the politics of a Tory nation humbled by the biggest gap between rich and poor in Europe is staring us in the face, is as undeniable as it is ever present, and it makes a mockery of the promises of politicians who keep using the public purse as their private savings account into which they dip whenever the moat needs refilling or the monthly bill for prono dvds has to be paid, of charities whose senior executives cream off the largest share of the donations often made by those who can least afford to do so, of soulless profiteering banks, rapacious environment-despoiling multi-nationals and captains of industry who would send a batallion off their nearest and dearest into certain death if it would inflate profits.

    HITCH 4557

    Take the expenses scandal, which outraged this nation, resulted in (far too few) criminal prosecutions and caused even the apolitical members of our community to demand sanctions.
    Members of the House of Lords are still getting their daily £300 stipend, MPs can still buy far too much far too easily and without having to produce an invoice, all of the Westminster scoundrels still enjoy subsidised tax-free shopping and wining and dining at HoP shops and restaurants and bars at our expense, finance travel from the public purse, buy their second home with a subsidy from the taxpayer and are never-ending in their attempts to pick a little more of what is in your pockets. Why should we pay a single penny in expenses to Members of Parliament earning a salary of £66.000 - six times what a shop assistant at Morrison's earns? And what about their pensions.
    The unbelievably generous pension provisions made for these vampires are provisions they have arranged for themselves. You and I had no vote in this decision-making process. And that's the greatest obscenity of it all, isn't it as, pious words from Tory Towers notwithstanding, these vultures can fleece the British people at their leisure, knowing that the system will protect them as long as possible. One or two are thrown to the wolves of British justice when their serial transgression are exposed - as was the case after the expenses scandal - but it is a small number of token sacrificial goats, unrepresentative of the full extent of the abuse and corruption that is still rampant. With a very few notable exceptions, they were all at it. Look at the Labour midget - her name escapes me - who protested that she'd done nothing wrong and wasn't going to repay a penny (which she eventually did). She's back in the party's good books and frequently seen on television. Sack the cow, this moral leper, as she represents nothing but her own greed.
    Aided and abetted by a police force that is as corrupt as it is incompetent, and by a press which, with one or two exceptions, is no better than "Der Stuermer" newspaper published in Nazi Germany, the ruling class does as it bloody well pleases.
    The gap between Britain's rich and poor has become a chasm. This is not the case in other European countries, which rather belies the Tories' claims that we would lose our best senior executives if we failed to pay them more than they or their Job deserves.
    We are being lied to regularly on an industrial scale and we are badly governed by thieves, crooks and liars who are in it not for the betterment of society but in order to line their own pockets and the pockets of their friends.
    They exploit the weaknesses inherent in a system as deeply unjust as capitalism, they milk parliamentary privilege and they have colluded and conspired with their ideological soulmates of the press and the police force.
    Worst of all, they have schmoozed with repellent Rupert Murdoch for decades in a relationship as close to necrophilia as is possible for anyone who sucks up to the awful Aussie vulgarian

    Here is the times table of tory inquity

    1000 x £250 = £250.000

    £250 is the weekly wage of someone earning approx. £12.5000 per year through hard work and long hours

    £250.000 is the weekly wage of a pampered and utterly useless football player

    Any system, any society that tolerates such grotesque inequality STINKS

    1. Wonderful reading Hitch, many thanks. I think the British are so indoctrinated by the ideology that came out of Shepperton Studios and the BBC in the 1950's and questioning the divine right of kings and toffs is sacrilige. Boys who attend the top public schools are still taught that they are born to be Masters of the Universe, even if they are fat, thick and caught taking cocaine with a hooker, they can still become a chancellor.

      At the other end of the scale we now have an established underclass who need to be taught their place. How dare they spend good taxpayers money on Diamond White and sky tv, when they could be mowing our lawns and polishing our shoes for a couple of bob, while we think up new and more unscrupulous ways to make their lives even more miserable.

      As scarey and