Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Try as I might Sall, I just cannot join in with the hang and flog 'em brigade who will be calling for blood in this Lulzsec hackers case.  I kind of like that there are young people out there bold and clever enough to challenge the system.  Had they scaled Mount Everest, they would be heroes.  Cie la ve.  I don't really like the idea that all of OUR personal information is locked in a vault, accessible only to the Government and the selected few.  History has shown us that, that sort of thing leads can lead to crazy people becoming dictators.  I refer you to George Orwell and James Bond films. 

I can see that the whole sentencing business could cause a lot of problems here.  Sure as eggs is eggs, these young, I will call them trailblazers, for want of a better word right now, will have others coming up behind them in legions.  I just cannot see how the spread of information can be stopped.  But more importantly, it shouldn't be. 

From what I know thus far, they were young geniuses, with way too much time on their hands (one was from Galway and another the Shetlands), which would explain much.  Lets keep a sense of perspective here,
and for fear of being pelted with eggs, I have only looked at this, from a mumsy,  'ah, bless 'em' perspective, and admittedly do not yet know if hacking is a victimless crime, but I'm open to persuasion. 

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