Friday, 16 March 2012


It wasn't my idea, I wish it was, lol.  But I have to say, its quite novel and could actually work.  Lets face it, how much money would the government save if it just threw in the towel on their whole War on Weed?  £80,000 quid on training a dog to sniff out a £20 bag in Camden Market, and who knows how much on all those battered in front doors where they have found nothing more than a couple of stoners laughing their heads off at Jeremy Kyle and tucking into cornflakes. 

Why legalise it?

  • Everyone has access to the information that is out there.  The 60's negative propaganda has been superceded and is outdated.
  • It is an industry where growth is now unstoppable. 
  • It is a resource that is presently untaxed
  • It is a resource that is presently unregulated and possibly unsafe
  • It is a resource that encourages crime
  • It is less harmful than tobacco
  • It is significantly less harmful to the body than alcohol
  • It relieves pain and reduces the effects of some chronic illnesses
  • It lowers aggression
  • It is not a gateway to harder drugs, just as beer is not a gateway to alcoholism.  If that were the case we would all be hopeless alcoholics, since we have had access to legally sold beer
  • Adults should have the right to choose 
  • A possible way to combat the chronic alcohol related problems that a country faces, is to legalise a less harmful alternative. 
  • Discussing the subject should not be taboo. 
It would be a brave and innovative thing for any government to do and could end the recession in a stroke, but just musing, what do I know. 


    Bell this came a few weeks ago from a health magazine I part of.. xx

  2. Been thinking about this Bell.. mmm just cant get the picture out of me head.. legal or not legal there will still be drug barrons.. scum in some grotty flat.. that are ruining some poor young persons life.. it does lead to other things I think.. as drug dealers want it too.. one day smoking a bit of pot next snorting the white stuff up thier nose for a bigger purple haze.. I do think that some can control it but sadly I know that young people do go onto other things.. and it makes me sick and mad.. to see it.. not only that there is so much bad stuff now being sold by drug dealers.. I cant forget that there are hell holes here in the UK.. where the twilight world meets with young ones that have let it get out of control... and if they dont have the cash to buy sickening stuff they will sell themselves for the next hit.. now would legalising it change that part of the dark part of drug dealing I dont think so.. just as if someone that smokes can find someone to sell them tax free would do so.. the same with drugs.. some evil so and so would still be their down the dark alley offering shit cheaper than the drug coffee shop.. its a dirty buisness drug dealing.. and I dont believe legalising will change the minds of the scum that are living off it.. I dont think that those that smoke a bit of pot are bad people though.. its the dealers and the filth out on the street catching kids at the school gates that I detest with all my heart.. xx

  3. PS what I would like to see though is.. it being used to help those that are ill and in pain.. use it for good reasons.. and see it as a plant on this planet that can help people.. xx

  4. I actually get a "high" from being alive and my brain working in the real saying that...I dont see it as any more harmful than a few drinks and so long as it is illegal we have people being used to smuggle the stuff into the country ...high prices being paid for what it actually costs to produce and people of any age getting their hands on it...legalise it and open a few cafe's like a coffee house..let it be on sale in modest over 18's...hopefully it will lose it's mythical aura for the majority of youngsters....I know...I'm blethering...dont like it myself by the way...tried it once and lost a day in my life which can never be worth it but we are all adults...we buy FAR WORSE over the counter in every chemist or there! Annie