Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MR SARKOZY Heh, heh, hem

Why are roving reporters now pronouncing Sarkozy as if they are coughing up a furball?

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  1. Because he is a wee furball...a slimy one at that...what a wee weed of a his lovely looking wife can bear to play P.E with him is beyond me..usually the French accent is enough to make me look twice or 20 times at the speaker..but he has nothing that attracts me...I'm sure my sons action man had a shiney suit like the ones he wears (many years ago)..but the suit went missing..probably used as a template for all his attire nowadays...his eyes are very close together and the set of his shoulders (which I can read in all of my sons and o/h which tells me somethings up with them) well his are non existant...why are we talking about him anyway?..............Annie..