Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dr David Starkey

I am great fan of his, but had one of those 'has he gone bonkers, or is it me?' moments, when watching him on questiontime the other night.  I totally approve of geniuses (or is that geniusi val?) being a tad barmy, and usually they are all the better as humans for it, but thought he was a tad harsh on that poor fella in the audience and I hope he apologised after.


  1. I suppose you've crashed now Bell always were a lightweight :)

    1. In your face, lol, still going strong! But may have to preface everything I say with 'Do Not Try This At Home' lol

  2. So this is where you are, just caught the Blog link on your siggy somewhere. yes i think Dr D.S. should have apologized but shouldn't think he would....I don't like him as he is so indistinct, i only saw him spitting out a mouthful but was able to work out what he had said, typical of his type?
    Have no idea how to send/sign off here but will have a go

  3. What a hassle, doubt I'll ever manage THAT again