Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I had a good laugh at the responses, nodding and saying 'I know' as I read them.

As for daily aches and pains Bev, had to see my doctor yesterday because of a nasty pain in my shoulder that seems to have got worse.  I hate going to the doctor, they think they know everything, and treat your googling and self-diagnosis with suspicion.  Fair dues on the Himalayan Mountain Fever (on the grounds that I haven't been to the Himalyas), but Lupus is a very real possibility.  I wouldn't have gone, but it got to the stage where I couldn't wash my hair or do the funky chicken. 

My mum used to have a love/hate relationship with her GP.  She used to call him Dr. Shipman, but she would visit him at least 3 times a week.  When I pointed out that she hadn't been for several days, she said 'I couldn't get along there, because I haven't been well'.  I am sure it was a break for him. 

Judy, your wedding and its planning sounds exciting - good for you!  I don't think I could ever marry again, or even live with anyone, and I think the feeling is mutual.  Single men, and married men come to that, tend to give me a wide berth. They assume because I am a certain age and single, I must be eyeing up their bods and their assets.  I once watched a bloke with a broken leg and crutches say 'he preferred to stand', when the only seat available was next to me on a sofa.  In fairnes, his wife was looking daggers at him, and I wanted to say, 'have you seen yourself? yer safe, honest'.   

Annie, lol, I fear for you, but look forward to seeing you in the Alternate Olympics!  You go Girlfriend!  Where fellas were concerned, I could never stay passionate for more than two years, tops.  After that, they used to get on me wick, and I used to working out ways in which to leave them, or murder them.  My fav film at the time was the one about Ruth Ellis.  I also used to play a lot of Country and Western love songs and drink a lot.  Talking of which, hic

Ahhh Bree, you and your fella restore my faith in romance, but only a little bit, and like your goodself, I can't be bothered with all that 'hows yer father' anymore either, would rather have a nice box of choccies!


  1. Don't even get me started on aches & pains Bell, funnily enough though my doctor is very unappreciative of my googling skills too lol.

    That lupus thingy comes up a lot though doesn't it, nearly every episode of house it gets a mention and I do have most of the symptoms exhibited by most of his patients, do we have a doctor house over here because if we do I'm sure he would find all my ailments fascinating.

    1. I look forward to those whiskies on the prom Bev - you are a woman after my own heart!

      My old mate, Big Lynn had a whole library of medical books, and more pills than a pharmacy, lol. I would often go and see her on the way to A&E. I'd only see a doctor if I needed a second opinion. She was a big old cockney bird and a total alcoholic, but her medical knowledge was deserving of a doctorate, bless her.

  2. Oh dont even start me on symptoms...I've had everything in the medical dictionary until I go to see my doc and he rules it out...when I used to smoke EVERYTHING was down to the evil weed (not that kind Bell) "it's yar smoking" he would say I would say...but it's a rash..."yip..your smoking caused it" I showed him a boil on me bum once..he didn't say very much and I asked him..."go on...tell it's down to smoking then" he had thecheek to look like he was going to say that I dont smoke he says..."well all these years of smoking"....sod! Annie....

    1. Having such a laugh here at these replies. Annie, I can just imagine you at the doctors, I hate to say this, but you sound just like my mum! When she was on her last legs, she asked the Sister to turn her back so she could have a fag!

      Was going to ask the doc for some medicinal you know what for me poor shoulder, lol, but she's new, I'll break her in gently......

      Ps. I know you have given up, but must warn you, I'm a terrible influence. I once persuaded an ex, to go back to his 60 No.6 a day, because his fecking pretentious cigars were costing a fortune.

  3. I can empathise Annie, mine puts everything down to the fags, my fingernails have curled over the top of my finger tips on my left hand, the right hand is absolutely fine, I googled it and most of what I read says it indicates either a heart or respitory disease, about the only part of me thats ok is my heart...well it was ok at the last cardio whatsit they did, my chest on the other hand isnt so good especially after a bout of puemonia and 40 cigs a day for gawd knows how long, she dimissed it being anything to do with my chest but proceeded to tell me that my tinitus (which is what I went there for) could be much better if I stopped smoking as if the smoking has narrowed my blood vessels then the whooshing sound I hear could be down to me hearing the blood struggling to get through????????????

    I'm sure Doctor House would set me right lol

  4. Hahaha...well Bev it sounds like we have the same doc...I wouldn't mind but I think he smokes...I'm sure I could smell smoke in his room one day and I said I could smell ciggy smoke and was it the patient who was in before me... he said he wasn't sure...yeh! right...
    Bell..there cant be two of me...surely? and's DEEP HEAT you need for your painful shoulder...not DEEP DRAG!


  5. Bell, if you had said to me three years ago I would re-marry I would have said you were potty. However, honey was quite determined. It makes me laugh though, he is like a kid in a candy store can't wait 'till the big day, yet as I have said has very suddenly developed selective hearing. I suggested syringing, that wasn't well received. After knee surgery last year he has a very hate, hate relationship with medics.

    Anyhoo... Things are progressing, dress sorted, rings sorted, my daughters sorted, my hair and make up is all sorted, venue sorted. Now just the peripheries. Food, don't even want to go There are boxes and parcels arriving on a reasonably regular basis, finding a place to store them is becoming an issue. I have a horrible feeling that my dress is going to be taken in, and taken in and taken in. The weight is quite literally dropping. Honey has made it clear he does NOT want to marry a lolly stick, he likes curves, not bags of bones. As honey is younger than me, his views on curvier woman is really quite refreshing.

    Just one other rant while I'm here. WHY is a diabetic diet so much more expensive than a regular one? My grocery bill shot up by 50% post diagnosis. The plus is that now all prescriptions are free, and considering that I am the (un) proud owner of a small pharmaceutical company each month when the chemist delivers my prescription, that is a bonus. Post wedding should afford quite a bit of exercise, that is a non negotiable part of our none existent pre

    Judie xx