Thursday, 15 March 2012


I am always wary of people who boast  that they 'say it like it is', as though they were waving a flag on behalf of the less fortunate.  What does it mean exactly?  Does it mean that they speak the 'truth' without charm, tact,  and diplomacy, and is that an admirable trait?   And what is the truth?  Does it lie in their words, and only theirs, all other opinions and points of view brushed aside as irrelevant.

Do they not trust us to use our own skills of comprehension to interpret the information available, are we too stupid, to see it as it is all on our own?  Are they providing us with the definitive answer, all other options discarded in favour of the chosen one's personal selection? 

Like everyone else, I have encountered people along life's way who 'say it like it is'.  Politicians, journalists, obnoxious bores at parties.  I can't say, I have ever taken a liking to them.  They dominate their surroundings, take control, belittle those who dare to question them, they 'say it like it is' even if it causes pain to those around them.  They lack empathy.

Would I ever 'say it like it is' - nah.  I usually approach each subject on the basis that I know nothing, and watch bemused as the know-alls end up with egg on their face, and they usually do.   

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