Sunday 11 March 2012


Ok, whose the wise guy who suggested Su Pollard to play me  >:(  hmmmm - I'm coming to get ya Helen......
Jolly, Twiggy is up for playing you and Bree, we are in talks with Helen Mirren, but be warned she won't wear an itsy bitsi bikini, red stillettos or water wings Bree, she also draws a line at having a dip in the Liffey.  Failing that, Julie Walters is free and she can do a paddy accent?
Its been hard finding someone to play Sally, I'm torn, not sure whether to go for the full macho look, maybe Bruce Willis with 5'0clock shadow, or her feminine side and get Matt Lucus in?  Sadly, Margaret Rutherford is no longer with us, or she would been perfect to play Val.  However, if we can tear her away from her books, Marget Mountford from The Apprentice might step in. 
Ahhh Dome, another enigma, who should play you?  Of course Kenneth More would have been perfect, failing that maybe Yosser Hughes who immortalised that wonderful phrase 'Gis a job'...........      And Pauline, I see you as the Oxo mum, after she has just dropped some acid.  I wonder if Lynda Bellingham can do 'very unstable?'    
Talking of very unstable, where is Mandy?  I'm feeling quite kindly towards her at the mo, so picturing her as the sexy Fenella Fielding in [i]Carry on Screaming[/i], but that little screenshot is subject to change at any time.
Lucky you Dome, that the Carry on Films didn't spring to mind when I was thinking of your goodself!  but it has worked out very well, for parts 2 and 3 YGL to follow.......  Immediately Dutch has become Jim Dale, lol, in the nicest possible way of course as I am sure Rainbow Sue will agree, now, RSue, hmmmm, it will have to be an A-lister................

Oops, mean't to say, apologies Jolly, I had pencilled Goldie in to play Helen Lapsy, she is our board glamour puss, though I think far too old to play our Helen, hmmmm, luckily I have Jordan on standby.......